Friday, May 22, 2009

I'll Be Back

I've been AWOL... as our computer has gone haywire. And being on my inlaws' computer has shown me what my font really looks like on here. It's pretty but it looks like a PAIN to read! So I'm going to take the font down for now.

Anywho, so I'm over 18 weeks pregnant now. Definitely feeling flutterings from baby but still haven't actually felt the BABY just yet. No bumping my hand or causing my stomach to contort in incredibly strange ways. But I can't wait for it! And I have a feeling I'll feel it really soon.

The sonogram is ONE WEEK away! The countdown is on!!! I've become really nervous about it, hoping that baby is healthy and perfect in every little way possible. And of course I want them to show us their goodies so we can call them Caiden... or Zoe!

We decided to not take the girls with us to the U/S. I called last week to ask if they allowed children and they said only for the last 10 minutes (it's an hour long sonogram)! So I didn't feel it was worth it, especially since we'll get pictures and maybe a video (I need to call back and ask about the video part). We'll most likely still get the 3D sonogram later in which family and children are welcome to attend!

I had a very vivid dream last night. First off, in the dream I noticed my stomach was FLAT and gorgeous (albeit it very pale since I am not one to tan, fake or otherwise). And I found an infant seat in our kitchen where a sweet baby.................. GIRL was sleeping. And in my dream we kept calling her Zoe.

I am not one to take dreams literally. I feel that they often reflect a fear or misgiving we have. Perhaps in this case it was my misgiving that my gender predictions and instincts completely STINK and I have absolutely no clue if we'll be graced with a son or daughter. So I place no stock in this dream that it means we're having a girl! I actually think this one will be a BOY (many posts back I wrote about how I changed my mind for various reasons).

I've put myself on a "No lifting, pushing, bending" rule because I tend to overdo it and end up in extreme round ligament pain. Come to think of it, it actually feels more like contraction pain (Braxton Hicks, of course, not the real deal). Whatever it is it definitely hurts.

So that means our baby's dresser is still sitting in the foyer. And I found out someone named "AMY" carved her name into the wood. I LOVE the dresser but I want to change the knobs. It's solid wood and has more personality than the chipboard dressers I see at other stores (I can't afford the solid wood ones you find brand new). You cannot beat $35! I was looking at a cool antique/vintage dresser at our local Antique Mall and it was $75. I did not like it nearly as much and felt like I'd be settling if I got it. SO GLAD I didn't get it and that I found this gem for way less.

Sleeping has been really difficult. I don't sleep much and I can't get comfortable because we don't have our AC on yet so it's super hot, even with a fan on. Our comfortable bed has suddenly become TOO SOFT and I wake up sore and cantankerous.

But I'm so very grateful to be having this little one. I try to write in their journal almost weekly with as many details as possible. It's amazing how much we can forget and I want to get as much down as I can. Just reading my daughters' birth stories I'd go, "I totally forgot about that... but how cool to be reminded!" Definitely recommend not only a baby book but a personal journal in which you write letters. I even include my "To Do" lists for the nursery and what I need to buy, etc. so they can see what we did to prepare for their arrival.

In regards to food, I can't think of any one food that I just have to have and can't get enough of. Don't care about ice cream or pizza. I do really want Tac.o B.ell though. I even dreamed about them last night, too, come to think of it! Ha ha! I ordered like a dozen tacos and ate them all. I couldn't really eat that many because I get full fast but a girl can dream, can't she?!

Well now I'm just rambling. I don't think there's much else to say! Hopefully our computer is back and working perfectly in the next few days. And everyone please have an amazing Memorial Day! It's not just a day off from work- it's a day to honor those who've died so we can be free. So definitely remember them during your Memorial Day festivities.


Photogrl said...

Only a week away!?! SO exciting!

Take it easy with the bending, lifting, ect...I hope the pain goes away soon!

Have a great weekend, too.

Alyssa said...

Thanks for changing your font; it was so hard to read, I couldn't really read your blog :(

Yay for your upcoming sono :)

Ashley said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!! Congrats on your pregnancy! Have a great weekend!

My Regular Voice said...

That is so weird about Taco Bell. I craved it SO much during week 10-18 that I lived on it for awhile. Not really but I did have Mohawk get me a nacho supreme almost everyday. Then one day it was GROSS to me. I haven't had it since week 18. So crazy. I think it's going to be a boy, but what do I know. Hahahaha. You know I wanted a girl, but I had a dream it was a boy, and then I had a boy, so maybe you are having a girl. Can't wait to hear next week what it is, if it's not shy. ;) Boy boy boy. Hehehehe.

Sunshine. said...

yaaaay just one more week!!! congratulations! i had a labor dream last night lol it kinda thru me off because i am definitely not pregnant!

Andrea said...

I hear you on the Be.ll, girl!!! That's one thing that always sounds good to me since I've been pregnant. I haven't had many full out cravings, but if I had to say I did, it would be T Bell.

So sorry about the sleeping problems!! :-( That's the most frustrating thing about my pregnancy, the insomnia. And now it's so hard to get comfortable.

I cannot wait for your ultrasound!!! I'm so excited for you! :-) I'm definitely thinking you'll have a boy, but even if it isn't, it's still fun to be surprised with the other gender. :-)

The Lynchs said...

Oooh! Can't wait to find out what you're having - it's coming up quickly!!!

I think the journal idea is wonderful! My mom kept one when she was pregnant with me and it was so very special when she gave it to me to read. Convinced me that I will definitely do one for my babies :)

Monkey's Momma said...

Thanks for changing your font. I like this one better anyway!