Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some Fun Randomness

Elaina's birthday party is creeping closer and closer. I've decided I'm starting to feel old. Party planning was so incredibly fun when I only had one, or when they both were so very little. Now I'm getting worn out!

We're doing a "carnival" complete with corn dogs and crinkle fries (no cheese, sorry!). We even have some carnival games and prizes. Just tonight I painted a poster for the party. Yes, I painted a POSTER for the party. I'm losing my mind.

Next year it's pizza and/or maybe I'll take her and a friend to a movie. That sounds perfectly SIMPLE and easy and less expensive.

My belly is starting to feel incredibly firm. Oh and when I said my belly button popped out on my last post- it hasn't actually popped OUT. It's kind of even with my belly. I don't think it ever actually popped out with my other girls. Guess I got myself a little confused. It happens... a LOT!

I'm getting closer to figuring out the nursery colors. I cannot find anything purple unless I spend double, triple or more. Being Miss Frugal I just can't do that, not for my third child's room (sorry Zoe baby). So I won some PINK crib sheets on Ebay today- one gingham, one stripe and one solid. They're very pale and very girly.

So I think we're going pink! I am going to get a pink breathable bumper. I never had a bumper with my other girls because of the SIDS risk associated with it. Good thing I didn't have a regular bumper with Abigail because she loved to burrow her face into the bars of her crib (and now her toddler bed). She could've suffocated.

With Elaina it was so annoying because she'd lose her binky multiple times throughout the night and I'd have to crawl around on the floor, in the dark, trying to find it for her. I had no idea about breathable bumpers until much later. It would've saved me a ton of sleeplessness!

Oh and funny thing. I found THIS diaper bag because I wanted something Daniel would carry, too. He is dead set on this diaper bag (no pun intended), regardless of the fact that Zoe is a GIRL. And the fact that I was semi-joking. The other choice is THIS totally cool bowling bag. It will be fun to see how the diaper-bag-battle plays out. This is one of those things we probably won't buy unless we end up with a giftcard or something anyway, but it's fun to dream!


Mel said...

That dude diaper bag is scary! LOL Boys! I didn't even bother to get J one, he never needs it. He has only had to carry my girly pink and green one a few times, but I tease him every time he does. I love the bowler bag shape, it's adorable.

Anne Elizabeth said...

I saw the dude one when I was looking for diaper bags. It was way more than I could afford though. The sheets you got are pretty. E sleeps with his face smashed against the crib too. I knew about breathable bumpers but could never find one other than in white. I like the movie/friend idea for next year. I should do that too. It's expensive doing a party. I'm trying to plan Buddy's now so I can set money aside for it. He told me he wants a big ship for the decorations. lol I think he means a pirate theme.

Proverbs 27:19 said...

I like the "Carnival" idea for the party. Parties are a bit more time consuming to plan with more than one child, however, I've noticed that just starting a week earlier on preparations helps out alot!


Vixbil said...

The dude bag is scary but funny and I just LOVE the one you like, I love brown and pink and polka dots just perfect.
Bubbs party is next month, I have never done one for him before, bless him he'll be 5 and I have cheated and gone for a party at a indoor play area which is all done for me. I am going to attempt to make a Thunderbird 2 cake though...mmmmm could be interesting

Kaye said...

Glad to hear that you and everyone else is doing well. I actually like both diaper bags...for their own purpose of course. =)

Ashley said...

I think you should get that diaper bag... that's hilarious!

Becky said...

I love your carnival theme for Elaina's birthday party! You must be so full of ideas for parties. I sure hope we get to see some pictures, lol

I can't wait to see how the nursery turns out. I *know* that it will be a work of art because all the decorating you have showed up have been that amazing. You could do interior decorating.

LOVE the bowling bag, it's adorable. Kumar would never had needed the dudes one because he has never had Will on his own, lol. But I'm sure he would have loved it.