Thursday, July 2, 2009


I just had to take a moment to put it down in words that tonight Zoe startled her father. You see, yesterday her movements started to become really strong, as in you could see waves across my belly. Tonight as I'm sitting here I feel the biggest roll in the middle of my stomach and sure enough, our little Zoe is going to town!

I softly call Daniel over, as anytime I talk she stops moving. He lays his hand there...

... and nothing!

So he starts poking and pushing on my belly. Still nothing. I tell him to stop because she tends to stop moving when we push on her or talk.

And.... she gives him a hard WOMP!!! She about kicked his hand off my stomach! He actually kind of jumped and yelled, "WHOA! Now I know I felt her!" Apparently he didn't count the softer movements from her because he wasn't completely sure that it was Zoe moving. Tonight there is no doubt. We have plans to hopefully feel more movements tonight in bed, when she tends to really wake up.

I also want to add that Daniel has told me, "I might not pick out her middle name until she's born and I see her!"


Momma can't wait. ;-(

I'm off to pester him. He won't even tell me the names he's considering and I am the one bearing his child!!!


Hope Endures said...

Too funny!! Not the part about the middle name, though...that's just plain mean. :) Hope you wear him down soon!!

Andrea said...

Matt has been feeling Evan move more and more lately. For the longest time every time he'd put his hand on my belly Evan would stop moving. I'm glad Zoe let her daddy know she's in there!

The name thing sounds like something Matt would do....just to bother me. ;-) I would pester him to death trying to find out the options at least! Did that work for you?