Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Looky what I found!

Happy Family

I found this on my photo bucket. I had no idea I had it. Gosh I was skinny and didn't even realize it! This sweet baby is Elaina on her first holiday, which was coincidentally FATHER'S DAY 2005. She is one month old. I found other pictures, too. One of which is my favorite of Elaina as a baby. It was also a one-month photo:

One-Month Photo

And I also found this one from her 3-4 month old photo shoot that we did at an apple orchard:


Oh how fun to find these! I mean, I have the actual pictures but after losing all of our pictures on the computer it was a treat to find these hiding.

Here's my TO DO LIST for the next few months:

-purchase and install chair rail in nursery
-send email to Delta about crib's quality
-schedule SIBLING CLASS at hospital for Elaina
-pack hospital bag
-pre-registration paperwork
-buy rug/carpet for nursery
-install infant seat
-wash baby clothes
-wash all bottles, pump parts, toys
-make goody bags for the kids from Zoe (for the hospital visit)
-find glider if possible, not necessity


My Regular Voice said...

Those pictures are precious!!

Anne Elizabeth said...

I remember all of those:) Thank you for the notes you sent today! Do you still have to pre-register this time? I didn't with E since they already had my info from the last two. That is cool that they offer a sibling class. I didn't even think about that for the A's this time.

Vixbil said...

Cute pix. What a great idea about a sibling class I love it.
Good luck with your list.

Hope Endures said...

What precious pics!! I'm so glad you found them. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Stacey said...

AWWWW~ those pictures are sooo cute:)
I love goody bags from the new baby~ such a sweet idea! said...

Hi Joy!

Glad you stopped by and said hello!

Cute pix of your family.

Was just glancing over you page and am impressed that you are brave enough to follow birth blogs when you are pregnant.

Sometimes I have not commented on pregnant woman's blogs when I have a birth story up (I often write of intense experiences)because I am afraid of freaking out pregnant women.

But, by looking at your blogrolls, looks like you thrive off of them.

Congrats on your growing family.


We had a great day at the Zoo. Looking forward to getting my camera battery charged and looking at the pis :-D


Tasha Via said...

You can do it! Those "few months" are going to go by so quick=)

Monkey's Momma said...

Those pics are precious!

Morgan said...

What a cute quilt she was on! Did a family member make it?