Saturday, May 16, 2009


Daniel and I finally put the crib together. It was super easy to put together except with one part of the crib. The piece wasn't manufactured correctly so Daniel had to "fix" it. And he was mumbling to the people who designed the crib under his breath. Poor guy! But he is wonderful and got 'er done.

The room is small and it's difficult to get a decent picture. But how gorgeous is this crib? And it is STURDY. The sides do not move so we put the mattress about midway, instead of the very top (for newborns).

What I really love is that this crib has a metal-spring base under the mattress instead of a slab of wood. What was the cost? This crib was $140. You cannot beat that!

(And yes, the crib is facing the wall- you can see the WARNING sticker on the right-hand side.)

I do not think we'll be putting the chair rail up before we find out the gender. It takes Daniel time to get motivated for big projects and we have plenty of time to finish that anyway.

I have three crib skirts- a plain purple one, a pretty "checkered" green one (limey green) and a flowered pink one. I don't know how the green one will look, if it is a boy, but it should be fine. And the flower one will be if it's a girl, I think. No sense in spending over $20 on something when I have 3 perfectly nice crib skirts.

Nothing else going on with baby stuff.


My Regular Voice said...

Very nice.

noticed the wall grate, we have the same. love old houses. :)

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Andrea said...

It looks great!! I love it with the wall colors and the floor. :-)

Becky said...

That looks FAB in that room, Joy.