Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Week 24

I'm less than 2 weeks away from having less than 100 days until baby comes! That's only about 3 months!!! And this is also my last month in the 2nd trimester.

Yesterday I called the hospital to join some classes. We're taking the girls to a Sibling Class where they'll get to learn about taking care of their new baby sister, get cookies & juice, and tour the maternity ward. I'm really excited! They said Abigail could come even though the age minimum is 3 years old.

The weekend after that we'll be doing the Speedy Birth Class in one day. I'm not sure if I'll end up going because right before I got off the phone with the lady she said to bring pillows and a blanket because we'll be practicing and doing breathing. I've been through this the Real Deal twice already and Lamaze breathing does NOT work nor is it beneficial. You're just huffing. Maybe that's not what they'll teach so we might as well give a try.

I'm actually more interested in asking about hospital policies on such things as IVs, eating while in early labor, etc. I got so sick while having Abby that I threw up 5 times. I hadn't eaten anything all day. All I wanted was a glass of water and some crackers but they would *NOT* give them to me, even though we were both doing just fine and it was early on (not transition). I digress...

On another note I got Elaina's school supply list in the mail. Oh my homeschooled husband about flipped his lid when he saw it. Besides the usual safety scissors and markers, they want you to bring dry-erase markers (for the teacher), 3 boxes of Kleenex, 3 tubes of disinfecting wipes, etc. I went to public school so it wasn't a big deal to me (although this is a little more excessive than when I went to school, at least they want the kids to blow their noses and clean the classrooms!).

He had no idea the students supplied those types of things. Besides, our church has a back-t0-school supply giveaway and Elaina will be able to pick up half her list just at the church thing (markers, eraser, folders, glue sticks, etc.), so it's really not a major deal. We always have a ton of leftovers of the stuff anyway. I might be able to find some leftovers from last year.

So we'll probably go shopping in September for her school uniforms and other supplies. Daniel and I have been going to bed earlier and waking up earlier to practice getting ready for school. Sounds pathetic but it's really good for us. Except I took two naps today because I'm still so tired! I'm scared to know how I'll feel with a newborn and being sleep-deprived, ha ha!

Tomorrow is a big shopping day for me! It's payday and Stargate Atlantis season 5 just came out on DVD. We haven't seen the last 10 episodes yet so I'm super stoked to be able to get it and cuddle with my man. Let's face it, summer shows are stinking! And with the new digital HD thing our signal constantly cuts out. I think it's because we live in such an old house (100 years old!) with really thick walls.

I'm also hoping to get some, if not all, of the chair rail. I'm so ready to finish up the nursery walls! Then I can show you some of the cool stuff I've done in there.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Girls, girls, girls!

So lately I've been trying to imagine what life will be like with all girls. I never ever once thought I'd have three daughters. Three little girls to be best friends, play dress-up, giggle throughout the middle of the night, braid each others' hairs, go to dances together, "borrow" each others' clothes and then ruin them, conspiring together against their parents (I jest, I jest!)...

I have these moments where I think to myself, "What if the sonogram was wrong?!" and so I'm kind of relieved that we'll be getting the 3D sonogram done (probably end of July). I went through this with Elaina and Abigail, too. For some reason when you're told GIRL you kind of doubt if they're right even if it is plain as day. Pregnant women seem to be paranoid as it is so it's best to just indulge our insanity as we question the very revealing gender scan!

My stomach has begun to feel really heavy and it's round like a basketball. I love it! Zoe's movements are still inconsistent. Some days it's like an amusement park in the womb and other days it's like a quiet little spa with barely any interaction. She really likes music and "dances" away, then again most babies do that anyway. My sister described it best when she said, "Music is a soul thing- we're not taught how to do it as children. Children just know to move their bodies!"

Some important dates are coming up. The first is my FaVoRiTe holiday- Independence Day!!! Yes, that is my favorite holiday. Mostly because I have very fond memories of the day, always a family day, and I love patriotism. Maybe I'll elaborate on that more on another post Friday.

We have a few ideas of what we'll be doing Saturday but haven't made a decision yet. Waiting to hear about some details of one choice before we nail it down. Regardless there is going to be FIRE, MARSHMALLOWS, HOTDOGS and of course FIREWORKS. 'Nuff said.

Another important date coming up is my due date. Kieran (Pumpkin) was due July 9th. Lately I've really been thinking about where I'd be if I hadn't miscarried them. Wondering who they'd be, what they would've looked like, if they would've been another GIRL (or perhaps that first boy) and just envisioning how round and uncomfortable I would've been but loving it anyway. I'm sad but not depressed about it. It's a quiet sad, not a bawling-my-eyes-out horrible wretchedness.

Zoe is not a replacement baby (in fact, she was an unexpected surprise after m/c and fertility issues!). I know some people think that women try to get pregnant immediately following a loss to "replace" the one they lost. But it's not true. That little one was unique and you will forever carry their dates in your heart, wondering who they could've been. Their memory and brief existence isn't diminished the moment you become pregnant with another sweet life.

Little Kieran, I'll probably write a post for you on your due date. But wanted you to know that I do think of you everyday and am already counting down the days to when we would've and could've met. Love Forever, Mommy

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Loads of Fun

Who said ministry couldn't be fun? We had a church from Kansas come over this weekend. They did a children program on Thursday night at church and that was a lot of fun. Then Friday night we had a hotdog dinner (for free) near the "projects" (aka government housing). We joined in and had some hotdogs and chips with all the kids.

Then today the guest church put on their annual Carnival! There were a few of those bl.ow-u.p moonwalk type things. There was a "Candy Walk" instead of a Cake Walk. A pop toss, face painting, bike giveaway and a park nearby.

Here's Elaina jumping in the Moonwalk, something she said she didn't want to do before we left the house, after I tried to explain to her what it was. She ended up LOVING IT:

Elaina's cousin having a blast as well! She jumped a little and then got a little nervous and kept telling Elaina to come sit with her and to stop jumping around so much. It was hilarious!

Daniel and Abigail, right before we left because I was so hot I felt sick. You could barely breathe, it was such a dry heat!

Interactive fountains at the park below the Carnival. Those are actually the "projects" in the background! Aren't they nice looking? You'd never think that they were government housing. Our city spent a lot of money to fix them up and make them all nice. And the interactive fountains are great for the kids who don't have A/C at their houses. They can come cool off right down the street.

We actually have an interactive fountain that is chlorinated just down the street from our house. I haven't taken the kids yet. I'm waiting for a day that isn't so blazing hot so we can walk down there.

Abigail looking a little hot and uncomfortable. She was actually miserable the whole time until we hit the water (top picture is of her after going in the water). We were waiting for Elaina to get her face painted here. Abigail didn't want to get painted on.

The whole point of all of this was to show the neighborhood kids the love of Christ. To come out to their neck of the woods and tell them how much God loves them and feed them a dinner and give them games to play. We once took our own youth group out to another city and they said they'd never ever left their hometown until that moment. We've also taken some of our older kids from church swimming only for them to say they'd never gone swimming, we've given them bikes only for them to say, "I've never ridden a bike before!". And we've also taken them to Worlds of Fun or to our annual bonfire during the fall for smores and hayrides- only for them to say, "We've NEVER done anything like this!" Yes, they'd never had smores before or seen a bonfire! Can you believe it? They don't have the same opportunities other kids have, so giving them the Carnival is great.

So that was our day! I didn't really take a lot of pictures. I got really hot and Abigail was worse I think. Her little cheeks started getting flaming red so I called it quits. Elaina threw a fit. And we all went to IHOP to eat lunch and sit in the A/C.

It really was a great day despite the heat and I'm looking forward to doing more family fun stuff. We haven't really done a lot of family stuff because our kids were too young to really enjoy these things before. But now they're older and wanting to get out more. I hate just being at home all the time because there's nothing to do here. We want to get a swingset so hopefully we can do that next month. We have some plans this summer (some of them have links):

-Movies (Ice Age 3 here we come)
-Parkville/Old Towne/Old fashioned soda shop
-Science City
-Boat ride
-Royals game (even though they stink, it's still fun to go!)
-Deanna Rose Farmstead
-Crown Center
-Parks and picnics
-Local festivals
-Union Station
-City Market

It's not a MUST DO list but rather a guideline for us. Daniel is a homebody and I'm a stay-at-home mom who is desperate to get out. By having a list I think it helps us plan better, though most things we do are pretty last minute.

Friday, June 26, 2009

And this is what happens...

... when you leave the little ones with Daddy all day...

You have to love the fallen coat rack on top of the playhouse. And if you look close enough you can see Beckett snoozing in the midst of it all! So no, that is not one giant furry stuffed animal but our cat. And there's more than what's in the picture, too. Right where I was standing books and blocks were strewn everywhere!

Yeah, I think it's cleanup time...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Burn, Baby, Burn

I'm having slight heartburn right now. Just had to get on and say that. Because I've never had heartburn before in my life. I've had it a few times this pregnancy. The first couple times scared me so badly because I thought something was wrong with me. When you've never felt it before it can kind of scare you! It felt like fire from my stomach straight up the middle of my chest.

So now I'm wondering if this one will have hair. Ha ha! My other two girls were bald beauties well past their 1st birthdays. In fact, Abigail just turned 2 and I have never cut her hair. Eh, I don't really mind either way. Just wondering how this one will be!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Looky what I found!

Happy Family

I found this on my photo bucket. I had no idea I had it. Gosh I was skinny and didn't even realize it! This sweet baby is Elaina on her first holiday, which was coincidentally FATHER'S DAY 2005. She is one month old. I found other pictures, too. One of which is my favorite of Elaina as a baby. It was also a one-month photo:

One-Month Photo

And I also found this one from her 3-4 month old photo shoot that we did at an apple orchard:


Oh how fun to find these! I mean, I have the actual pictures but after losing all of our pictures on the computer it was a treat to find these hiding.

Here's my TO DO LIST for the next few months:

-purchase and install chair rail in nursery
-send email to Delta about crib's quality
-schedule SIBLING CLASS at hospital for Elaina
-pack hospital bag
-pre-registration paperwork
-buy rug/carpet for nursery
-install infant seat
-wash baby clothes
-wash all bottles, pump parts, toys
-make goody bags for the kids from Zoe (for the hospital visit)
-find glider if possible, not necessity

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Week 23 & Nightmares!

When I say I'm 23 weeks along, it doesn't seem incredibly far along. Until I say, "Only 17 more weeks!"

I actually didn't mind that I was going to be pregnant during the summer. I can squish my swollen feet into flip flops and wear tank tops. But now that I'm starting to feel how incredibly and suffocatingly hot it is already I'm starting to wonder if my initial excitement was completely naive. Ha!

Still wearing the wedding ring. No swelling anywhere either, though I jokingly updated my Facebook status the other day to say, "I feel like my butt is pregnant too!" My bum just seems to be growing right along with the belly. Ahhh, but it's okay. I can work on losing that later. For now, I avoid cameras that catch the side or back of me. ;-Þ

So lately I've been having weird dreams- what pregnant lady doesn't? I'm so tired now I can't recall most of them. But last night I had a dream about the preschool Elaina is about to attend. And it put the fear of God into me. The very, very basics of the dream were feelings of inadequacy as a parent and a lot of rejection toward my daughter from the STAFF (not other children).

Of course when I woke up I started thinking about school. How am I going to do this? How have any of you done it- sending your baby off to school?! She has been with me all day, everyday since her birth (except when I gave birth to Abigail). I think Momma is going to have some separation anxiety.

My basic fears, after waking, were "What if she gets burned outside?" because they have a lot of field days outside, plus recess. Then "What if the kids reject her, push her off the playground, she pees/poops her pants..?" The list just goes on and on. So I got this mental list going of how I could somewhat help:

-apply sunscreen every morning before she goes to school and keep extra in her backpack
-pray everyday that she makes friends and no bullies push her off the playground
-put extra clothes in her backpack in case of accidents

School is ultimately going to be good for her. I just wonder about how her daily interactions will go. And I worry how she'll be when she gets back home (grouchy, irritable, not wanting to tell me things, etc.). I want to make this a fun and pleasant experience all around and I'm being a worrywart.

Okay, thanks for letting me vent. Any words of wisdom would be WONDERFUL, though I know most all of you have young children as well or are pregnant with firsts. Perhaps you have little nieces/nephews who went through the same thing.

THERE WAS JUST A HUGE CRACK OF THUNDER that scared the daylights out of me. I thought a dumpster blew up. Okay now I'm getting offline. Ha ha!

Zoe continues to bump and kick around. I still mostly feel her up high, by my ribs or down low (like, real low). I can even feel her when I'm standing up. Abigail likes to put her hand on my belly and say, "Zoe kick me, Mom!" in an excited voice, even though Zoe is not moving at all. Very cute!

Abigail also loves to come and just talk to Zoe throughout the day. And she has this thing where she will repeat something OVER and OVER again until you respond back. Well Zoe can't respond back. So Abby will just sit there and say, "Hi, Zoe! Hi, Zoe! Hi, Zoe! Hi, Zoe!" over and over while rubbing and patting my belly.

Elaina has started to not want to come feel Zoe when she moves. She gets too preoccupied in what she is doing. I think Elaina is starting to shutdown, too. She's been weird lately (probably why I started worrying all the more about school). I'm hoping this is just the, "My mom is about to have a baby and I'm acting out before she arrives" sort of thing. Every kid does it. I just want my kids to do it BEFORE we have a newborn.

She isn't jealous or angry or anything. I think that it's just taking too long for Zoe to arrive and Elaina has decided to push it to the back of her mind. Tonight at dinner she sighed and said, "It's a long time for Zoe to get here!" She still gets excited when I do some new decorating thing in the nursery or if we go play with Zoe's toys and she loves to brag to people about having a baby sister. It's hard to articulate exactly what she's doing because as her mom I notice the most subtle behavioral changes that others wouldn't otherwise notice.

Okay now I'm rambling. But I hope you get the gist of it.

Tomorrow I may post my TO DO LIST. I need to get that down so my brain can stop feeling so scrambled.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lots o' Stuff Goin' On!

I've been a busy girl, trying to get some big projects done and out of the way. I decided to put the more feminine, antique dresser back into the nursery. And I started painting it PINK! The drawers will be green. Sorry the lighting sucks but it's not a bright room. The white curtains to the left are curtains I'm thinking of dying pink. They used to be in Elaina's room and have been collecting dust. Can you tell I'm not very decisive?! LOL! I change my mind a lot.

Zoe's dresser so far... needs another coat!

The finished blanket that I crocheted for Miss Zoe. Decided not to use the 4th color. These colors are not as bright as they seem but had to use my flash for you to even see it so it came out way brighter:

Some cute, funny outfits I found for Zoe the other day. First one says, "I can't wear PINK everyday!" and the second one says, "Does this diaper make my butt look big?" I just can't help myself sometimes...

I haven't washed any baby clothes or things yet. I just put them in the dresser drawers for now. I'd rather wait to do that closer to when it's time for the little one to arrive.

In the next few weeks I'll probably schedule our 3D sonogram. I could find more productive things to spend the money on but seeing as how we have just about everything (other than some WANTS, not necessarily NEEDS) I want to do it. It's a fun tradition we started with Elaina and I want to continue it. How often do you get to glimpse at your sweet baby in the womb and actually see their face as they'll be when they're born?! And life is too short, way too short, to get hung up on practicality (this is coming from Miss Practicality of the World herself... *ahem*... ME). Momma likes to have fun!

Coming Soon... some wall decor that I'm in the process of finishing up for the nursery! Including a how-to for one of them.

Want to learn how to crochet your own baby blanket? It's easy! Check out these YouTube videos for step-by-step directions on a single stitch (the same one I used in the blanket above- note that the needle I used was THICKER. I believe it was size P).

Step 1
Step 2

It takes time to learn how to hold the yarn and get the perfect tension, so buy some practice yarn first! Practice yarn should not be as "fluffy" as the yarn I used for the baby blanket. It should be like the yarn in the videos so that you can get used to the steps. Using fluffier yarns can make it more difficult to see what you're doing.

Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm actually really sick right now. I finally managed to make it downstairs and out of bed around 7pm tonight. I really hate taking medicine when pregnant but my brain felt like it was going to explode, so I broke down and took some Tylenol. My body and joints are sore, my sinuses and throat feel swollen. Nauseous, runny nose, basic flu symptoms. But thankfully, no puking! I don't think I could handle that.

Little Zoe Bug knows her momma doesn't feel good because she put on quite a show all morning long. And I do mean all morning. It was quite the entertainment when all I could do was lay in our dark bedroom.

Elaina, my sweetheart, told me, "I can make you feel better, Mom, because I'm so cute!" I laughed until I had a coughing fit and told her that did make me feel better.

And Abby has had a hard day without her mom. But Daddy did a great job. He even gave them a bath tonight (and washed their hair!) without asking. I think this man deserves some brownie points.

Oh and before I forget, he took the girls shopping today for some necessities (diapers, shampoo, etc.). Well he stopped at one store special for me. My husband isn't the type to bring me flowers... oh no! Instead he brings me freaking awesome Christian rock music. He got me this CD (feel free to listen to a clip or two and fall in love with Red). I have their first album and found out just last night they had a new one. So my sweetheart went to get me the CD when he was out running errands. I think I've fallen in love all over again.

I'm off to blow my nose and turn in early. PLEASE GOD, let me feel perfect tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All About the Z

Did I mention yesterday that Daniel felt Zoe move? I can't remember and I'm in too much of a hurry to type this and get going that I don't want to look. Anyway, yes, he did! He got a good "womp" from her and felt another one tonight. By the way, ice cream makes this child go nuts! No sugar for this one when she's older... that's for sure!

I was thinking today about my oldest two daughters, about their personalities, and wondering how Zoe would fit in. What is she like? What will she love and dislike? Will she be quiet or loud? Will she be wild or tame?

I like to make predictions. I'm almost always wrong, but it's fun anyway. I think Zoe will have dark hair. I don't know, I just think that! I have had dreams of her with dark hair and blue/green eyes. Whereas my other girls had strawberry-blonde-brown hair (myriad of color!) and their eyes turned different shades of brown.

And I have a feeling that this will be the quiet, pensive child. My other girls are night and day but they're both talkative little birds who chatter all the day long. Elaina is sensitive, feelings get hurt easy, easily overwhelmed by too much going on, VERY affectionate, etc. Abigail is lively and full of expression yet goes with the flow, hates to be touched (and now kissed! *pout*), etc. So... we shall see what Miss Zoe will be like!

Daniel is STILL thinking over middle names. Scratch that. I don't think he's thought about it at all in recent days. I'm getting a little impatient over here (*hint, hint*). I jokingly suggested Zoe Teyla (not sure on spelling). This is a Stargate Atlantis character (cue eye rolls). And I've actually had people tell me they LIKE IT! And Daniel likes it. But I have no idea what's going on in his brain. He needs to tell me because my Baby Namey looks weird without a middle name on it.

I ordered some things for Zoe's room on Etsy. Mostly supplies so I can make my own art for her walls. I'm nervous about how it will all turn out. The way it looks now is so haphazard. I'm thinking about switching dressers (I'd use the one in her room, she'd use the antique piece that's more feminine). In fact I might paint the dresser pink? This is all deja vu. I probably already talked about this. PREGNANT BRAIN!

On a side note, I took Elaina to a preschool screening on Friday. Monday (err... or Tuesday?) they called to say Elaina was accepted into the school! I just got the orientation packet in the mail today, already. Not that the mail has to circulate very far, but wow that was fast.

So I'm very nervous and excited about it. She keeps asking me everyday if it is time to go to school and I have to remind her TWO months. I'm not ready all of a sudden, but I'm going to have to be. This will be good for all of us. We all need the structure it would bring. I hope they have some type of Open House before the school starts for new parents/students. I'm confused about where to go, where the class is, etc.

That is all, have a great night!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 22

Our brand new crib has been scratched up by the cat (accidentally). Really miffed about it!!! I just don't know what we'll do about it yet. We keep the nursery doors shut but he got in somehow and jumped up on there and scratched it:

Fabrics for the nursery walls, just arrived today. Going to iron them and then wrap them around square cork board. Will put a wooden Z, O and E on three of them and possibly put the fourth board on another wall with a little shelf. I have 2 other designs I got and I'm debating which to use, what order to put them in, etc. I like mixing the fabrics!:


Week 22 bump (end of day so it looks little bigger than usual):

Just since my post yesterday I've really felt Zoe move. And I've felt her move high above my belly button today. I think I felt what may be her head! I just can't believe how much stronger the movements are today as compared to yesterday. What a difference one day makes!

I got the crib sheets that I ordered on eBay today.

I have a cute wooden shelf for the nursery. I'm going to paint it a pink color and hang one of those cork pieces above it or have it just sit on the shelf with a little piggy bank or something.

I want to get some neat sconces to hang on the wall as well. It gives it a romantic feel. I don't really know how to describe how I'm decorating the nursery.

I want to get a pink or cream rug for the nursery. I'm sick of hardwood floors in every single room. We'll see- this would be the LAST item we'd buy but if we end up having the money for it, I'm all for it.

I also have white curtains (different from the valances I've shown before). I think I want to dye them pink. They're Shabby Chic brand curtains from Target so they're very wispy and pretty. But I don't like the stark white with the green and cream.

And I'm thinking about moving Abby's old dresser back in the room but I might paint it (again). It's a lot more feminine. I'd use the dresser in that is in there right now in my Powder Room in my bedroom for all my makeup and hair things since our bathroom doesn't have drawers or cabinets for that stuff.

So lots of rearranging things and moving things around!

P.S. Zoe must know I'm writing about her and her room because she kicked my hand up high on my belly just a couple minutes ago!!! Daddy missed it. He can never feel it even if she does kick him. They have to be major rolls and kicks in order for him to feel it. ;-(

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Baby Dance (aka Womps)

If you've ever been on message boards you know that BD (baby dance) means sex. That is not what I'm talking about!

What I'm talking about is the fact that last night was the first time Zoe kicked me and I felt it from the outside! And today (even right now this very moment) I am feeling her. This child loves to dance! It seems to me that I constantly have these flutters- when I wake up, in the morning, at lunch, in the afternoon, dinner time, etc. And they ARE baby (ha ha) because of the way they move and I can even feel little body parts. They are definitely a lot stronger today than any other time I've experienced them this pregnancy.

I have to press my fingers in to feel her and she's really, really L-O-W! The movements are all on the underside of my belly. Right now she's kicking my p.ubic b.one. Lovely! What's really cool to me is that I can feel her movements even when I'm standing up (though not from the outside, just the flutters). It took a long time to feel Elaina and Abigail while I was standing.

This is my favorite part of being pregnant! It always freaks me out a little when I feel the really big "womps" (as I call the movements where she kicks my fingers). It just makes this all seem so very real. She's a little person... and I cannot WAIT to get to know her!

And I realized I was putting the accent on the wrong letter in Zoe. The dots are supposed to be over the 'e'. Oops! I think it looks prettier over the 'o' but it means the name would be pronounced Zo instead of Zo-ee. We'd still pronounce it Zo-ee no matter what we chose, though, because Zo isn't cool.

What do you think?


I like accents so I'd like to do one or the other.

Zoe is the length of a banana, about 10.5 inches long (half the birth length? Really?!) and probably around 12-13 ounces. That's almost one pound!

The girls are still so sweet about the baby. Abigail loves to pat my belly so gently I don't even feel her hand and she talks directly to my skin, "Hi baby...!" while she makes her sweet faces.

And Elaina loves to come give me hugs a lot. My belly is firm like a basketball now so sometimes she'll come to give me a hug and bounce off my stomach or she'll press her face in without putting so much as a dent in the belly. She is absolutely in love with her new baby sister and cannot wait to meet her. She keeps saying, "When the leaves change colors and fall off the trees our baby will come!" It's always 'our' baby, too. LOVE it!

***I'll try to post a bump picture at my next weekly post!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oops, we lost one!

Uh oh- I lost a follower. Okay so I don't really keep track but I did notice I'm down one. Kind of makes me sad... and makes me feel boring.

Well for the rest of you loyal folks who manage to hang out here and keep chugging along right with me, thanks! I am a "list" person but one thing I don't manage to keep lists of is what I want to blog about so I end up kind of rambling on.

However, before our hard drive went berserk and we were without our computer, I wrote myself a little note about my crazy pregnancy blunders. Some of them may not even be too far off from some things you may have experienced yourself.

For example I pulled an "Andrea" the other day to an extent. She's been forgetting to put detergent in her wash. Well I just forget to put the washer lid down. After awhile I finally venture into the laundry room to find the lid open, water filled to the top and clothes floating quietly. Great........

Another thing I did that you can laugh about, at my expense, was this: I was making something on the stove (bacon? beef? I don't remember, ha!). I needed to drain the grease but I didn't have anything to pour it into. So I went to the recycling bin and got a cleaned-out sour cream tub. You know... a PLASTIC sour cream tub.

I pour the hot grease into the plastic and the most foul smell emits from it as the thing melts like ice cream on a hot day, the grease spilling all over my countertop. Daniel, who is working at the counter behind me, turns around and said, "What are you thinking?! It's PLASTIC!" That's just it, Babe. I wasn't thinking!

Finally, I was at a store, buying the baby's dresser and acting like a complete ditz. I could tell the cashier was wondering if I was "off my meds" (just a joke, I don't take meds). The problem was that Daniel and the girls were waiting in the car so I was rushing! I don't do rushing well.

I'm about to walk off after paying and I forget to go to the back to tell the guy which car to bring the dresser to. So I go back and let him know to follow me and on the way out the cashier said, "You forgot your receipt" while giving me this strange look. I seriously was walking around with my head in the clouds that day.

So I almost forgot the dresser... and the receipt!

What was something stupid/embarassing that you did while you are/were pregnant?!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some Fun Randomness

Elaina's birthday party is creeping closer and closer. I've decided I'm starting to feel old. Party planning was so incredibly fun when I only had one, or when they both were so very little. Now I'm getting worn out!

We're doing a "carnival" complete with corn dogs and crinkle fries (no cheese, sorry!). We even have some carnival games and prizes. Just tonight I painted a poster for the party. Yes, I painted a POSTER for the party. I'm losing my mind.

Next year it's pizza and/or maybe I'll take her and a friend to a movie. That sounds perfectly SIMPLE and easy and less expensive.

My belly is starting to feel incredibly firm. Oh and when I said my belly button popped out on my last post- it hasn't actually popped OUT. It's kind of even with my belly. I don't think it ever actually popped out with my other girls. Guess I got myself a little confused. It happens... a LOT!

I'm getting closer to figuring out the nursery colors. I cannot find anything purple unless I spend double, triple or more. Being Miss Frugal I just can't do that, not for my third child's room (sorry Zoe baby). So I won some PINK crib sheets on Ebay today- one gingham, one stripe and one solid. They're very pale and very girly.

So I think we're going pink! I am going to get a pink breathable bumper. I never had a bumper with my other girls because of the SIDS risk associated with it. Good thing I didn't have a regular bumper with Abigail because she loved to burrow her face into the bars of her crib (and now her toddler bed). She could've suffocated.

With Elaina it was so annoying because she'd lose her binky multiple times throughout the night and I'd have to crawl around on the floor, in the dark, trying to find it for her. I had no idea about breathable bumpers until much later. It would've saved me a ton of sleeplessness!

Oh and funny thing. I found THIS diaper bag because I wanted something Daniel would carry, too. He is dead set on this diaper bag (no pun intended), regardless of the fact that Zoe is a GIRL. And the fact that I was semi-joking. The other choice is THIS totally cool bowling bag. It will be fun to see how the diaper-bag-battle plays out. This is one of those things we probably won't buy unless we end up with a giftcard or something anyway, but it's fun to dream!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Week 21... another week gone by!

Well I'm 21 weeks... only 19 more to go! I had an appointment yesterday with a different doctor in the practice. I gained 4 lbs since my last appointment. So I think I've gained 15 lbs so far which is normal for this amount of time.

My belly button has started to pop out. My cravings are seemingly non-existent. There's nothing I just have to have except maybe potatoes. Like anything potato. No belly pic. I just don't ever really seem to think about it and I'm wearing one of Daniel's shirts right now so you can't even see the bump.

Still have my wedding ring on. It's not feeling snug at all. It was really loose before I got pregnant, though, so that's probably why. Now it fits perfectly. I'm sure I'll have to take it off at some point but won't be the tad upset if I don't have to.

Life is just chugging along!

Abigail said something funny the other day that I have to relay or I'll forget. I was trying to get her to say her colors. Blue, red, green, yellow. Finally I told her to say, "Red, white and blue!" since Independence Day is around the corner. Abigail piped up and said, "Wed, WIPE and bwoo!"

There was a lot of sibling rivalry today, more than we've ever had. Abigail has really started to hit her sister. Gotta nip that right in the bud. And Abby did a belly flop onto our hardwood floors from the coffee table. I do have to say that at the end of the day everyone pitched in to clean up the playroom and did a great job. Can't win them all but we can try.

I'm feeling anxious right now for some unexplainable reason. This happens sometimes and I hate it. In this moment I feel like I'm forgetting something major, not necessarily that anything bad is going to happen. Lord, help me remember!

P.S. Just found this video on Elaine's blog. Apparently the newest American Idol winner is a WORSHIP LEADER. Totally cool. And this is personally one of my fave worship songs ("God of This City") that he's singing in the video. We sing this often over our own troubled urban city.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm BACK!!! Or was I ever really gone?

Oh how good it feels to have my 'puter back! It's fast, it's widescreened and just beautiful. And I've been bored, very bored. And I'm spending so much time trying to catch up that I'm just going to summarize with pictures. They're kind of all over the place because Firefox is the WORST when trying to upload pics on here. I can't move them or anything. Help!

Opening up her new car seat on her birthday!

Trying out her new booster seat! It is pink with hearts and says PRINCESS all over it.

Elaina's new bike!

Bought the baby some bibs and some Mams (binkies).

I got the yarn to make Zoe's blanket! I crochet one for each of my kiddos.

The girls with their new bouncy-balls in the backyard. Abby insisted on wearing that winter hat. They are such girly girls!

Did I ever mention that someone threw a beer bottle through the rear window of our minivan? I put a picture up but just deleted it because it shows our license plate # and don't really feel like sharing that on here. It got replaced but definitely made me angry. I'm ready to move out of here. Though I know it won't happen.

Now I'm second-guessing doing elephants with Zoe's room. I've decided to just not say anything until I actually make a decision and buy the stuff. Every time I go into the nursery and see the elephant stuff all I can think is BOY. So I want to do something else I think. Just don't know what yet. Hmmm... So forget you heard me say ANYTHING about nursery decor. Ha ha! Because this momma changes her mind like the wind.

That's all for now!

Friday, June 5, 2009

I just can't believe it

Since my last post I haven't been online, haven't seen the comments. When I logged into my email tonight and started reading through all the comments/congratulations I realized that more than half of the comments were left by women who are struggling with infertility and wanting a baby... right now in this moment. It brought tears to my eyes to see your selfless support and heartfelt congratulations in the midst of your own battle. I feel so far removed from the "infertility" community because mine was "secondary infertility" (meaning I had fertility issues after already having had children).

But seeing those comments from these women I've watched struggle with multiple miscarriages and repeated BFNs and fertility tests and retrievals--- they meant the world to me. It made me realize that even having successful pregnancies doesn't mean that my struggle was forgotten in getting to this specific place in this pregnancy. Thank you so very much, my dear sweet friends! I'm still rooting for each and every single one of you!

Someone else I love very, very much has been on my mind this week. My oldest daughter turned 4 years old yesterday! Elaina got to open up her new booster carseat (pink, of course!) and then got to go shopping for her first bicycle. Later we made chocolate chip birthday cookies together. Of course I don't have any pictures with me.

Elaina started the week off very sick and passed the illness-baton to her little sister. So Abigail is still fighting this nasty bug and is absolutely miserable. Is there some rule that the second child to get sick has it worse?! We had to reschedule Elaina's birthday party to next weekend.

Great news, the guy fixing our computer prayed over it and voila! The stinker works. He's going to take it apart to see why the hard drive malfunctioned, to see it still needs to be replaced. He's doing all this for free (we're just paying for the parts), so thank God for that! And it should be back in my loving arms tomorrow. Woo hoo! I did give Daniel the look and said, "Now why didn't YOU pray over it?" Ha ha!

We still don't have a middle name for Miss Zoe. Daddy is taking his sweet time, which is fine. At least we know the first name! And it's so much fun to see the big sisters call her by name. We've even come up with nicknames for her already. Zoe Boop, Zo-Zo to name a couple. We didn't name the other girlies until their Birth Days so it's refreshing to have a name already selected.

Abigail is hilarious when she talks to the baby. She touches my belly ever-so gently, squints her eyes, tilts her head and talks in a very soft voice in her toddler jibberish.

The funniest thing to me right now is watching Abigail play with baby dolls like they're real. She even makes whimpering sounds for them and makes crying sounds that sound very newborn-like. Sometimes I rush to a room because of the sounds she's making only to find her gently rocking her doll and giving it a bottle. I need to catch her doing it on tape because it's hysterical.

Still no major movements from Zoe. I only feel the occasional flutter. Although last night we were watching someone sing the National Anthem at some NBA game, I was sitting on the edge of the couch with my hand over my heart listening intently... when I felt this sharp poke somewhat near my belly button that scared me so bad I yelled out and flung my body back on the couch. I thought Daniel had poked me in the stomach! Maybe it was the baby. Or Daniel's lying and he really did poke me.

I haven't really liked the name Danielle but it's growing on me. It's a name Daniel has always wanted to use but I've shot down. Thinking about it just now made me feel very warm inside because of it's familiarity and closeness to Daniel's name. Now if only Daniel would hurry up and decide. I'm one impatient Momma!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Week 20 (and GENDER result!)

Technically I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow. The halfway point!

Well the real reason I sauntered over to use my inlaws' computer was to reveal to you the gender of baby-to-be!

The night before our sonogram I had the scantest spotting you'd ever see (or not see if you're not paying attention)! So I flipped my lid and laid on the couch bawling my eyes out. I thought worst-case-scenerio and was so nervous going into the sonogram.

But once that doppler thing picked up the image of my LIVE baby I could finally breathe again. There was no internal bleeding or anything. So who knows what the spotting was from. My doctor thinks perhaps a minor infection.

When we went to check the baby's goods to see if they were a boy or a girl their legs were crossed! Go figure! But we did end up getting a clear shot because they apparently uncrossed their legs in time...

Do you want to know what they are?

First, about 80-85% of you voted for boy... so was the majority correct?


Her name is Zoe (no middle name yet). Daniel didn't like the middle name I had picked out before and waited to tell me until we knew it was a girl to say so. You know, after I told the entire world that our next girl would be Zoe Beth. So I went through the Baby Name Book and made a list of about 20 different middle names I liked, put a star next to my Top-5 choices and have left it in his hands. So Daddy is going to pick out Zoe's middle name.

My top pick for the name is Zoe Olivia.
Daniel has a few top choices: Zoe Danielle or Zoe Evangeline.

My initial instinct was right, btw! I shouldn't have changed my vote, ha ha!

Today I ran a ton of errands with Abigail and I just had to stop in the thrift store. I, of course, found a TON of elephant stuff. And you know what? I decided I was going to still do the elephant themed room! What I found was so cool and can't wait to share it with you (but I can't upload pictures on here right now for whatever reason *SIGH* I miss my 'puter!). I bought some glass pieces, one of which is a very cool Garnet-colored glass vase and some really neat "safari" wall hangings. Looks very African, not babyish. I'm very excited!

My girls are really sick. Elaina eats two bites at every meal before she practically crawls over to the couch to lay down. She has a mild fever and a hacking cough that has left her without a voice. She is constantly fighting tears and clutching her stomach in pain and I feel incredibly helpless to alleviate her symptoms.

Then tonight Abigail was fussing and felt very hot. Her temp read 102.9 F so pray they feel better and quick! We're going to take Elaina to the doctor tomorrow because she may have a respiratory infection. I'll probably take Abigail in just to make sure, but she isn't coughing and I hope she doesn't start.

So their room reeks of Vicks Vapor Rub and the humidifier is going. They both conked out a little after 6 pm tonight, very unusual for them!


My reaction to, "It looks like a GIRL to me!" was absolute delight. But at the same time I hurt for Daniel. I know how badly he wanted a son. He's super excited but it did take a couple days for it to sink in, LOL! THREE daughters? Three girls to walk down the aisle and buy prom dresses for and whatever else!

Elaina didn't want us to tell her. I think this is when she started to feel ill and she was just in a cranky mood. Finally she let me tell her that the baby was not a boy, but a girl, and she burst into tears. She kept saying, "It's NOT a girl! It's a BOY!" I let her cry it out, Daniel got upset that she was so upset, and it was a stressful 10 minutes until she finally calmed down.

I showed her pictures of real newborn girls and talked about how girls love princesses and baby dolls and that boys didn't (well, some do, but that's beside the point). I showed her videos and pictures from the sonogram. And I explained that the baby is a girl, JUST like her! Now she is REALLY excited to have a baby sister.

Abigail's reaction cracks me up. I said, "The baby is a girl!" And all she could say was, "Boy or girl?" because that's all we've been asking her for weeks now. Ha ha! She doesn't get it and that's okay. I don't think she had a preference.

Okay, so that was really long-winded. Kudos to you if you read the entire thing. I hope everyone is doing well! I can't wait to catch up. Hoping our computer is fixed and returned by Thursday!!!

And I guess dreams really do come true (few posts back I had mentioned a dream about Zoe!)..!