Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's the Climb

So of course when the Hannah Montana movie came out we bought it, since you all know my husband is a major fan of Miss Miley. Well my girls are equally obsessed and I often overhear them singing her songs.

Anyway, when Miley starts singing "The Climb" in the movie Abigail's eyes get all starry. And she just starts belting out the words (or tries to anyway!). She'll even wave her hands above her head in slow-motion.

But don't you dare try to sing it to her because she will glare at you and say, "That's MY song! Don't sing-a my song!" I have GOT to catch her singing it on video sometime. Especially when she starts singing, "It's the Ci-iiiii-iiiiiiiii-iiiii-iiiiiiiimb!" over and over and makes her voice move up and down.

I have been teaching Abigail her colors and we just started talking about 'light' and 'dark' shades of the colors since she knows all her colors now. Well yesterday I grabbed a dishrag to wipe her up after lunch and she said, "Yook, Mom! It's DARK black!" Ha ha! Is there any other shade of black but dark?

Abigail recognizes the letter "H" with no problem. That, again, is thanks to Hannah Montana.

I went on a walk, in the rain, with Abby yesterday and it was amazing. It felt so good even though we got soaked. And she kept saying, "I takin' a show-uh! I washin' my hawr!"

Speaking of getting soaked... our van's belt decided to fall off AGAIN yesterday. Yesterday was a big day apparently. Anyway, we got it fixed properly and when Daniel got home his arms were black (or dark black, in the words of Abby). And his clothes were soaked all the way to his skin. His shoes are still drying! My poor honey! He later told me that considering the work they had to do on the car, he could've lost a finger. Great! Hopefully the belt never falls off again.

And since a few people have asked me recently- no we still don't know Zoe's middle name. I keep bugging Daniel every single day. He's also put some new names in the mix that he will NOT tell me about. So it's a waiting game. I told him he'll never name her before she is born at this rate! Commit, please!


Kaye said...

I would love to hear Abigail belting out some Miley...much more than I want to hear Miley sing it. =) You've gotta' share when you get it!

Love the dark black comment...too cute!

I'm glad Daniel is okay although you didn't know he was prevoiusly in danger! And tell him to hurry up and name that child! =)

Leah said...

That Abigail story is adorable. I can just see her singing. Ha. :-D

*~Chelsea~* said...

Awe!! How CUTE about Abby! :) "It's the cliiiiiiiimmmmmbbbb!" Hahaha!! That's hysterical.

I'm sure Zoe will have a beautiful middle name. ;-) Can't wait to find out what it is!

just me, dawn said...

Your girls are so cute, can't wait to see (well, read) how Zoe adds to the fun!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

how cute are your girls!?

cant wait to hear miss zoe's middle name. whenever that may be!

Sarah said...

Crazy you should do a post called It's the Climb! I saw Miley perform that song today at the D23 expo I went to, and I instantly thought of you, and then I I thought about your post about your husband loving her. Hahaha. It was one part of the whole thing that Max was completely tuned to the stage. I think Max has a thing for Miley too. LOL!!

Dark Black..hehehe SO cute!

Becky said...

Too cute! Love toddler speak!

Monkey's Momma said...

I love that song!

Nicole and Chris said...

Thanks and congrats to you also!
Also being a Miley Cyrus AND Hannah Montana fan (shhh about the hannah montana part!lol) I loved when that song of her's came out. I first heard it on the Disney channel. We have no children yet but I must admit...I do sneak in a Hannah Montana episode frequently. lol