Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What I'm Packing

Feeling blah about blogging lately. So I'm just going to make a list of what I'm packing for the hospital!!! Will probably pack it in September. We also plan to install the carseat that month.

Daddy's Stuff:
-some change for cafeteria/vending
(though he drinks a TON of the complimentary juice from the L&D floor's kitchen, LOL!)

Mommy's Stuff:
-Toiletries (deodorant, makeup, bathing stuff, etc.)
-Going home clothes
-Special book to chart feedings/diaps/delivery

Baby's Stuff:
-Going home clothes
-Binky (sanitized)

-Little gift bags for each girl from Zoe (probably put some fruit snacks and stickers in the bags, nothing major)

When I had Elaina I brought SO MUCH stuff. Abigail not as much stuff. And now you can see it is the bare minimum! We don't live far from the hospital and Daniel will be home at night with the girls (instead of with me at the hospital) so if I end up needing something he can just bring it.

Though the next time someone comes into my hospital room with some freaking good food while I have a hospital tray in front of me (or even if there isn't a tray in front of me) I might slap them. That happened way too often the last couple deliveries! And is soooooooooo unfair! I'm the one who just had a baby. Okay, I'm not sore about it still. Not bitter. Not at all!


The Lynchs said...

You are so organized! I am envious ;)

The Mommy said...

I love organization!!!

Washing Away the Gain said...

When we were at the hospital my husband ordered pizza and diet coke over the phone, said it was for me and then ate it. He did that a couple times, they must have thought I was eating horribly!! Oh and cranberry juice, my favorite thing to drink there!! I can still remember how amazing it tasted LOL!

Hope Endures said...

Wait a minute - what are people doing bringing food in that isn't for you? That doesn't sound right at all!! You should slap them! :)

Love the gift bag idea!! You are so organized.

Also - so glad that you don't have to worry about Dr. Witch. PTL!!!

Mel said...

The food at my hospital was SO GOOD! I was actually sad to leave it. It was like a room service type deal and the menu was so extensive. I have been at other hospitals with crap food, though, so I know how bad it can be. Anyone who trapses in with food and none for you should be sent away! ;-)
I didn't take too much with us when L was born, but I was absolutely shocked at how much we took HOME. Granted I was there for 4 days, but still. Next time I'll remember to bring empty bags or something!

Kaye said...

Our L&D hall didn't care if you ate the hospital food or not, so the "good food" could be for me. Too bad that doesn't seem to be the case for you! =(

Looks like you're ready and organized.

I too love the idea of the gifts for the girls. Too cute and thoughtful!

luckeelady said...

I honestly haven't even thought about packing yet... I do have a bag though. I know I definitely need to pre-register for the hospital soon just in case something happens...