Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm not afraid to change my mind!

If you know me then you know that I sometimes change my mind. A lot. Unless I'm very passionate about my opinion (such as my stance on abortion or other hot-button issues) I have a tendency to waver between one food being my favorite... and changing it to another.

Or changing my mind about how I run my little blog.

Or like changing my mind about the gender of our baby.

Yes, you heard right. I have boy on the brain. I actually haven't said anything for weeks (or is it days? Time is going by too fast) because I didn't want to admit I changed my mind. But you know what? I'm not afraid to change my mind.

I really think this baby may be a boy. I have hardly entertained the idea of a girl recently. It may be noticeable- like the nursery. I have the boy name down pat, the boy nursery ideas set in stone and have been spending all my time looking at baby boy clothes and decorations. With a few non-committed girl ideas on the side (I'll feel badly if this little one is a girl because I don't want them to feel as though we didn't want a girl- the gender really doesn't matter to us! It'll be amazing either way).

Your votes are screaming BOY now too. If you haven't voted there's still a little less than a month to go. Some symptoms that may help in your vote: hating meat and pasta and cheese; loving milk and cereal and carbs. Look to be carrying low but this is my fifth pregnancy so I'm probably more saggy than anything, ha ha!

So now I think almost all of us are on the same page with thinking little one might be a boy. I overheard Elaina telling her cousin, "My baby is a brother!" To which her cousin said, "Is your momma going to call him Butterball?" Had to laugh because that's what cousin's momma calls her newborn.

Today Elaina was very affectionate with The Bump. Giving hugs, patting it during church. I can't wait until everyone can feel the baby move. I know Elaina will glue her hand to my belly when that happens! She is such a lovey-dovey girl and has been obsessed with babies before she could crawl. Abigail still doesn't get it and just mimicks us, but it's so sweet! I think she'll probably exclaim, "Oh my gosh!" when she feels the baby move or run away in terror.


just me said...

i voted boy :) and how sweet of a big sister :)
that is one thing i can't wait for, to actually feel my baby move....some day.

Infertility is Hard said...

Hey Joy. I'm glad you found my new blog URL. Yes, I changed it a bit ago for privacy reasons. . . aka, didn't want my real life friends and family knowing about it. It sounds like your pregnancy is going great. YAY. I think I'm going to go vote on if I think it's a boy or a girl. :-D

Anne Elizabeth said...

It was so neat that my kiddos got so excited when they felt the baby move this time. I can't wait for your kids to feel it with you. I know that E's face will light up just they way Pink's did.