Monday, May 11, 2009

Week 17

Yesterday morning (Monday) I was awakened by Abigail. As I lay there listening to Abby I felt the most awesome feeling in the world- the baby moving. Time stood still and I held my breath trying not to move.

This time it was definitely baby. Except everytime I put my hand there to see if I can feel them bump my hand, they stop. Of course! So I didn't even try to put my hand there this time. Instead I just relished in the twitches and what felt like full-body slamming against my belly. It's just such a weird feeling this early on because you can't figure out the body parts and what they're doing.

It felt like baby was flailing all over the place. And the best part? I felt them in the MIDDLE of my belly (so cool!).

Why does that matter?

Because with each of my daughters the placenta was in the front of my stomach (anterior). It took a little longer to feel them and at first I only felt them while laying on my sides because the placenta was taking all the blows. I didn't start feeling them in the center of my belly until they literally filled my entire torso (aka 3rd trimester).

Back to this little one: but then I started to worry- what if the placenta is covering the cervix?! There would go my plans for giving birth vag.inally. I guess we'll find out in less than 3 weeks so no sense in worrying about it right now.

I'm having a lot of back pain today.

And if you aren't a Facebook friend then I have to share this totally hilarious story with you. Envision a beautiful clawfoot tub in a 100-year-old house and starting a shower... Envision getting ready to shower and stepping in............ only to have the back end of the tub crash to the ground once you're in...

Yes, happened to me this morning. I had thought the tub was falling through the floor! One of the feet had slipped out from under the tub, unbeknownst to me. I screamed in terror and then turned the water off, jumped out, and ran back and forth in the bathroom going, "What the heck do I do?!"

Finally I decided that I needed to hold up the end of the tub until I could find something to prop it with. Well when you're nekid and your kids are running around their room you find there are literally no possibilities to prop the dumb thing up.

I yelled for Elaina to bring me the phone as I reached behind me to grab my towel. I finally just used a metal basket in the bathroom to prop the tub as I wrapped myself in a robe. Apparently the end of the tub falling had pulled the drain out of the floor (go figure) but at least the other pipes were unscathed.

End of story: my MIL rushed over to help, then hubby and FIL arrived. They all got it fixed while I got dressed and took care of the kids. Phew! What a day!

And the major reason for the back pain. Hey, at least I can take a shower now!

And belly button is starting to poke out more. It was pretty concave pre-baby so I definitely can see/feel a difference!


My Regular Voice said...

I'm so excited for you that you got to feel the baby today. That feeling is amazing.

Oh no about the tub!! That totally sucks!!!

Kaye said...

So much fun feeling those little flitters of baby!

I will have to befriend you on FB (if you don't mind). =)

Morgan said...

What a crazy thing to happen while trying to take a shower! Did you get the tub claw fixed yet?

How exciting that you're feeling your baby move now! That is truly one of the best things about being pregnant.

Did your belly button stick out during pregnancy before? I find that mine has popped out earlier in pregnancy with each child I've had. With my last one, it was by 9 weeks or so!

Vixbil said...

Great post and hilarious story about tub.
I love the nursery in post below too it looks gorgeous

Andrea said...

Whoa! I'm loving your poll results...75% think your baby is a BOY!!