Saturday, June 27, 2009

Loads of Fun

Who said ministry couldn't be fun? We had a church from Kansas come over this weekend. They did a children program on Thursday night at church and that was a lot of fun. Then Friday night we had a hotdog dinner (for free) near the "projects" (aka government housing). We joined in and had some hotdogs and chips with all the kids.

Then today the guest church put on their annual Carnival! There were a few of those bl.ow-u.p moonwalk type things. There was a "Candy Walk" instead of a Cake Walk. A pop toss, face painting, bike giveaway and a park nearby.

Here's Elaina jumping in the Moonwalk, something she said she didn't want to do before we left the house, after I tried to explain to her what it was. She ended up LOVING IT:

Elaina's cousin having a blast as well! She jumped a little and then got a little nervous and kept telling Elaina to come sit with her and to stop jumping around so much. It was hilarious!

Daniel and Abigail, right before we left because I was so hot I felt sick. You could barely breathe, it was such a dry heat!

Interactive fountains at the park below the Carnival. Those are actually the "projects" in the background! Aren't they nice looking? You'd never think that they were government housing. Our city spent a lot of money to fix them up and make them all nice. And the interactive fountains are great for the kids who don't have A/C at their houses. They can come cool off right down the street.

We actually have an interactive fountain that is chlorinated just down the street from our house. I haven't taken the kids yet. I'm waiting for a day that isn't so blazing hot so we can walk down there.

Abigail looking a little hot and uncomfortable. She was actually miserable the whole time until we hit the water (top picture is of her after going in the water). We were waiting for Elaina to get her face painted here. Abigail didn't want to get painted on.

The whole point of all of this was to show the neighborhood kids the love of Christ. To come out to their neck of the woods and tell them how much God loves them and feed them a dinner and give them games to play. We once took our own youth group out to another city and they said they'd never ever left their hometown until that moment. We've also taken some of our older kids from church swimming only for them to say they'd never gone swimming, we've given them bikes only for them to say, "I've never ridden a bike before!". And we've also taken them to Worlds of Fun or to our annual bonfire during the fall for smores and hayrides- only for them to say, "We've NEVER done anything like this!" Yes, they'd never had smores before or seen a bonfire! Can you believe it? They don't have the same opportunities other kids have, so giving them the Carnival is great.

So that was our day! I didn't really take a lot of pictures. I got really hot and Abigail was worse I think. Her little cheeks started getting flaming red so I called it quits. Elaina threw a fit. And we all went to IHOP to eat lunch and sit in the A/C.

It really was a great day despite the heat and I'm looking forward to doing more family fun stuff. We haven't really done a lot of family stuff because our kids were too young to really enjoy these things before. But now they're older and wanting to get out more. I hate just being at home all the time because there's nothing to do here. We want to get a swingset so hopefully we can do that next month. We have some plans this summer (some of them have links):

-Movies (Ice Age 3 here we come)
-Parkville/Old Towne/Old fashioned soda shop
-Science City
-Boat ride
-Royals game (even though they stink, it's still fun to go!)
-Deanna Rose Farmstead
-Crown Center
-Parks and picnics
-Local festivals
-Union Station
-City Market

It's not a MUST DO list but rather a guideline for us. Daniel is a homebody and I'm a stay-at-home mom who is desperate to get out. By having a list I think it helps us plan better, though most things we do are pretty last minute.


My Regular Voice- Washing Away The Gain said...

Looks like the girls had fun!! Sorry about the heat, I do remember what it was like being hot. I am just glad I didn't have to go through the summer. I was in early stage of pregnancy during summer, so it wasn't so bad.

Anne Elizabeth said...

Glad they had fun. Can you email the pictures? I'd like to have some of Pink.

The Mommy said...

Looks like fun!!!

Stacey said...

That's awesome that you do that with the kids in your youth~ it is a great feeling to know that you can be used by Him to touch someone else's life:)

Looks like a lot of fun!
I made a list in the start of the summer of things I wanted to do with Josh. I feel like we had a boring winter so I am trying to make up for it with a fun summer!