Friday, July 31, 2009

17 Days and Counting!

My baby girl is starting school in 17 days. That is less than 3 weeks! I decided to pass on the tax-free shopping day because the gasoline it'd take to make an extra trip to the store (which is a good 25-30 minute drive, sometimes more depending on traffic) would not make it worthwhile.

So instead we bought Elaina's school uniforms and school supplies today at our biweekly trip to the grocery store and it was a lot of fun, though a little stressful because they had every size BUT her size in some of the items I wanted. There's a cute pleated skirt and a pair of shorts I wanted but couldn't get because of the sizing issues. When we got home Daddy helped her try everything on while I made dinner!

I don't like this outfit- it's really boyish to me but it is the standard outfit. And obviously I bought pants that were too large so we have to return them for a better size. I think it'd look better if she didn't have to tuck the shirt in (and maybe she doesn't- I don't remember!). I might exchange one pair for capris for a more feminine look.

She's like a mini-exec! SO CUTE!!! This is the white top with a blue skirt (hard to tell because it's so dark!). I plan on finding some fun striped stockings/tights for her to wear with it when it gets cold.

Her blue dress! It's a little big but she'll grow into it fast. Another good one for some fun tights!

My favorite! She looks like such a cute little angel here! This is her jumper with a white shirt.

Shopping for school stuff is so fun! BUT I feel badly because Abigail feels really left out and I don't have extra money to buy her fun things right now, too. Abigail keeps talking about how SHE is going to preschool, not Elaina. It just breaks my heart! I have no idea how to better prepare her and ease her into this change (along with mommy having a new baby and possibly starting potty-training before the year is out). I think a Mommy Date with just Abby is in order!!!

In other news, Elaina is back in Pull-Ups at night. The goal is to have her wake up dry and she'll get rewards. I should make a reward chart. Perhaps a full week will earn her a Happy Meal or a dollar for the dollar store. Or maybe something really simple, like a lollipop. I think I'll change it up every time. Who knows?! Sometimes I have no idea what the heck I'm doing.

Had a doctor appointment. I go to a "practice" so I get to meet each of the doctors. Today I met one of the women doctors and I really liked her. She was pleasant, but distantly so. Regardless I thought she was really sweet to my kids (bonus points) and had a sweet disposition.

Heartbeat was in the 140's (she was probably sleeping because she wasn't moving around) and fundal height was 29, so only a few days ahead of schedule. No biggee! With Abigail I consistently measured 2 weeks ahead, even after changing her due date by 2 weeks and she was 8 lbs 8 ounces! If we hadn't of changed her due date she could've easily been a 10-pounder!

I didn't gain any weight either, probably because I had been sick. I asked about my sickness and cough and I keep getting the brushoff on that one. Everyone keeps telling me something different- asthma (which I don't have, not to mention everyone else around me had the same illness), allergies or a viral infection. So the protocol is to take allergy medication but I refuse to because of the class of the drugs.

Supposed to have gotten GTT results but didn't hear anything so I'm assuming no news is good news at this point. I'll call Monday and see if the results are in because I'm too curious to not ask!


The Mommy said...

Love the school clothes!! Maggie starts preschool three days a week for three hours each day in September. She's growing so fast too!

Andrea said...

Wow! The time has flown by!!! I can't believe she's going to be starting school soon! :-) She's adorable in the clothes. I like the red shirt, adds some color! And the jumper outfit is so CUTE! Y'all are going to have a lot of fun dressing those uniforms up. Did she get a new backpack or did she already have one? Yesterday I was at Wal Mart and saw a little boy getting his first backpack...awww!!

*~Chelsea~* said...

Joysters, Elaina looks soooo cute in her uniforms! So what is she allowed to wear for the uniform? It's good it looks like you have some options. Fun!!!! Is she excited?

Abby will be okay - just carve out time for her like you said and she'll adjust well.

So glad your Dr. apt went well! I can't believe how fast your pregnancy is! :)

Anne Elizabeth said...

Elaina looks so cute! I love the last two the best:) The last one reminds me of a dress I had when I was her age. I think my hair was even cut the same way. I'm so excited for her! I've been praying that she will do well with the change of not being at home every day. Oh and when I toured the school I remember kids wearing their shirts un-tucked.

Kaye said...

Love the school clothes! I know what you mean about Abigail needing some Mommy time. She's already working on that "middle child" complex, isn't she? =)