Saturday, May 9, 2009


I am very tired today. I am drained. And only part of it is physical. I'm talking about emotions. Tomorrow is Mother's Day. This day brings a mixture of sadness and happiness. I am so proud to be a mom, especially to the sweetest little girls you'd ever meet.

But the day is a constant reminder that my mom isn't here anymore. Earlier today I couldn't place how I was feeling. I was just angry and didn't know why. About an hour ago I just realized it was because of the holiday tomorrow. I broke down and bawled my eyes out.

In the midst of my crying I started laughing and told Daniel, "You know my mom would've loved our kids. We'd never have to buy them a single thing because she'd have spoiled them!" Which made me start crying again because I wish I did get to see them with her.

I miss you, Mommasita!

Today was also a busy day. First, my husband let me "sleep in". I put that in quotes because if you're a mom to young kids you know that any sleep you manage to get is very broken. Still it was lovely!

Elaina ran upstairs to wake me up, but I was already awake. I was just hanging out in my bed, relishing in not having to change diapers and clean and make food. She told me, "Daddy cut his foot."

I groaned, rolled out of bed and took my time getting downstairs. What I found sent me into a flurry. There was blood all over the kitchen, thick and sticky blood. Sitting in front of it was my husband.

When Elaina said he cut his foot she meant it (and it was purely accidental in case anyone wonders). The bleeding wouldn't stop so I explained that it would stop once he laid down and elevated it. Worked like a charm and the bleeding stopped. So I cleaned the wound, put some Neos.porin on it and bandaged it really well. When I went back to the kitchen to clean up the blood and the trail he left while he limped to the couch I was gagging, mostly because I hadn't eaten breakfast yet.

So yeah, that was exciting. He can't drive and he can barely walk. Which leads me to my next thing...

... I mowed the lawn today. Our city is so strict about the upkeep of your grass that they will fine you if it gets too long. Ours was getting LONG. Everytime that Daniel wanted to cut it the weather would interrupt! And today his foot interrupted...

Everyone I knew was busy so I donned some ugly shoes and pants and set to work. I didn't break a sweat and nothing ached or hurt (our land is pretty flat so it was like vacuuming, kind of). I actually really enjoy mowing. But because I don't want any lectures that will most likely be the last time I do it until baby is born. The only thing that hurts are my hands. I should've worn work gloves!

This evening I got my haircut and went to with my daughters.

My haircut! And the belly bump at 16 weeks 4 days.
I realize my ta-tas are enormous in this picture. WOW!:

I went to to look for some hair products that will help my frazzled hair. What I got ended up being over $1 on sale. Hey, every dollar adds up! But I ended up going with the new Esse.nce line of shampoo/conditioner to see how my hair responds before going more expensive.

I also found some great deals while I was there. I found 4-piece pajama sets for the girls for $7 each. That's $3.50 per pair of pajamas!

And then I found these CUTE infant towels. I had gotten rid of the girls' infant towels so I found this 4-piece towel set on clearance for $6.98 and had to snatch them up. When it rang up, though, it rang up for $2.98!!!! I got two towels and washcloths for under $3. WOW!

Gotta love deals! And!


Reality Rounds said...

Wow. I lost my mom when I was 5 years old. I wrote a post about taking home a newborn, without the support of your own mom, but I kept deleting it. Too painful. My own two daughters are my strength and joy. I feel like my mom is here in some way. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Proverbs 27:19 said...

I love Target too! Especially the bargain buy rack when you first walk in, they have really useful items up there and they are only $1-2.50!


My Regular Voice said...

You are SO cute!!! Love the hair!! Great deals too! Happy Mothers Day!

Jess said...

Sexy Mama!! I also hit up Target today but for snacks...they had great deals!

Good job on the grass! Hugs about moms day! :(

Anne said...

Just found your blog and I think I'll be a regular visitor!

I too have two little girls that I adore and am currently praying about whether or not the Lord would have us expand our brood.

Congratulations on the pregnancy. You look great and Happy Mother's Day!

LaLaLisa said...

Happy Mother's Day to you. Love, love, love your hair. Looks so good on you.

I just finished my Mother's Day post. It's a rough day for me too. #1 I lost my mom almost 6 years ago and I still miss her sooooo much and #2 I'm not a mommy and I grew up thinking I'd have a house full. Oh well! Have a wonderful day today. Enjoy those little ones!

Kaye said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day after all. I know it can be rough under the circumstances though.

Your hair and your bump are adorable. =)

And awesome deals at Target! =)

Infertility is Hard said...

Your hair looks great Joy! I love it. :-D And that's quite the baby bump. :-D

I'm sorry about your mixed emotions about Mother's Day. I spent the day praying for those longing to be Mother's, as well as those who have lost their mothers. It must be so hard. Thinking of you.