Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hair Today... Gone Tomorrow!

Lately my hair has been doing the opposite of what most pregnant womens' hair does. You know the luxurious, thick locks that are silky and shiny that add to the pregnant woman's glow?!

So not my hair!

It's limp yet frizzy and lifeless. And I shed like mad still. Oh boy I don't know what to do with it. So I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow! Finally. It only took over a month to make an appointment. I think desperation kicked in today. What am I going to do? I have no clue. I was thinking a simple cut, no fuss. Originally I wanted a cute bob cut but I don't want my hair super short.

So my hair appointment is after my OB appointment! Yay! It feels like forever since I had my last one. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day but full of excitement. Will update with the "stats" tomorrow! And I'll try to remember to post hair pics tomorrow, too. Oh and maybe a bump pic. It's been forever since I did one of those!


The Mommy said...

Can't wait o see your new hair and your bump!!

Tasha Via said...

Ooh, you better post pictures of the cut=)

Kaye said...

Waiting... =)

Hope Endures said...

Excited to see the pics! Hope your busy day is turning out to be a good one. :)

Becky said...

They always say don't make a rash decision about cutting your hair, because it takes a while to grow it back...but I think pregnant women need easy-to-manage do's, especially when it's getting close to summer. POST PICS!

The curtains in the girls room look great.

Mel said...

My hair was very frazzled during pregnancy, too. I never got the lovely locks until AFTER birth, oddly enough. Funny how different everyone gets affected by hormones! I was always warned that hair fell out by the handfuls post partum, too, and mine has been absolutely stunning and thick without a single strand coming out!
Cannot wait to see pics.

My Regular Voice said...

Oh gosh I can't wait for all the pictures!! It's been 11 months since I got my hair done. I'm totally over due, but I also like how long it got, and don't want her to chop it to short. I've had short hair for a long time now, and am enjoying it long right now.

Also I didn't think my hair got any thicker just dryer. I had to find a good conditioner for it, but now it's back to it's soft self. I think my lil guy was sucking the life out of me because not only was my hair really dry but even my skin. I found a lotion that worked for me too after trying 3. I drank tons of water and took my prenatals but he still sucked the life out of me.