Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Week 25 (already?!) and Regressions *UPDATE

WEEK 25- don't mind the CAT HAIR all over me (yuck!).
Beckett was just laying on me and I had no idea how bad he is shedding. I have to go gag now... I would take pictures of my whole body except that Daniel STINKS at taking belly pics so I have to do these myself. I'll try the timer another time.
I just realized that all the previous belly pics I've taken got wiped out when my computer "got sick" but at least I have them on my blog and can get them off of here!

I've been feeling really good. I do get a lot of hip pain when I sleep but other than that I can't complain much. I think I've had some contractions already but nothing noteworthy.

Miss Zoe has been a wiggle worm today. Elaina got a chance to feel her move some more and her eyes just got huge. I think it's starting to feel more real to her. Today she spent a ton of time pouring over my pregnancy books (the ones with pictures) and telling me "This is what Zoe looks like right now!" She doesn't ask really deep questions but instead makes observations. Whenever I eat something she says to me, "Is Zoe eating right now, too?"

Speaking of Elaina- she is regressing. I don't know if she's stressed out about starting school AND having a new baby soon or what. She's peed the bed twice this week and she peed out in public the other day. She never does this and has done amazing with potty training so I can only assume she is stressed out. What's weird to me is that she doesn't appear stressed but in fact actually seems really happy, except for the fact she keeps wetting herself.

I had a talk with her a couple weeks ago about going to the potty while she's at school, so maybe that stressed her out. Her teacher is a man so I'm wondering how the whole potty thing works for the preschoolers because it has been pounded into her little brain that NO ONE, beside her parents, can accompany her to the bathroom. The bathrooms are private (one toilet) instead of the typical, larger bathrooms with multiple stalls, so that's good. I called the school to ask if there's an orientation where someone could answer these types of questions but haven't gotten a call back. I would assume they'd have an orientation, right?

Other than that she's been doing great. She's been going to VBS (Vacation Bible School) with her cousin this week. She told me today, "I go to VBS and then I go to big school!" She's doing really good, coming home happy from VBS. Which is a relief because I wondered how she might do coming home from school. I don't ask a million questions. I just welcome her back home and tell her how much I missed her, make her lunch and let her rest. If I do ask what she did or learned she clams up, so I let her tell me in her own time. She is definitely a child that needs to do things in her own time and volunteer the information herself.

And I guess Abigail has been regressing or dealing with stress in her own way as well or perhaps it is just the fact that she's 2 years old. Naptime and bedtime have become NIGHTMARISH. She does perfectly fine- picks out jammies, diaper change, brushing teeth, brushing hair, prayers, etc. But the moment I start to walk out of the room it falls apart. The screaming and incoherent demands start. "I yant my bwanket!!!!!" and then "I don't YANT my BWANKET!" the moment I put it on her. Back-and-forth to the point I give her one chance to decide what she wants before I walk out and let her cry it out.

She calms down within minutes but it's insane. It really stresses me out because I want her to go to bed happily and I can't seem to do anything right. We have a routine. I'm just assuming this is her way of acting out before baby comes. I try to make bedtime as smooth and happy as possible so I get discouraged when it doesn't end up that way.

Other than those things everyone seems to be happy and healthy!!!

UPDATE: So last night, after I write this post I go upstairs to check on the girls and Elaina had wet the bed... again. I calmly cleaned her and the bed up (she has a mattress protector). This is what we are doing so far:

-no water after 7pm (may bump it up to 6-6:30)
-she always goes to the bathroom before she goes to bed (bedtime is 8pm)
-I always take her to the bathroom before I go to bed (around 11pm)

I don't know what else to do! I don't want to put her back in diaps. I'm starting to go to bed earlier and earlier. Perhaps I just need to be more diligent to check on her earlier and make it no water after 6:30.


just me, dawn said...

sending you a big hug!!! sounds like you are doing everything right and they will settle in when Zoe comes :)

Infertility is Hard said...

Congrats on 25 weeks. :-D

Sorry to hear your girls are regressing, and I hope it doesn't last much longer.

Anne Elizabeth said...

For a long time with Big A I stopped giving her water after 6. Her doctor said not give her anything to drink after dinner when I was trying to get her to not pee in her diaper at night. Also I've noticed that if big A has ANY sugar or juice that day she has a harder time not having an accident. For some reason sugar really affects her bladder. She rarely gets juice and if she does it is only in the morning. I know that both of the A's had a lot of regression before E was born. It was so hard, but I was glad it happened before he arrived and not after. Maybe you could spend some special time with Elaina soon. I know that both of my A's have a really hard time when they aren't getting one on one time with me or R.

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Hey! About the school orientation, usually it's about a week to two weeks before school starts.

Our daughter's teacher was a man as well, however, his assistant was female and she accompanied the girls to the bathroom, and he took the boys.