Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All About the Z

Did I mention yesterday that Daniel felt Zoe move? I can't remember and I'm in too much of a hurry to type this and get going that I don't want to look. Anyway, yes, he did! He got a good "womp" from her and felt another one tonight. By the way, ice cream makes this child go nuts! No sugar for this one when she's older... that's for sure!

I was thinking today about my oldest two daughters, about their personalities, and wondering how Zoe would fit in. What is she like? What will she love and dislike? Will she be quiet or loud? Will she be wild or tame?

I like to make predictions. I'm almost always wrong, but it's fun anyway. I think Zoe will have dark hair. I don't know, I just think that! I have had dreams of her with dark hair and blue/green eyes. Whereas my other girls had strawberry-blonde-brown hair (myriad of color!) and their eyes turned different shades of brown.

And I have a feeling that this will be the quiet, pensive child. My other girls are night and day but they're both talkative little birds who chatter all the day long. Elaina is sensitive, feelings get hurt easy, easily overwhelmed by too much going on, VERY affectionate, etc. Abigail is lively and full of expression yet goes with the flow, hates to be touched (and now kissed! *pout*), etc. So... we shall see what Miss Zoe will be like!

Daniel is STILL thinking over middle names. Scratch that. I don't think he's thought about it at all in recent days. I'm getting a little impatient over here (*hint, hint*). I jokingly suggested Zoe Teyla (not sure on spelling). This is a Stargate Atlantis character (cue eye rolls). And I've actually had people tell me they LIKE IT! And Daniel likes it. But I have no idea what's going on in his brain. He needs to tell me because my Baby Namey looks weird without a middle name on it.

I ordered some things for Zoe's room on Etsy. Mostly supplies so I can make my own art for her walls. I'm nervous about how it will all turn out. The way it looks now is so haphazard. I'm thinking about switching dressers (I'd use the one in her room, she'd use the antique piece that's more feminine). In fact I might paint the dresser pink? This is all deja vu. I probably already talked about this. PREGNANT BRAIN!

On a side note, I took Elaina to a preschool screening on Friday. Monday (err... or Tuesday?) they called to say Elaina was accepted into the school! I just got the orientation packet in the mail today, already. Not that the mail has to circulate very far, but wow that was fast.

So I'm very nervous and excited about it. She keeps asking me everyday if it is time to go to school and I have to remind her TWO months. I'm not ready all of a sudden, but I'm going to have to be. This will be good for all of us. We all need the structure it would bring. I hope they have some type of Open House before the school starts for new parents/students. I'm confused about where to go, where the class is, etc.

That is all, have a great night!


Stacey said...

Congratulations that is awesome that Elaina got accepted!!!!

Mr. Petit~that is HILARIOS:)

just me, dawn said...

congrats to elaina!! and eeps, maybe he should change his name cause it sounds weird to say I hope she likes her new teacher....Mr Petit....
and yay for dh feeling movement.

Infertility is Hard said...

That's so exciting that Elaina will be starting preschool in the fall.

My guess about Zoe's personality is that she will be FULL of personality. :-D She seems to be pretty active in the womb. :-D

Andrea said...

It's so exciting that Daniel can feel Zoe! And about Elaina getting accepted into preschool! Yay!

lol about the Stargate middle name! It actually does sound good together! Matt and I talked about using names from "Firefly" for Evan. The boy names in that show are all weird though (Mal, Wash, Jayne, to name a few). Zoe is actually the name of a character on that show and one that we considered for a girl. :-)

Anne Elizabeth said...

Mohawk looked exactly like I dreamed he would. Maybe Zoe will too.

Mr. Petit what a name. I only heard his first name when I met him. I know Boo is so excited! Two months will just fly by. I bet Abby is going to miss her a lot.

Kaye said...

Tell Daniel to hurry up for ALL of us! =)

So excited that Elaina got accepted. It will be a hard few days of transition when she goes, but it will be an awesome thing for her and for you. She needs the structure and socialization that school provides so she'll be ready for "real school." Just my opinion, of course, but I do truly believe that!

Hope Endures said...

Zoe Teyla!! LOL - love it!

Congrats on the preschool news!