Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Poked and Prodded

Well Elaina had her eye exam this week. It wasn't bad at all, though they did dilate her eyes. She look startled all day with her pupils so huge and black. But her vision is fine and she has slight astigmatism (seriously, who doesn't?). No need for glasses or anything like that! She doesn't have to go back for another 2 years.

I did my 3-hour GTT today and it wasn't bad at all. Just really boring and the seats were so uncomfortable for a pregnant body. I do have to say that out of the three lab technicians one was the worst. She couldn't ever get a vein! She would dig and dig. She stuck the needle in and just dug around, poking and re-poking. I'm like, "MY VEIN IS RIGHT THERE!" The other two technicians didn't even bat their eyelashes- just poked me the first time and filled the vial in a snap.

She took another guy back and he came out rubbing his arm and muttered to his friend, "She couldn't find my d--- vein!" So apparently I wasn't the only one being dug into today. She did mention it was her first day back... so who knows! Maybe she was just nervous. I don't have a problem with needles so it didn't bother me a great deal... but it might bother someone more outspoken one of these days if she doesn't get more practice in!

The drink was stronger and really syrupy and thick. I got orange again. I chugged it in 1.5 minutes, if that. I did NOT get woozy or even shaky at all. Fingers crossed all is well!!!

Blah, this is such a thrilling post. I should have the results tomorrow on the GTT. My doctor's receptionist told me that they usually don't call when it's good news but that she'd call to let me know either way. She is a really sweet lady and helped me through my first miscarriage. Coincidentally her name is also Elaina (though spelled differently). She always gives so much information and is always patient! Love her!


Farm Fresh Jessica said...

I hope you get good news tomorrow!

Washing Away the Gain said...

Good luck!!

The Mommy said...

Hopefully, you'll get good news!!

Andrea said...

I think it's so weird that they require kids so young to have an eye exam. Poor Elaina with her dilated eyes! I hate having that done. I'm glad that everything is good though!

My drink for the 3 hour test was super thick and syrupy too. Ugg! It took me almost the whole 15 minutes to drink it. I started feeling sick after the first couple of sips. Why do they make the chairs in the lab waiting room so uncomfortable?! I had to ask for a pillow because my back was hurting so much. I'm praying the news is good for you, let us know!

Princess Avanaar said...

I had to go for the 3 hour test too and it wasn't bad at all (just really long!) They let me take a nap in an empty room 'cause I was pretty tired, and strangely, the blood draw after my nap was the only abnormal reading they got.

Glad your test went well, despite the super pokey tech!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

glad the test wasnt horrific. although digging for a vein kinda makes me cringe..youre a trooper. :)

i hope you hear great news soon!