Monday, June 1, 2009

Week 20 (and GENDER result!)

Technically I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow. The halfway point!

Well the real reason I sauntered over to use my inlaws' computer was to reveal to you the gender of baby-to-be!

The night before our sonogram I had the scantest spotting you'd ever see (or not see if you're not paying attention)! So I flipped my lid and laid on the couch bawling my eyes out. I thought worst-case-scenerio and was so nervous going into the sonogram.

But once that doppler thing picked up the image of my LIVE baby I could finally breathe again. There was no internal bleeding or anything. So who knows what the spotting was from. My doctor thinks perhaps a minor infection.

When we went to check the baby's goods to see if they were a boy or a girl their legs were crossed! Go figure! But we did end up getting a clear shot because they apparently uncrossed their legs in time...

Do you want to know what they are?

First, about 80-85% of you voted for boy... so was the majority correct?


Her name is Zoe (no middle name yet). Daniel didn't like the middle name I had picked out before and waited to tell me until we knew it was a girl to say so. You know, after I told the entire world that our next girl would be Zoe Beth. So I went through the Baby Name Book and made a list of about 20 different middle names I liked, put a star next to my Top-5 choices and have left it in his hands. So Daddy is going to pick out Zoe's middle name.

My top pick for the name is Zoe Olivia.
Daniel has a few top choices: Zoe Danielle or Zoe Evangeline.

My initial instinct was right, btw! I shouldn't have changed my vote, ha ha!

Today I ran a ton of errands with Abigail and I just had to stop in the thrift store. I, of course, found a TON of elephant stuff. And you know what? I decided I was going to still do the elephant themed room! What I found was so cool and can't wait to share it with you (but I can't upload pictures on here right now for whatever reason *SIGH* I miss my 'puter!). I bought some glass pieces, one of which is a very cool Garnet-colored glass vase and some really neat "safari" wall hangings. Looks very African, not babyish. I'm very excited!

My girls are really sick. Elaina eats two bites at every meal before she practically crawls over to the couch to lay down. She has a mild fever and a hacking cough that has left her without a voice. She is constantly fighting tears and clutching her stomach in pain and I feel incredibly helpless to alleviate her symptoms.

Then tonight Abigail was fussing and felt very hot. Her temp read 102.9 F so pray they feel better and quick! We're going to take Elaina to the doctor tomorrow because she may have a respiratory infection. I'll probably take Abigail in just to make sure, but she isn't coughing and I hope she doesn't start.

So their room reeks of Vicks Vapor Rub and the humidifier is going. They both conked out a little after 6 pm tonight, very unusual for them!


My reaction to, "It looks like a GIRL to me!" was absolute delight. But at the same time I hurt for Daniel. I know how badly he wanted a son. He's super excited but it did take a couple days for it to sink in, LOL! THREE daughters? Three girls to walk down the aisle and buy prom dresses for and whatever else!

Elaina didn't want us to tell her. I think this is when she started to feel ill and she was just in a cranky mood. Finally she let me tell her that the baby was not a boy, but a girl, and she burst into tears. She kept saying, "It's NOT a girl! It's a BOY!" I let her cry it out, Daniel got upset that she was so upset, and it was a stressful 10 minutes until she finally calmed down.

I showed her pictures of real newborn girls and talked about how girls love princesses and baby dolls and that boys didn't (well, some do, but that's beside the point). I showed her videos and pictures from the sonogram. And I explained that the baby is a girl, JUST like her! Now she is REALLY excited to have a baby sister.

Abigail's reaction cracks me up. I said, "The baby is a girl!" And all she could say was, "Boy or girl?" because that's all we've been asking her for weeks now. Ha ha! She doesn't get it and that's okay. I don't think she had a preference.

Okay, so that was really long-winded. Kudos to you if you read the entire thing. I hope everyone is doing well! I can't wait to catch up. Hoping our computer is fixed and returned by Thursday!!!

And I guess dreams really do come true (few posts back I had mentioned a dream about Zoe!)..!


Andrea said...

I'm so excited for y'all!! I can't wait to hear more about Zoe's nursery and what Daniel chooses for her middle name! :-)

Jess said...

WOW, another girl! How fun! Maybe someday he'll get his little boy but for now, he is going to have 3 princesses to spoil! Man I have been anxiousely waiting to find out the sex of the baby...your post killed me! I'm sorry that your girls are sick. :(

While I was reading your post, I thought Zoe Danielle! I think it would be sweet to name the baby after her prince charming!


Alyssa said...

Yay!!! Congrats :)

Proverbs 27:19 said...

What will your husband do with so many women in the house? :)

Congrats to you all and I pray that your girls will be well very soon.


Kahla said...

Congrats on your baby girl! I'm so glad ya'll were able to find out gender and I absolutely love the name Zoe. It was one of our top picks!

I hope your other little ones are feeling better soon!

Becky said...

Zoe is an adorable name. I agree that Danielle would be perfect, daddy being Daniel and all.

We have two nephews with all girls, and each time they waited with bated breath to see if it was a boy...but now they can't imagine their lives any other way. They love their little princesses, and make really good fathers to girls.

So glad little Zoe is healthy and strong. You take it easy, little mama...don't be overdoing things. I'll pray your girls are better soon. Judah just got over a pretty bad cough, and though he didn't get a fever, the little girl he caught it from did. She had it for three weeks to Judah's one.

We took Judah off of dairy for a couple of days and pushed juice and lots of water, and kept him propped up as he was sleeping so it didn't settle in his chest, and he got over the thing much faster.

Congratulations on little Zoe!

Sunshine. said...

Awww :) man, I'm so bad at predicting genders lol! I've only gotten two right in the last year, and there have been LOTS of babies here!
I personally like Zoe Danielle as well :)
Hope the girls get better soon!

Stacey said...

Congratulations on your baby girl news!

Susan Sene said...

woo hoo! yay for girls!! :) Congrats to you and your family!

Infertility is Hard said...

Congrats on the healthy baby girl you are carrying! So happy for you and your family. :-D

Hope Endures said...

Congrats!! What exciting news! Praying for you, and little Zoe! :)

just me, dawn said...

yay for girls :)
and zoe is a beautiful name!

Ashley said...

Yay! Congrats! Three girls!! So different from the two boys I have I'm sure! How fun! I hope your girls get to feeling better soon! And congrats again!

Steph said...

I guessed GIRL!!! :) Congrtulations! You are on the same wonderful track as me! I have to say, having all girls is fantastic! (but then, I know no different...) I'm so happy for you!

Kaye said...

Congrats on the third little girl! I know what you mean about slightly upset for Daniel, but I think I would be sympathetic that there will be THREE little girls to steal Daddy's heart. =) And good luck when they are all teenagers. Imagine the hormones running amuck in that house! =)

I can't wait to see all of the elephant goodies!

I hate that the girls are sick and wish them to get better soon.

Once again...congrats!

Vixbil said...

I'm so excited for you all
Woo hoo

Tasha Via said...

Oh wow!!! 3 GIRLS...congrats=) Our little guy is going to have quite his pick for a wife when the time comes because everyone I know that is pregnant that has found out what there having is having a girl!=)

So excited for you!

Raising Olives said...

Congrats on another little girl, what fun! We have Danielle as a middle name, so I'm pulling for that, although Olivia is beautiful and has been one of our considerations for a first name.

I'm very happy for you, it will be so much fun to have 3 little girls. My sister-in-law has 4 little girls and tomorrow, yes tomorrow she will go to the hospital to give birth to a little BOY!

Again, congrats!


Photogrl said...

Yay for a girl!

Double Yay for a healthy baby!

I'm so excited for you...and the elephant theme sounds SO cute!

Mel said...

Exciting! I guessed girl, for what its worth. ;)
I have 3 cousins that are all girls and they are just BFF's, thick as thieves. I always envied them because I had 2 stupid brothers! LOL Your girls are going to have a blast together.
My husband also waited until we found out the gender to tell me he didn't like a name I loved. Turkeys!

luckeelady said...

Congrats due date buddy... 3 girls is definitely going to be a handful and lots of drama queens, or at least mine is. All I have to say is Sorry Daddy. They will probably all be daddy's girls though so he'll love it. We find out what we're having a week from today.

The Mommy said...

So happy for you!

Monkey's Momma said...

Joy, I am behind in my blog reading, and am so happy to hear about the baby being healthy and growing.

Elephants, huh? like cutesy elephants or safari elephants?