Friday, August 7, 2009

3D Sonogram (picture overload!)

Well our little Zoe is definitely a girl! I did not post any gender pics, though. The pictures aren't as great as they looked on the TV/sono screen; aren't as clear. But still really good and I think we got a ton of great shots of Miss Zoe.

She gave us a couple smiles, but didn't open her mouth or eyes. She kept resting her head on her legs, as her feet were often above her head or in her face. We weren't able to get very good pictures of her hands or feet either, because of placement. She had one arm stuck between her legs and the other stuck behind her, resting on her butt!!!

We got unlimited black-n-white pictures, with some of them in sepia. Elaina is going to help me choose which go on the fridge after naptime. So anyway, here is our Zoe girl!

Happy Toes!

Her sweet little face- she looks like her sisters!

Her hands in her face

A foot and fist in the face!


See the toes by her forehead?

Full body shot... giving us the cold shoulder!

Snuggling up with her foot again!

Profile shot

What a sweet grin- reminds me of Daniel!

Another little grin!

Daniel's parents came with us and really seemed to enjoy seeing Zoe. Our girls were enthralled for about 5-10 minutes (of an entire hour) before they were ready to go. So Poppy (D's dad) kept them entertained.

I found out she is head-down. Her head is to my bottom left hip, her butt to my top right ribcage. So she's at an angle. I assumed she was at an angle because I always feel movement in those exact places! The sonographer is certified and has been doing this for years. She said Zoe has some hair in the back (didn't see on top due to position), too.

Some pictures she looks like Elaina and a lot she looks like Abigail. Her cheeks are not as chunky as Abigail's cheeks were, though, so she may not be as chunky (we did Abby's sonogram earlier than this one, too, so she was younger than Zoe is now).

We got the smile shots from Zoe after Elaina and Nonna sang "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"!

And now... I can finish the nursery with peace of mind! No mistaking the gender parts this time. It was clearly some girly goods. ;-)


Anne Elizabeth said...

Those came out great! She looks beautiful!

Kahla said...

She is precious... great shots!!! I'm jealous, I want Emery to cooperate!!! Chase was the same as your girls, lost interest after about 10 minutes (and he announced in horror that his baby sister was not orange!). Ha! Kids... love 'em.

Alyssa said...

Cute pics! I had a 3d ultrasound done today too - see my pics on my blog:

Becky said...

She is SO cute Joy! You must be so proud having three beautiful little princesses!

Photogrl said...

She's SO beautiful!

Love the pics!

Morgan said...

Great pictures! Aren't 3D sonos fun?!?

Great news that she's head down!

Infertility is Hard said...

Precious! I can't believe how clear the pics are. Good luck finishing up the nursery. :-D

Susan Sene said...

Oh how sweet! Isn't it incredible how flexible babies are?

I'm wondering if Ladybug isn't in the same exact position because I feel hiccups towards my left hip and she's always like to burrow on the right side near my ribcage.

Glad you got the girly confirmation!

Hope Endures said...

Wow, that is all I can say. Technology is amazing. And little Zoe is precious! I'm so glad her girly bits were clear enough to set your mind at ease.

Haven't been around much, but I've been praying for you and for sweet Zoe...hope you are feeling ok these days!!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

what a flexible little peanut!! that second to last pic of her smiling is so perfect!

Becky said...

Awww, so cute! The foot in the face shots are so funny...and the smiling shots at the end...adorable. Love that she did that after being sung to!

I did read all the postings I missed on vacation just to catch up (loved the school uniform modeling session. Too cute.)...I just wasn't able to comment on each one.

Glad the countdown is on...only 10 weeks left? Man, your pregnancy has FLOWN by!

Kaye said...

Sorry I've missed these! THey are WONDERFUL! She's already adorable...and it's amazing how they can "comfortably" have their feet by their face, isn't it?!

Love them so much!