Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Get Groovin'!

So today I know for a fact I felt the baby move and more than once too! It wasn't a "gas roll" as you may know how that feels, pregnant or not. No, this was that feather-duster feeling right smack dab in the middle of my lower abdomen.

I happened to be sitting on our front porch swing, writing really late thank-yous for Abby's birthday in MARCH (ha ha). I was leaning forward for some reason so my stomach was pretty smashed. Then I felt it and I froze. It lasted probably 20 seconds. It was very definitely the little one trying to say, "Sit up, Mom! You're squishing me!"


I know that it is too early for consistent movements so I probably won't feel it again for awhile but it was such a treat today. I also felt the little one not long ago when I was on my hands-n-knees scraping gunk off their nursery floor. Again, I was leaning forward, my belly smashed when I felt that feather-duster movement. I froze, about killing my back, so I could feel them and reassure myself they're really in there.

So I am officially counting today as the day I felt the first movements since the ones I think I felt earlier were so early it's hard to believe it was baby. I mean, maybe it was but maybe it wasn't! It sure felt like baby before. It's a good day for a milestone as it is my niece's 4th birthday today. Send her birthday wishes HERE.

The nursery is completely cleared out. I just have to finish painting the cream part of the nursery door once my paintbrush dries (hopefully tomorrow it'll be D-O-N-E). So there's nothing in there. Nada, zilch, zéro!

I don't know what the heck I'm going to do with myself once this project is done. Oh I know--- RELAX! And bake this bun!

Now everyone needs to start nagging my husband to put the crib together. I'd do it myself since I'm a handy-girl but this is one area where I step back and let the husband take over. It's a way for him to connect with what's going on. Connect soon, Daniel! Because the baby stuff is taking over our bedroom... Seriously, it is.

I have the rocking chair, bassinet, infant carseat, dresser and crib just chilling in our room. I'm a very organized, neat person so of course this drives me crazy!

Here are some pictures of Daniel reading a bedtime story to the girls after their bath... and of their new bedroom curtains. I can't decide if I should get another set so there are two panels on each window or just leave them as one. What do you think? I had to put Elaina's bed there to keep Abigail away from the windows so while the room isn't organized exactly the way I want, at least everyone is safe!

They were so giggly while reading this book.

*Love all the toys dumped on Elaina's bed, too. Fabulous. Picture doesn't do the window treatments justice but it must suffice! I'm not photographer.


The Mommy said...

LOVE the wundow treatments. I think they look great!
Oh, birth canal-thing actually came from a big sister book. It also used the word "uterus" , but I replaced that with "private area". I really don't like to tell made up stories about things like this, so this book gave me a way to introduce the real way babies come out without making it awkward.

Becky said...

OMG. I love those curtains!!! SO cute!

The girls look so cute with their daddy. Looks like they were having lots of fun reading.

Ashley said...

Aren't those tiny movements awesome! So sweet! I think it's amazing... a little person growing inside your womb!

The curtains are adorable. So girly. Don't know much about that (yet?)!

Kaye said...

Congrats on feeling those first movements! So exciting!!!

I too love the window treatments. I would add another panels on each personally, but that's just because I like the effect of lots of fabric, not because there is anything wrong with the way it looks now. =)

Anne Elizabeth said...

YAY on the baby movements. Those are always so much fun. The curtains are cute. I think they look great with just one on there. I have a hard time keeping the light out when I have two. They never seem to shut quite right in the center and the light always comes through.

Jess said...

How exciting! I love the names Caiden and Zoe!

I really like the curtains too!

Andrea said...

I'm catching up on your blog! I just want to say... I love the nursery colors! You're right, the cream you ended up going with looks much better than the original. I also LOVE your crib!! The color and the style are beautiful! I can't wait to see it set up. :-) And it's amazing that you felt your baby kick! I first felt the flutter from Evan at 15 weeks, then again at 17. Just one time each. After that it was no longer a flutter but kicks!! Now I feel him everyday. It's the best feeling ever! That's so funny that the majority of voters guess boy!! I thought about it for awhile and I still have a strong feeling your little bean is a boy.

Ris said...

I love the curtains!! I think get another set. I just like that rumpled look of full curtains, plus, it seems to help keep the light from coming out the sides when you have some extra fabric. Whatever you do though, they look fabulous!

Photogrl said...

Yay for feeling the little one! So exciting!

I like the window treatments, too. I think they are fine with just one per window, but two would prolly be cute too!

Susan Sene said...

I felt the baby at 14 weeks so I guess it just depends on each individual person and each individual pregnancy. I've decided that's pretty much the coolest thing ever too! :)