Sunday, June 14, 2009

Baby Dance (aka Womps)

If you've ever been on message boards you know that BD (baby dance) means sex. That is not what I'm talking about!

What I'm talking about is the fact that last night was the first time Zoe kicked me and I felt it from the outside! And today (even right now this very moment) I am feeling her. This child loves to dance! It seems to me that I constantly have these flutters- when I wake up, in the morning, at lunch, in the afternoon, dinner time, etc. And they ARE baby (ha ha) because of the way they move and I can even feel little body parts. They are definitely a lot stronger today than any other time I've experienced them this pregnancy.

I have to press my fingers in to feel her and she's really, really L-O-W! The movements are all on the underside of my belly. Right now she's kicking my p.ubic Lovely! What's really cool to me is that I can feel her movements even when I'm standing up (though not from the outside, just the flutters). It took a long time to feel Elaina and Abigail while I was standing.

This is my favorite part of being pregnant! It always freaks me out a little when I feel the really big "womps" (as I call the movements where she kicks my fingers). It just makes this all seem so very real. She's a little person... and I cannot WAIT to get to know her!

And I realized I was putting the accent on the wrong letter in Zoe. The dots are supposed to be over the 'e'. Oops! I think it looks prettier over the 'o' but it means the name would be pronounced Zo instead of Zo-ee. We'd still pronounce it Zo-ee no matter what we chose, though, because Zo isn't cool.

What do you think?


I like accents so I'd like to do one or the other.

Zoe is the length of a banana, about 10.5 inches long (half the birth length? Really?!) and probably around 12-13 ounces. That's almost one pound!

The girls are still so sweet about the baby. Abigail loves to pat my belly so gently I don't even feel her hand and she talks directly to my skin, "Hi baby...!" while she makes her sweet faces.

And Elaina loves to come give me hugs a lot. My belly is firm like a basketball now so sometimes she'll come to give me a hug and bounce off my stomach or she'll press her face in without putting so much as a dent in the belly. She is absolutely in love with her new baby sister and cannot wait to meet her. She keeps saying, "When the leaves change colors and fall off the trees our baby will come!" It's always 'our' baby, too. LOVE it!

***I'll try to post a bump picture at my next weekly post!


My Regular Voice said...

That is so cute. Awwww reading this makes me miss being pregnant.

Ris said...

I'd do the accent properly if you use one so that she doesn't get her name pronounced incorrectly at school etc... Will just make it easier on her. I agree it does look cool over the o but Zoe pronunciation is much cuter! How fun! I can't wait to see what she looks like! She's sure to be beautiful like both of your daughters.

Kahla said...

Kicks are my favorite part too. I feel them, but not from the outside yet... hopefully soon.

I've always seen it w/accents over the e, but I think you could do it however you want! I think that name is so cute, it was even on our list. Either way, it'll be adorable!

Andrea said...

I love the accent marks! I agree that they look neater over the O, but if I was you I'd put them over the E. I think it's cool either way (I would never notice if they were over the O), I just like to do things the correct way myself.

I started feeling Evan move on the outside at about the same time as you are feeling Zoe! Only when I laid down though. It wasn't too much longer before I felt him standing up though. I absolutely love the feeling! And I have an active baby too. It's great feeling them all throughout the day, isn't it?

Infertility is Hard said...

YAY for feeling the baby move. Sounds like you have an active girl in there. :-D

Vixbil said...

Agree with Marisa on the accent thing.

Love the kicking stories and can't wait your bump.

Also below you talked about losing a follower, man I barely have any comments anymore so I wouldn't worry

Tasha Via said...

I'd accent the "0"...that's just me though=)

Stacey said...

LOL! I never heard the term BD before that is funny!

She is going to be a wild one Miss. Zoe!!! Josh moved around like CRAZY & he still does:)

Oh & I love accent marks~ I can't pick if I like them better over the E or the O!?

Monkey's Momma said...

Over the "O". It just looks cooler!