Sunday, July 12, 2009

Christmas in July

I have some nursery updates but I need to wait until daylight to take pictures. I keep bugging Daniel about the chair rail but he's procrastinating. I just want it done. I do have a question for you guys, though- should I paint the chair rail pink or brown (like the trim)? I'm trying to add as much pink to the room as possible. And the brown might be too dark? I'm so indecisive sometimes.

Every single Friday this month someone has an appointment, it's crazy. Elaina has to get shots for school and then there's a WIC appointment and I have to do my glucose test.

Oh yes, it's time for the glucose test. I actually am not worried about it. I passed with my first two girlies so hoping this time I pass, too! The PCOS can make this a little tricky because you're at greater risk for developing it. I caught my PCOS so early, though, that I didn't have any glucose/insulin problems. And I definitely hope it has stayed that way!

I've been feeling hot lately. I'm having a hard time cooling off once I get hot, too. Yesterday, after giving the girls a bath, I stood over the air conditioning vent, my arms still soaking wet from their bath. And even then I couldn't cool off!

So does anyone else start thinking about Christmas once they hit the middle of the year? We're not the kind of family that can afford to buy Christmas (and pay property tax and whatever else needs to be paid) all at once. So I start shopping early, just little bits here and there.

This year is going to be pretty low-key and not high-tech. I'm finding out pretty quick how much I hate just having STUFF and unused toys. It's definitely time to go through the stuffed animals and dolls.

I have a hard time figuring out what to do for Abigail. She's in that weird in-between stage where some games are still too hard for her and other toys are too babyish.

I wanted to give a heads-up to the Lit.tlest Sh.op fans out there- Dol.lar Ge.neral has them for HALF what they cost at Tar.get and Wa.lmart. In fact you can find some pretty amazing deals there on other toys.

I told Elaina that Zoe will be out of my tummy with us for Christmas and I asked her what she wanted to get Zoe (I actually don't plan on getting her anything other than maybe a cute outfit and a little toy). Her eyes lit up and she said, "Oh, I want to get her a dress. A pretty, pink one! And some shoes to wear. They have to be sparkly! And I have to get her socks so the shoes don't hurt her feet!"

Is that not the sweetest thing?!

I think Elaina is going to like having a living doll around here.

Last night I could feel Zoe's head or bum. Just this hard spot on the top of my stomach that wouldn't move (which makes me think it is her head- usually the bum is a little squishier and when you push on it their whole body moves). Sometimes the body part would move from my right side, over to the middle, then back again. Oh I love it! Now I can feel her when she's NOT moving. I just spent time rubbing whatever body part it was and loving on her. I cannot wait to see what she looks like!


The Mommy said...

Elaina is going to really enjoy Zoe!!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

i started shopping in august last year. its too darn expensive and overwhelming to do it last minute!!

i think christmas gifts will be very small this