Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Holiday Spirit!

We are definitely getting into the holiday spirit in this house! Last night I dragged out what few fall decorations I have and spent today cleaning and putting them up. Mmmm... my house smells like cinnamon and fall now. This is my favorite time of year, by far! You can tell because most of my house and decorations usually look fall-ish or are at least those colors.

So anyway, yesterday I went shopping. I started Christmas shopping. I found a plastic bowling set on clearance, a wooden train on clearance, got some charms for necklaces, a Barbie for Elaina and got the girls some clearanced shorts/pants.

I couldn't help looking at all the baby clothes and wound up finding these adorable pajamas! Since the girls need warmer jammies as it is Abby and I picked out one pair for each girl. Abby wanted the kitty cat one for Boo and she wanted the pumpkin one for herself.

And then I was wanting to find some comfortable pajamas for the hospital or to wear home. I couldn't resist this very festive set, though I don't think it's going to fit me right after birth. It's a little snug as it is (not maternity-wear and band is NOT stretchy!). Looks like I have a pumpkin under my orange shirt (also not a maternity top)! My poor husband isn't good at taking pics, either but never mind that:

33 weeks

So the other day I was feeling really domestic and womanly so I decided to try to bake some bread. I used part of the dough to make pizza! The bread was a dud. I killed the yeast by using really hot water. Oops! But it still made some pizza that wasn't too bad. The bread was just heavy and thick:

And lastly, we went on a walk the other day. It was bedtime but so gorgeous out! So the girls and I went on an adventure. Luckily my in-laws live 5 blocks away because as soon as we were out I had go pee... again. On our walk, we found the largest leaf I've ever see. It's about half the size of Abigail. It's kind of wilting in the picture but DANG! Look at how big it is:

Are you already getting into the holiday spirit?! Christmas shopping? Decorating for fall? Do share! I'll do another post this week on my decor and some fun, easy tips.

Remember that guy I told you about on my Facebook? He wanted his baby to come super early! Well they had their baby and I'm relieved to say it was after her due date. YAY! No preterm baby there!!!

Keep our really good friend in your prayers. His 9-year-old cousin drowned last week. While playing in a creek with his friend after school, they got sucked under by a current. The other boy lived. You can read the story here if you care to. Please say a prayer for the family as they grieve over such a young life lost especially in such a tragic way.


*~Chelsea~* said...

Fun that you got so into the holidays! Please do share your tips because you know I'm not crafty and this will be my first year decorating at our new house. :) Last year we were far too poor to even get a tree! It was SO lame! So the day after Christmas we got the mac daddy prelit tree. :)

Sarah said...

I'm in the spirit too, and I went to a Halloween party open house thing at a store tonight. I'm going to pull some stuff out this weekend, and I'll post pictures too. Can't wait to see all of yours.
The girls look so cute in their jammies! Love your Fall outfit too!! :D

Leah said...

You are SO darn organized! I haven't started any of my Christmas shopping or fall preparation yet. Soon I hope. :-D

The Mommy said...

Daniel's ppicture-taking skils may not be that good, but you still look great!

Kristy said...

Oh yes I love the fall! I felt kind of odd getting out my decor last Sunday but it was so chilly and fall like in KC I just had to! My favorite smell is Cider (Walmart has the best cider candle). Cute pumpkin belly.

Kaye said...

The fall is also my favorite time of year, but I certainly miss living somewhere that 1.) has seasons other than hot, hot, not as hot, and Christmas and 2.) you can see the leaves change color. Nothing like being surrounded by pines, live oaks (which are evergreens), and palm trees to miss out entirely on beautiful foliage!

By the way...that IS one huge leaf. =)