Saturday, August 15, 2009

Little Birds

It is really interesting having two very, very talkative daughters. Dinner at our house is always served in the dining room, at the table. When Daddy is home for those dinners everyone is literally yelling to be heard! Elaina will try to talk over Abigail who is trying to out-talk me when I'm trying to talk to Daniel. No one knows who is saying what and it's just a noisy affair. I love it!

I love hearing my daughters carry on a conversation. Abigail is saying so much, even things I didn't know she could say. She is not my physically affectionate child so if I come and give her a kiss on her neck or shoulder or cheek, she will glare at me and say, "Don't kiss-a my shuldah!" Then, of course, I do it again and again until she laughs.

My favorite Abby-ism right now is "Oh, that is UCKY. That is soooooo gwoss!" She'll say it if she finds a piece of lint on her shirt.

Oh, and that is a funny one, too. When she says "shirt" let's just say you don't hear the "r" in the word. The first few times she said "shirt" I was so astounded because I thought she was cussing.

Something Abby said the other day that broke my heart was, and keep in mind she likes to talk in third person, "Abby go to Kids' Cwub! Abby get a back-back and go to scool." My poor little girl! I feel so badly that her big sister is branching out and doing new things while she's still stuck at home with her pregnant mom who is always too tired and hot to do anything really fun. ;-(

Elaina likes to make a ton of noise and is really starting to vie for our attention, especially Daniel's attention. She does these funny dances and sings songs, which remind me of my sister's eldest daughter. If Abigail is telling us something, she immediately interrupts to try to tell us something even funnier or more interesting. Or they just squabble to tell us both the same thing.

Even though the sisters "fight" to out-talk one another, they are really best of friends. Everyday I find them giving hugs, sharing their toys and snacks, helping one another. Elaina really hurt herself either yesterday or today and was crying. Abigail stood by her side, rubbing her back, saying, "It's okway, Boo! Don't cwy!"

Likewise I also find them fighting over toys. They aren't very physical when they fight. Every now and then one of them will hit the other. But mostly they just stand there and scream if a toy is snatched or if the other gets into their personal play space.

Weeks ago all three of us girls were upstairs, Daddy was at work, when we hear someone knocking on the door. I had just climbed the stairs and was busy with laundry so I wasn't going to answer the door. Usually if someone comes over, that we know, they call first. So I figured it was a solicitor.

Immediately both of my daughters are running around like chickens, wondering who is at the door and why I'm not answering. It's quite comical. I glanced out the window and saw two Hispanic men walking away with a lawn mower.

"Elaina, they just want to cut our grass for money."


"They probably need to make money so they can buy groceries!"

And then my child said, without knowing anything about ethnicity, piped up with, "Or maybe they want to buy burritos!"


Her first joke. Though she didn't know she made a joke. I laughed so hard my sides started hurting!!! And my laughing made them laugh, which made me laugh harder because you could tell they were fake-laughing because they had no idea why I was laughing so hard.

And one last one:

One morning I greeted Abigail and she told me, "I not Abby! I Jasmine. I a pwincess!"

We've never seen Aladdin, nor have they ever seen this particular Disney princess. So lately she has been Jasmine and I find it so endearing, even moreso because they don't even know who that princess is! And of course Elaina thinks she is Hannah Montana.


Washing Away the Gain said...

OoOOOo I can't wait for all those little things with Max, and I can't wait to hear his first words, and how he will pronounce words as he gets older. Will he call broccoli 'trees" like I did? I love it!! Being a mom is the best!

*~Chelsea~* said...

That is SO cute! Abby sounds so funny and Elaina sounds like a little ham! ;-) Never seen Aladdin? Whoa, she's definitely a genius then!

I love hearing the funny things they say! You'll have to post more videos - those are soooo cute!

The Mommy said...

This was a great post!! I love the little things they say! I wish I could remember to write my Maggie-isms down!

Leah said...

Your daughters sound so adorable. I love how different their personalities are. :-D

Kaye said...

Love it, love it! You HAVE to write these things down (I guess blogging will do) to make sure you don't forget them!