Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A New Countdown!

I have entered a new countdown- 10 more weeks until Zoe arrives! I just can't believe it. I thought time would slow down. I thought things would move at a glacial pace. Apparently not! When you have other little ones your days are filled and fly by.

Still feeling good! I feel like a hibernating bear. I just want to sleep, sleep, sleep! I fell asleep in the chair, reading, on Sunday night. Then I woke to a huge thunderclap and our lights kept going off and on. So we went to bed early (10pm!!!). I'm still tired after going to bed early. Ugh! I know it's because I'm pregnant. My husband doesn't seem to understand that. He's like, "HOW can you be tired?! You took a nap and went to bed early!" Uh, duh. Growing a human being inside of you isn't a relaxed lap around a pool. It's a marathon!

No swelling. No major cravings. Zoe's movements have moved higher and higher, well past my ribcage. I am feeling more breathless, especially in the morning. I feel like my stomach has stopped growing forward and is now widening, too. I AM having Braxton Hicks and have been for weeks. It feels so weird. No pain, my belly just gets really tight (sometimes when I'm walking; such a strange sensation).

I bought some new maternity tops! All of my size L were getting too short. So I ordered some XL from Old Navy... only to have them be REALLY super long. Go figure! But they're super cute and even if they are big on me, I'm wearing them. This belly isn't getting any smaller just yet! Plus, I'm afraid they'll have run out of size L if I try to return them (can only return via the mail, not in the store).

I have plans to finish the nursery sometime this month and will post pictures. I've decided we're just going to finish painting the walls all green, instead of keeping the cream on the top half of the wall. Daniel doesn't want to do the chair rail. I love how he communicates this stuff to me AFTER I work really hard on something, like painting an entire bedroom while pregnant. So. Anyway, be on the lookout for those pics!

BTW, my SIL is being induced to have her son, my nephew, today!!!

Another countdown- Elaina starts school a week from yesterday (Monday). I'm all nervous now. Our lives are definitely about to change. I cannot wait to see all that she learns this upcoming year.

I was able to go to the school today and turn in her paperwork and ask some questions. They've laid new carpet and flooring throughout the school. We didn't get to see Elaina's classroom, though, as the room isn't set up yet. But we did get to try out the bathroom so Elaina could see what it was like.

I also found out that her teacher (a man) will have a female assistant in the room. So Elaina was excited about that, too! And momma is a bit relieved. It's one thing to have an older child have a male teacher. But the little ones have things come up (like potty issues) that I wouldn't feel comfortable with having a male figure deal with.


The Mommy said...

You're so busy!!!
I cannot believe only 10 more weeks until sweet Zoe arrives!
Get some rest, dear friend!

Infertility is Hard said...

10 weeks left! That is crazy! I've been following you since your pregnancy announcement (well, before it actually) and I can't believe how much your pregnancy has flown by. :-D

just me, dawn said...

I can't believe you only have 10 weeks to go!! Zoe will be here before you know it :)

Washing Away the Gain said...

I was thinking about you and the baby today at Disneyland. They have the cutest little girl socks there.
I went through the same thing with the clothes and old navy. I wore XL too. My stomach just got HUGE! Larges didn't cover them, and I didn't like walking around with belly hanging out. Returns with ON through the mail is so easy and fast. Their delivery on the otherhand seemed to take forever!