Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 33 and LOTS of Updates

Had a great appointment today (no delays, was seen right away!). Daniel and Abby came with me. It took the doc quite some time to find the heartbeat, which was strange considering how big she is now! But it was strong and beautiful. Just so I wouldn't forget to give him the revised birth plan I set it on the counter so he'd immediately see it. I talked to him about some new ACOG guidelines (he's a member) that state women can now have clear fluids while in labor. I didn't realize women couldn't have them..?

Anyway, so I mentioned a compromise on the whole I.V. thing. I said I'd gladly have a Heplock if I could have fluids by mouth, just so the nurses would have a vein accessible if needed. He liked that compromise because I was pretty adamant about not having an I.V. at all, but hospital policy states that you have to have an I.V. or Heplock. I like the compromise because I can't stand the stupid I.V. tubes and my blood always gets pushed up into the tube somehow and it was going to be an I.V. so I wouldn't get dehydrated. Thank God ACOG put that up before I gave birth so now I can have my fluids by mouth!

Other updates:

-The girls are sharing their room better! I give credit to Elaina's school, for wearing her out so well everyday. The downside is that they have no idea what "sleeping in" means on days when there isn't school. Phooey.

-Elaina is doing ballet, music and gym at school, among the normal preschool stuff. She showed me her pirouette today and it was so cute and funny. Today they talked about math: counting and patterns! I'm glad to hear some information on what they're learning and that they're actually learning some solid stuff instead of just colors, shapes and sing-a-longs. Speaking of which, I overhear her singing songs I've never heard before all the time and love it! She's retaining what she's hearing and fast. I can tell her teacher adores her, too.

-The company who made our crib has decided they'll pickup the crib and reimburse us for it! So exciting but now I'm back to the drawing board, trying to figure out what crib will be a good fit for us, without breaking the bank (which is already close to broken anyway). We probably won't be able to get it until after she is here, which is fine since we have a bassinet, because it'll take 4-6 weeks to get my reimbursement check.

-I just played a ton of FreeCell while writing this post. ;-)


Sarah said...

Glad Elaina is doing great in school! I can just picture the pirouette! Too cute!!
And thats great that they are taking the crib back!!
That panini you described sounds right up my alley!! Big fan of goat cheese!!

The Mommy said...

I'm so glad that your doc is on board with your birth plan wishes!

*~Chelsea~* said...

Do you remember when we took dance class? :-) Awe!

I hope you find a nice crib for a nice price!

That's great he was accepting of your birth plan and not wanting the IV. I'm proud of you for standing up for yourself!

Leah said...

So happy your appointment went well! :-D

Andrea said...

The last few appointments I had it seemed like it took my midwife longer to find Evan's heartbeat too. I also thought it was weird because you'd think the bigger he got the easier it would be to pick up!

I'm glad you found a compromise for the I.V. situation!! I can't imagine going through labor hooked up to one, yuck!

I love that Elaina is doing well in school and that you have proof she is learning things. :-)

Mel said...

That is great about your dr being on board with your birth plans. Will be interesting to hear how it all works out! I love how no two birth stories are ever the same--even for a mother of many!

Interesting about your crib situation, sucks you had such trouble with the one you picked. Babies R Us had some really cool Baby Italia ones that were often on sale and those are rated very highly by Baby Bargains! Good look finding one you love!