Sunday, August 2, 2009


During church this morning I felt this strange tapping sensation where I thought Zoe's bum was. Nope, apparently it is her head, not her derriere, that I've been feeling at the top of my belly for the past week as Daddy and I thought! So I guess she's in breech presentation... for the moment! But the cool part is that I got to feel her have hiccups!

Five more days to the 3D sonogram. I can't wait! I'm trying hard to not think about it, so that it will come more quickly. We invited Daniel's parents to come along and our girls are coming. It's going to be fantastic and I am like a kid at Christmas right now, in anticipation of seeing her face for the first time. And I'm eager to have her gender confirmed. Call me crazy but when the tech didn't seem very sure it didn't exactly put me at ease. Though the picture I have sure does look like a girl to me.

My brother and his wife are due with their second baby together (his fifth) within 8 days, unless she goes overdue. I can't wait to meet him! They're naming him Gavin and this will be my fifth nephew. So we'll be waiting for the phone call all week long!

Elaina has an eye appointment this week. She has to have an eye exam before school. At four years old! Can you believe that? I don't understand how they do an eye exam for such a young child. Even one of the doctors I called said she was really young to be having an exam and referred me to someone else because they didn't want to check her out.

Some other things I plan on doing this week include a few house projects, mostly organizing. I feel like my house is upside down and topsy turvy! I'm ready for everything to be in its place!!!

After the sonogram I plan to finish the nursery. I've been too nervous to finish, in the slight chance the sonogram tech was wrong the first time around. It has been known to happen (happened with the aforementioned brother when his firstborn son was born! They thought he was going to be a girl and didn't even have a name or clothes for him!!!). Because this has happened to someone I know, albeit that was like 15 years ago or so, I need more confirmation.

Funny thing- the other day I was about to yell for Abby across the house and I actually yelled, "ZOE!!!" I'm already getting her name mixed up with her sisters. Ha ha!

Sometimes Elaina will mix Daniel and I up. She'll be talking to me and say, "Daddy... I mean, Mommy! Oh, whatever your name is!!!"

We all have a tendency to do the name mix-ups in this household.

Yesterday Daniel and I were talking about periods and how "fun" it'll be when all 4 of his women (me included) synchronize and are all having our special time together. I told him he'll have to make runs to the store for us for pads and chocolate and his response was, "I won't be there! I'll be GONE every month for three days!" I don't blame him. Ha ha!


cady said...

that's so cool! i've seen lucy have hiccups, but i haven't felt them yet.

Princess Avanaar said...

I always loved feeling Jaiden's hiccups ... I swear, he would always get them when I was ready for bed! I totally miss that feeling!

As for gender mix-ups, one of my forum buddies found out she was having a boy after they told her it was a girl. Thankfully she found out before too many things were bought!

Hope you have a great 3D ultrasound!!

Washing Away the Gain said...

That last part is hilarious!!

Hiccups!! Max just hiccuped like crazy, and actually still does. One day I took the remote control, placed it on my belly, and filmed it. I don't think you were reading my blog back then, but I posted it. Hahaha. The remote just bopped up and down. I love it!!

Infertility is Hard said...

Hee hee. :-D I laughed pretty hard at the thought of your poor husband having to deal with 4, yes, 4 women with their periods. Oh, what a blessing it really is though. :-D

Andrea said...

I love when Evan gets the hiccups! I feel them about twice a day, sometimes up to 3 or 4 times. They are so cute, but I also feel bad, I wonder if they bother him like they bother me. I hate getting the hiccups!

A friend of mine was told she was going to be having a girl and she had a boy. And that was just 4 years ago! I was a little worried with Evan because the u/s tech was not all that convincing about his gender the first time around, but at this past u/s she said, "Oh good! He's DEFINITELY a boy!!" lol We saw the little boy parts this time around (the first time we didn't). It made me feel a lot better!

I didn't even think about the fact that someday y'all will have 4 WOMEN in the house. :-) Aww!!! At least Daniel has Beckett for some male company. ;-)

Kahla said...

Good luck w/your ultrasound, we had ours on Saturday and Emery refused to cooperate so we are trying again next Saturday (they do up to three times w/no extra charge if they don't get a good one). We did get her gender confirmed though, I was like you and wanted to make sure.. definitely a girl!

As for the eyes, there is actually a national program called infantsee that pays for children to have their first eye exam before they are a year old (only certain eye doctors are on the program). You can look it up and use it for Zoe. We did it for Chase and found out he had astigmatism (very common) in one eye and they wanted to check it again in a year. Basically he sat in my lap and they use a computer to analyze before doing a physical eye exam. It was quick and easy. We took him back last summer and he had actually gotten worse (the computer diagnoses astigmatisms) and developed it in the other eye so he was given classes to let it try and correct. He never minded wearing them until around Spring Break and all of a sudden he said he could see better w/o them. I need to make him an appt, but our school nurse is guessing it is correcting itself. (boy did that get long or what???)

Have a great week!

Kaye said...

I felt hiccups one time with Abigail and never did with Patrick, so I know that is a cool experience!

As for Elaina mixing up you and Daniel...Patrick does that ALL THE TIME! =)

The Mommy said...

You're making me miss those sweet hiccups.

*~Chelsea~* said...

SO cool that you can feel the hiccups! Wow! I learn about all things pregnancy and family from you. :-) So awesome.

Hahaha about Daniel - yeah, I'd high tail it out of there around that time of month if I were him. :)