Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lots o' Stuff Goin' On!

I've been a busy girl, trying to get some big projects done and out of the way. I decided to put the more feminine, antique dresser back into the nursery. And I started painting it PINK! The drawers will be green. Sorry the lighting sucks but it's not a bright room. The white curtains to the left are curtains I'm thinking of dying pink. They used to be in Elaina's room and have been collecting dust. Can you tell I'm not very decisive?! LOL! I change my mind a lot.

Zoe's dresser so far... needs another coat!

The finished blanket that I crocheted for Miss Zoe. Decided not to use the 4th color. These colors are not as bright as they seem but had to use my flash for you to even see it so it came out way brighter:

Some cute, funny outfits I found for Zoe the other day. First one says, "I can't wear PINK everyday!" and the second one says, "Does this diaper make my butt look big?" I just can't help myself sometimes...

I haven't washed any baby clothes or things yet. I just put them in the dresser drawers for now. I'd rather wait to do that closer to when it's time for the little one to arrive.

In the next few weeks I'll probably schedule our 3D sonogram. I could find more productive things to spend the money on but seeing as how we have just about everything (other than some WANTS, not necessarily NEEDS) I want to do it. It's a fun tradition we started with Elaina and I want to continue it. How often do you get to glimpse at your sweet baby in the womb and actually see their face as they'll be when they're born?! And life is too short, way too short, to get hung up on practicality (this is coming from Miss Practicality of the World herself... *ahem*... ME). Momma likes to have fun!

Coming Soon... some wall decor that I'm in the process of finishing up for the nursery! Including a how-to for one of them.

Want to learn how to crochet your own baby blanket? It's easy! Check out these YouTube videos for step-by-step directions on a single stitch (the same one I used in the blanket above- note that the needle I used was THICKER. I believe it was size P).

Step 1
Step 2

It takes time to learn how to hold the yarn and get the perfect tension, so buy some practice yarn first! Practice yarn should not be as "fluffy" as the yarn I used for the baby blanket. It should be like the yarn in the videos so that you can get used to the steps. Using fluffier yarns can make it more difficult to see what you're doing.


Alyssa said...

I totally feel the same about the 3d. That's why we're going to spend the money and enjoy it!

My Regular Voice said...

We thought about getting a 3D, but then I decided I wanted to have a surprise at the hospital. I do not regret it at all. BTW I am not knocking you at all, I've always been for them, and then go figure I decided not to. Hahaha.

Dresser looks great. That's a really nice antique one. Love the blanket too. My grandma knit a nice yellow one for my little man. I think it's nice to have something made with love. :)

You are so cute!! :D

Susan Sene said...

haha I LOVE the shirt that says I can't wear pink everyday - goes so well with my last blog post! :)

Stacey said...

The outfits are hilarious!
Okay~ I just want to let you know I had a 3D w/ Josh. They were checking something on his heart and I asked to see his face and they were like~'are you sure???' & I was like 'YEAH!' Wellll he looked like a lil' alien baby and it scared me. He ended up looking NOTHING like that when he came out. That was 5 years ago though, technology is better? My sister had them with both her girls and they looked cute & similar to how they looked at birth:)

Andrea said...

How exciting that you are getting things done for Zoe! I haven't washed any of Evan's clothes either. I think I'll do that after his shower, that will be a little over a month before he's due to arrive, so I think that will leave plenty of time and I'll still feel like they are fresh by the time he gets here.

I LOVE the blanket! I'm trying to hurry and finish the blanket I'm making my nephew so that I can get to work on some for Evan!

Morgan said...

Cool dresser! Pink sides with green drawers sounds very shabby chic'!

Did you ever had a 3D sono before?