Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oops, we lost one!

Uh oh- I lost a follower. Okay so I don't really keep track but I did notice I'm down one. Kind of makes me sad... and makes me feel boring.

Well for the rest of you loyal folks who manage to hang out here and keep chugging along right with me, thanks! I am a "list" person but one thing I don't manage to keep lists of is what I want to blog about so I end up kind of rambling on.

However, before our hard drive went berserk and we were without our computer, I wrote myself a little note about my crazy pregnancy blunders. Some of them may not even be too far off from some things you may have experienced yourself.

For example I pulled an "Andrea" the other day to an extent. She's been forgetting to put detergent in her wash. Well I just forget to put the washer lid down. After awhile I finally venture into the laundry room to find the lid open, water filled to the top and clothes floating quietly. Great........

Another thing I did that you can laugh about, at my expense, was this: I was making something on the stove (bacon? beef? I don't remember, ha!). I needed to drain the grease but I didn't have anything to pour it into. So I went to the recycling bin and got a cleaned-out sour cream tub. You know... a PLASTIC sour cream tub.

I pour the hot grease into the plastic and the most foul smell emits from it as the thing melts like ice cream on a hot day, the grease spilling all over my countertop. Daniel, who is working at the counter behind me, turns around and said, "What are you thinking?! It's PLASTIC!" That's just it, Babe. I wasn't thinking!

Finally, I was at a store, buying the baby's dresser and acting like a complete ditz. I could tell the cashier was wondering if I was "off my meds" (just a joke, I don't take meds). The problem was that Daniel and the girls were waiting in the car so I was rushing! I don't do rushing well.

I'm about to walk off after paying and I forget to go to the back to tell the guy which car to bring the dresser to. So I go back and let him know to follow me and on the way out the cashier said, "You forgot your receipt" while giving me this strange look. I seriously was walking around with my head in the clouds that day.

So I almost forgot the dresser... and the receipt!

What was something stupid/embarassing that you did while you are/were pregnant?!


Anne Elizabeth said...

My washer doesn't stop if the lid isn't shut. One time I left it open by mistake and the next thing I knew water was dripping in my ceiling downstairs. All the water flew out during the spin cycle because the lid wasn't shut.

My Regular Voice said...

I can't remember. Hahaha. No but seriously I forgot tons of stuff too, and my husband would ask me about something, and I would have forgotten...even hours later I would forget. I do remember him telling me to remember to tell him to do something when we got home, and I told him I was the last person to ask to remember something. Hahaha. It's all pregnancy related no big deal.

Becky said...

Lol! I did the grocery shopping, paid the $200 and then my phone rang. I answered and started chatting and totally walked out of the store forgetting the groceries. Good thing the guy who served me came running after me asking if I still wanted my groceries!

As for the plastic thing, I have done that too but I don't think I was pregnant.

Oh and speaking of funny things with the washing machine... The other day I did the washing and when I pulled it out to shove it in the drier, out fell wooden blocks, keys and a remote control. Seems my son thought they all needed a wash as well!

Susan Sene said...

I lost a follower recently too! haha...but since I only have a few, I knew who it was and I didn't know them anyway. Their loss! :)

And you only need to browse my blog to read about all the embarassing things I've done so far while pregnant. :)