Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 32... only 8 more to go?!

Since finding out Andrea had her baby I got this pit in my stomach. I realized... I'm next! Ahhhh! All of a sudden I feel like I have nothing ready at all. My To Do List has been stagnant and left alone for quite some time now. And I realized there are some things I hadn't even thought about getting, like nursing bras. I have NONE.

So I spent Saturday and Sunday doing some painting in the nursery, wanting to knock of one of the biggest things on my list. Daniel decided he didn't want to put up chair rail and we both agreed it wasn't a priority in our budget right now. We have more pressing issues to deal with in the house. So what is a woman to do?!

I finished painting the walls green. I literally used every last drop of paint to get three walls done. I did the fourth wall in a pink (that I mixed myself using white, pink and red paint I had leftover from other rooms).

My new [pink] curtains! And I plan on painting the dresser drawers something else (a different shade of pink or nice berry red). I feel like the room is in green overload all of a sudden.

Okay so the wall looks really purple here but it's actually a very soft pink.

I did NOT repaint the closet door. That would be insane. Don't mind all the stuff I still have in the room. I was too tired to put it all away and D needs to move the ladder for me anyway. And yes, Abby is on the changing table. I took her diaper change as an opportunity to grab the camera!

In other news: my stomach has shrunk (have to eat toddler-sized portions at times) and my bladder is being squished to the extreme. I hate that "I have to go right now!!!" feeling. And I feel it when I hardly have to pee at all. Good times, good times! All the running up and down the stairs is good exercise though.

My wedding ring is going to have to come off soon, too. I was hoping to get by without having to take it off. My fingers definitely feel slightly swollen. But my feel and ankles still look normal, so that's good.


Anne Elizabeth said...

Room is looking good! Medela hands down has the best nursing bras. They are expensive but so worth it. I've tried every other nursing bra imaginable and the Medela's are the only ones that give me good support. I like the ones without the under wire best. The ones with under wire fit weird and aren't as flattering or comfortable.

Susan Sene said...

I definitely am feeling that sense of urgency to complete things for the baby too - especially since 3 of my friends have recently gone into labor around 37 weeks...I guess I have just been assuming I have 4 of 5 weeks but realized it is quite possible to go early.

I love the paint colors in Zoe's room!!

The Mommy said...

Zoe's room looks great! I cannot believe that she'll be here so soon. It seems like this pregnancy has flown by.

Leah said...

The room looks great Joy! Congrats on hitting 32 weeks. You're officially on the home stretch.

just me, dawn said...

The room looks great!! and wow has time flown by!!

Joy said...

Thanks, Anne. I wasn't sure which to try this time (nursing bras). I didn't like the Motherhood Maternity OR Target ones. I don't dare try Walmart's either. So I'll definitely see about the Medela ones. You'll have to let me know where you got yours!

*~Chelsea~* said...

Zoe's room looks beautiful! Great job, Joysters!!! Whoa...8 weeks...oh my word! I can't wait!!

Since you've had some baby showers, can you tell me about your favorite activities and food you had at them? I'm throwing one for my girlfriend Melanie next month and I want it to be fun. One activity I'm planning is that everyone will write a letter to the baby. :)

Kahla said...

I think her room is looking great! We have not even started Emery's room yet, guess I should get on that! Maybe this weekend. ;o)

I can relate to the whole stomach/bladder thing, which is gonna making this school year tough.

Thanks for the sweet words on my blog, unfortunately Chase didn't do as well this morning. He had to go into the other PreK for breakfast time and when he realized he wasn't going in his room w/his teacher he got super upset. Praying tomorrow is better, but he's already told me it won't be! Ack!

Photogrl said...

Zoe's room is coming together beautifully!

I love the curtains...where did you get them?

32 weeks already? Wow, it sure has gone fast.

Sarah said...

Room looks great, and why would you want to paint the door? I think the door looks great!
I don't know why I am admitting this, but I only have one nursing bra that I wear every single day. Is that gross? I SO need another one. Okay..actually I have two, but I like this one. Yes I wash it. LOL.
I just became a recent reader of Andrea's, but tonight I was feeling sentimental. I looked at all of Max's hospital pictures, and I held him in my arms for awhile why he slept. Lately he hasn't like that because our house is warm, but he was SO tired he let me till he got sweaty. Babies are SO precious!!

Carrie said...

Love the room! Feels great to get things accomplished :D I've been so lazy this pregnancy and while I'm a bit behind you, I really need to get moving.

As for nursing bras I learned its better to wait on those anyway -yay for procrastination! I bought a few Medela comfort bras (really like them - ebay seems to have decent prices on new ones but I haven't checked around too much)since they are just s/m/l/xl - I figure they'll get me through those first few days until I can see what my boobs are going to do this time and I can get some properly sized bras.

Good luck on your to do list and enjoy these last few months!!!

The Lynchs said...

The room looks great - I love the curtains!!

Stacey said...

The room looks really cute! I love the green. I have a similar shade in both of my guest rooms (one hopes to be a nursery someday).

Thanks for keeping us updated on Andrea!