Monday, September 28, 2009

Full Term and BIG news!

I am 37 weeks and things are still going so well. She could come at any point in the next 3 weeks!!! I just ordered a Melinda G nursing bra off of that website! These bras are usually $40 and I got mine for $18.40. Booyah! I still want a Bravado and will be getting one soon. But I have to have at least one bra available come D-Day!

Speaking of which, I have some big news. I never blogged about it but I have actually been searching for a new doctor and hoping to transfer from my current doctor. I know, I seem so fickle. But what started out as an exciting and wonderful doctor-patient relationship slowly turned sour the moment I turned in my birth plan and started advocating for myself. I don't think my doctor liked it. He liked it when I said, "Yes sir!" and did whatever he told me to do.

You guys have read the underlying tones in past posts where I felt completely unsettled and raw. I kept trying to tell myself I was just being hormonal and my husband told me I was just getting cold feet. The more I saw my doctor, the more nervous and stressed out I became. That is no way to feel after seeing your doctor. I'd be fine and then once I'd see him I wouldn't be able to sleep for days.

First, he has lied to me many times. He'd tell me one thing to my face and then write down the complete opposite on my birth plan or chart. He told me I could have fluids by mouth and a Heplock, as opposed to an IV line. On my birth plan he wrote a big fat, "NO!" with an arrow pointing to that particular line on the plan. What the heck?! And of course he never talks to me if he changes his mind. I only see it because it's sticking out of my chart.

Second, his attitude has changed. Once I expressed I didn't want a late sonogram to measure Zoe he seemed flabbergasted with me and sternly said he needed it done so he knew how big she would be (predicting a "big baby" is not a reason to induce or give a woman a c-section based on the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists). My last appointment I asked him when internals would start and if they were considered mandatory or if I could decline them and you could see his entire body react and tense. He wasn't liking that I was educating myself and saying NO to certain things.

My first attempt to find a new doctor didn't end up happening. I was almost 9-months pregnant and the hospital she delivers at wouldn't take my insurance. I was really hoping to have her as she seems to really follow the Midwifery Model of Care (which should be the model of care for ALL low risk women but some OBs can get their panties in a wad and refuse to do that).

My second attempt was today. I found a midwife group and decided to call them today. I called with the mindset that it was way too late to transfer and I'd be rejected. But she didn't hesitate at all and said, "Yes, we take late transfers! Many women find that the birth they're envisioning isn't going to be respected by their physician and we're all about women just coming in and having babies. Most of our women don't even have IVs during their labor and delivery."

I think I swooned.

My first appointment with them is Wednesday!

The only downside is that one of their backup doctors is my previous doctor (the lovely one who broke my daughter's collarbone during her birth). I'll definitely make it clear that I cannot have that doctor anywhere near me for liability reasons.

They offer water birth, non-intervening hospital birth options (such as IVs), alternative pain relief (non-medical), father-assisted birth, VBACs for previous c-section mommas, no episiotomies, very low c-section rate, etc.

I can't tell you how much lighter and less stressed I feel! I think I'll feel even more better once I get to meet them and get a better feel for what to expect at this different hospital. And I think I'll finally be able to sleep tonight!


Becky said...

Praise the Lord! I'm soooo happy that the Lord has worked all this out for you in such a wonderful way. You shouldn't have to go into a birthing situation with fear and trepidation...but peace and calm. Perhaps the Lord gave you the 'heads up' to protect you from an unnecessary c-section or something, you know?

Any doctor that would say one thing to you and write the opposite on the chart really should be turned the very least complained about to some governing board for his practice. The jerk. That is one thing I detest is that very often male doctors (who have never personally experienced birth) are control's why the whole stirrups and reclining position for birth tables (that felt SO WRONG to me) came THEY could 'conveniently' check dialation and effacing and catch the was never for the mother's comfort, I know that!

Taking your business elsewhere will speak volumes, though.

Doing a happy dance the other place takes late transfers and that you had the guts to pursue it...I don't know if I would have, and would have kicked myself for it for years!

Sarah said...

So happy for you, and so terrible on that doctor!! Where is the communication and why is he lying to you?!! I didn't even know you had to have a late sonogram for measurement. My doctor never ordered one. She felt my belly and guessed how big Max was.
Hope your meeting goes well on Wednesday!!

The Mommy said...

Do you remember how MUCH I LOVE my midwives!? I didn't see a dr in the hospital until my midwife knew she was tuck and decided that Ellie was too far up for her to use a vacuum without a doctor. I have no doubt that I would have had a c-section much earlier if a midwife hadn't been present.

Amber said...

Yay!!! So glad you got in with them!!

Joy said...

"it's why the whole stirrups and reclining position for birth tables (that felt SO WRONG to me) came about..."

Becky- EXACTLY!!! That is the worst position for a woman to give birth in and yet it is the most common one used.

Someone wrote on their blog not long ago, "Envision you're about to give birth on a deserted island- are you going to lay down in the sand and grab your thighs to push? Probably not! You'll probably squat or use another natural birthing position!"

I also liken it to going to the bathroom. When you're out in the wild you don't lay on the ground to go poo, you squat. You use the same rectal muscles to poo as to push a baby out.

Nursing.Birth said...

Yayayayayayayayay!!! You are such a strong and courageous momma Joy! Please let us all know how your appointment goes!!!


Kaye said...

So happy for you! I knew you were becoming more and more unhappy with your doctor and I'm so excited that you have found some people who seem to be able to provide what you want for the birthing experience!

The Lynchs said...

YAY!! That is SOO exciting!! I LOVE the Midwife Model - I couldn't agree more with more doctors using it!

I can't believe your doctor freaked out when you started asserting yourself! I'm sure you'll be much happier at the new place!

just me, dawn said...

How wonderful! yay for you for continueing to check even when you thought you knew the answer! I feel so clueless about the birthing process, and know that i am need of reading about it..
so excited for you, can't believe time is almost here!

Kahla said...

So glad things are going well, you're so close! :o)

Tasha Via said...

so glad you found one you like. That really makes a world of difference!