Saturday, July 11, 2009

Muddy Butt

Nothing like a summer rain, is there? This downpour started after dinner but earlier in the day we had a wonderful, sunny Family Day.

We went to Gordm.ans and I found something for the nursery. Then we went to Ol.ive Gar.den where Zoe and I enjoyed some soup, salad and breadsticks.

After that we stopped at Babies-R-Us where I found some blankets for Miss Zoe. By this time we were all so hot we stopped into a Da.iry Qu.een where Abigail dropped her sundae on the floor and both girls had fudge smeared in their hair and across their foreheads and even up their arms! It was delightful!

When we got home I took a nap with Abigail in my bed. We slept until 5pm (which is our dinnertime!) because we had gotten home later than expected. We had a sort of short-order dinner where we literally all ate something different and quick.

Then the downpour.

Elaina was playing her Go Fish game and the motor on it is kind of loud. So when I stepped into the laundry room to throw dirty bibs in the washer I heard the rain just pounding the roof!

And so we all went outside and ran in the rain (okay, so I sat with my feet hanging off the porch, but everyone else ran).

Oops, fell into a muddy puddle!

Muddy Butt

Our Family Day concluded with a quick wash in the tub and an episode of Stargate, complete with popcorn. Abigail started singing, "Stargaaaaaaate! Stargaaaate!" And on the way up to bed told me, "I yike the Stargate!" Me, too, baby. Me too!

Here is an excerpt from Daniel, that he wrote tonight, and I wanted to share it with you (with his permission):

"When the Rain Comes..."- July 11, 2009

Our family was in the house cleaning up after dinner. Elaina and Abby were playing a fishing game at the table. All of a sudden we heard rain water falling on our roof. I looked outside and saw heavy downpour of summer showers. We soon found ourselves standing on the front porch observing the heavy rain.

I began to focus on my sagging gutters, failing downspouts and rotting wood. And I was quickly becoming discouraged. Just then, Elaina ventures into the rain. She was moving so slow as if the rain was paralyzing her. I looked at her and decided to join her. I ran off the porch and right past her, down to the sidewalk. She now ran with me!

Abby soon joined us. For whatever reason I began to show my girls how to splash in the puddles that had developed nearly as quick as the rain began to fall. We splashed around for awhile; Abigail fell into a giant, muddy puddle. We were enjoying this sudden summer shower.

During that time of playing like a kid, with my kids, I forgot all about the sagging gutters, failing downspouts and rotting wood... almost. Oh I did notice them as I was running around and as we went back inside. But I thought to myself, "There's nothing I can do about it at the moment. May as well splash around in this storm."

As I walked upstairs it was as if I had gotten a revelation from God. That's how we should act in those storms that sometimes come our way suddenly. James 1:2 tells us to consider it all JOY when trials or storms come. Storms will pass... new ones will come... We may not be able to fix what needs fixing right away... but we can always have joy, even when it pours!


Kaye said...

Love the family fun in the rain! That's what memories are made of!

And what Daniel wrote...totally inspirational. It truly blessed me. Thank you for sharing!

Andrea said...

We used to have those dinners every Sunday night at my house. My mom called them "nothing dinners." lol I guess because she didn't MAKE anything, we all just scrounged around and found different things on our own, even though we still ate at the same time (in front of the TV of course!). Those are fun nights!

I love Daniel's post. I feel like there should be a "Like" button for blog posts like there is on facebook. I would be clicking it!

Anne Elizabeth said...

The pictures are great! Your family day sounded like so much fun especially the part where the kids played in the rain with Daniel. I LOVED playing in the rain when I was growing up. I would even go out and play in it when I was in college. I really like what Daniel wrote as well:)

Tasha Via said...

That is AWESOME!

Vixbil said...

Your post awesome and so is Daniels