Wednesday, July 1, 2009

100 Years!

Managed to take a pic of myself in the mirror. Look at that belly!

Happy Birthday to our house!

On July 1, 2006 we moved into our first home. So today we are "celebrating" being in our home for 3 years and also celebrating that our house is now 100 years old. It was built in 1909 by a family and until recently was kept in the original family. There's a ton we have already done, and a ton more we still have to do (many of it cosmetic as you may notice in pictures). So let's take a tour through my Post-Victorian house... They are in no particular order!

My first-floor laundry, in the playroom:

The Playroom, which is considered a bedroom but we use it for all the kids' stuff!


Can ya see why I hate to cook in this kitchen? It's butt ugly. I should enter a contest. I think Rachel Ray has one called "The Ugliest Kitchen Contest". Ha!

Part of the Big Girls' Room (see Abigail sleeping?)

Our "Attic" (aka Third Story) where I store everything

One side of the Attic, my craft area

Other side of the Attic, guest room (I have a lot of clothes and blankets to go through apparently... ha ha!)

Zoe's room.......... so far! And no, those are NOT the window treatments I'll be using. I'm hoping to buy THESE.

The Hallway upstairs- all but 2 doors in our house are these 6-paneled, hardwood doors with glass knobs.

Our 2nd floor bathroom- I ♥ purple!

The Master Suite, my dresser on left

Other view of my bedroom

The Powder Room, which is inside the Master Suite- kind of storing stuff in there that I need to fix or will be using shortly

Our Stairs

The Foyer, it's a really big foyer! The stairs used to have a bench but previous owners STOLE IT when they moved!

The Parlor or Living Room

The Family Room (NEEDS some work- like carpet and new seating). The blue walls are NOT that bright. My flash made it look brighter.

The Dining Room (look, we even have Zoe's seat all ready for her! It's a space-saver highchair that reclines for newborns)

So that is our house! I didn't show the first floor bathroom, the 3rd floor bathroom or the basement. Those bathrooms are in states of MAJOR REPAIR! I'm thinking of taking out the 3rd story bathroom and making it a big walk-in closet or powder room for when my girls are old enough to move up there.


Infertility is Hard said...

Your house is really beautiful. I love it! I love old houses, with a lot of characters, hardwood floors, and all that stuff. It seems like it's a BIG house too! Lots of rooms. I really love it.

Tasha Via said...

You have such a BEAUTIFUL house, full of character! I absolutely love ALL the girls rooms=)

Kaye said...

THe house in beautiful!

Anne Elizabeth said...

Zoe's room looks really cute. Your house looks so clean! I need to clean mine.

Andrea said...

What an awesome house! And it's huge!! I love your decorating style and the colors you have chosen. And the wood doors and trim, etc, in your house are gorgeous! Especially the stairs. :-)

You are looking good, Baby Mama! You should post belly pics more often!!

Vixbil said...

Your house is absolutely beautiful. And if I may say TIDY!!!!!
Also, loving the belly pic

The Mommy said...

My favorite piture is the belly shot!!

Stacey said...

Hey Joy,
I really enjoyed the pics of your house. I love to see what other people's homes look like! Have you posted any pics of the outside before? Oh, and I particularly like the stairs. Lovely!

Stacey said...

You have a beautiful home~ I love your bath tub!

These pictures remind me of when I first started blogging and we did those 'It's real life!" that was fun!

Washing Away the Gain said...

I love your house!! So cool! I think our house is 100 in 2 years!

Yay!! So glad your husband felt Zoe!!