Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 22

Our brand new crib has been scratched up by the cat (accidentally). Really miffed about it!!! I just don't know what we'll do about it yet. We keep the nursery doors shut but he got in somehow and jumped up on there and scratched it:

Fabrics for the nursery walls, just arrived today. Going to iron them and then wrap them around square cork board. Will put a wooden Z, O and E on three of them and possibly put the fourth board on another wall with a little shelf. I have 2 other designs I got and I'm debating which to use, what order to put them in, etc. I like mixing the fabrics!:


Week 22 bump (end of day so it looks little bigger than usual):

Just since my post yesterday I've really felt Zoe move. And I've felt her move high above my belly button today. I think I felt what may be her head! I just can't believe how much stronger the movements are today as compared to yesterday. What a difference one day makes!

I got the crib sheets that I ordered on eBay today.

I have a cute wooden shelf for the nursery. I'm going to paint it a pink color and hang one of those cork pieces above it or have it just sit on the shelf with a little piggy bank or something.

I want to get some neat sconces to hang on the wall as well. It gives it a romantic feel. I don't really know how to describe how I'm decorating the nursery.

I want to get a pink or cream rug for the nursery. I'm sick of hardwood floors in every single room. We'll see- this would be the LAST item we'd buy but if we end up having the money for it, I'm all for it.

I also have white curtains (different from the valances I've shown before). I think I want to dye them pink. They're Shabby Chic brand curtains from Target so they're very wispy and pretty. But I don't like the stark white with the green and cream.

And I'm thinking about moving Abby's old dresser back in the room but I might paint it (again). It's a lot more feminine. I'd use the dresser in that is in there right now in my Powder Room in my bedroom for all my makeup and hair things since our bathroom doesn't have drawers or cabinets for that stuff.

So lots of rearranging things and moving things around!

P.S. Zoe must know I'm writing about her and her room because she kicked my hand up high on my belly just a couple minutes ago!!! Daddy missed it. He can never feel it even if she does kick him. They have to be major rolls and kicks in order for him to feel it. ;-(


My Regular Voice said...

I remember when I would try to get my husband to feel the kicks. He missed so many of them.

Love the cat in the box. SO cute, and that is something my cats would do too. They do love boxes don't they!

Awww your baby bump. So cute. So now I am living through you, I miss being pregnant!

Becky said...

Your baby bump is adorable. Especially now that you're feeling the little one moving around in there.

That cat looks spoiled rotten. =)

Stacey said...

Oh No~someones kitty is getting declawed tonight!Just Kidding~ I must say He does look SO cute in that box!

I LOVE the fabrics!!! I like how you are mixing them but keeping with the pink & green!

Love your baby bump~Praise the Lord:)

Infertility is Hard said...

It sounds like the nursery is coming along great. So exciting. You seem to have an eye for the decorating. Can't wait to see the finished product. :-D

Kaye said...

I love seeing how the nursery is coming together. The fabrics are adorable!

As far as the cat scratches, maybe you can buy one of those furniture touch-up pens and at least hide the scratches by coloring them in! I know that is frustrating though!

You belly is adorable...end of the day or not! =)

Chip also missed a lot of the kicks and such...especially this go-around. It seems that our little girl seemed to know when he was paying attention and was just trying to irritate him by stopping when he came to feel her!

As far as the rug, in Patrick's nursery in our last house we bought a huge carpet remnant at a carpet store and they finished the edges for us for like $20. The entire 10 x 10 "area rug" with finished edges ran us like $110.00. Much more reasonable than a decorative carpet...and much softer since we had lots of choices with texture and color from that store!

I can't believe you're more than halfway there!

Anne Elizabeth said...

Zoe's room is going to be so cute! I can't wait to see how you decorate it. I forgot to go up and see the paint job when I was there on Saturday.

just me, dawn said...

sucks about the scratch.....but so cool to feel the movement! i can't wait for that!

Tasha Via said...

Your belly looks so cute;) and I absolutely LOVE the fabric square idea. I may have to steal that one for our baby #3! Hate that about your baby bed though...

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Peek-a-cat is cute!


Susan Sene said...

I love all of those fabrics! I'm not good at mix and matching stuff like that but you seem to be doing a great job with the nursery!

Photogrl said...

The nursery is going to be beautiful! I love the fabrics you've chosen.

Cute belly pic!

Monkey's Momma said...

Well, you know Men. They say that don't feel anything, but to tell the truth, I think it freaks some of them out just a little.

I adore the pink and green for Zoe's nursery. So pretty and feminine!