Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Crib

Today has been a busy day and I'm way tired because of it! But it was a productive and great day. Right now I'm working on the nursery. I decided to paint the closet door in the nursery and so far, so good. Although I think I should've used Kilz before I started. I may have to Kilz over what I've done already and start over- no biggie. However I will not be personally doing the Kilz myself (for all of you who may get concerned!).

And we also ventured out to get the crib today. It is my Mother's Day gift. Ha ha! Seriously, that's what I wanted and we needed to get it anyway... so happy early Mother's Day to me! You can see the crib HERE. We won't be putting it together just yet.

It had great, great reviews! The only semi-bad review was from someone who didn't have instructions with their crib. Okay, if you are giving a review PLEASE give a review of the actual product. I could care less if your package came with instructions or not. The company will gladly send them to you if you call. Errors like that happen all the time. Okay, I'm done ranting.

This crib also doesn't have a sliding rail, which is something I wanted to try. All the cribs I've had with a sliding rail (you know, the side that lowers and lifts) have been really wobby and the rail falls off. The display of the crib was only a partial display instead of a full crib. The wood is very nice! It doesn't seem to chip or wear out easily.

Plus, you can't beat that price. You may have to rub your eyes and do a double-take. I'm very pleased with this purchase and cannot wait to put it together! All in good time, all in good time! The powder room in the master bedroom is looking pretty stuffed with our crib, crib mattress, bassinet, rocking chair, etc.

I also want to put a rug in the nursery. I've found a couple I like so I'll share them with you. I'd buy the largest rug available, btw, as the ones pictured are the small ones.

If baby is a girl we like THIS rug.
If baby is a boy we like THIS rug or THIS rug.

Other than being sore I'm feeling really good lately! And I feel hungry all. the. stinking. time. Thankfully I haven't gained much weight since my last weigh-in, according to my scale, so that's good because I feel like a cow grazing all day.

I'm starting to want meat a little more. I can do sliced turkey just fine and turkey or beef slothered in BBQ. But hotdogs and cheeseburgers still make me want to gag.


Jess said...

I love the crib and I really like the blue rug for your boy pick...I can't wait to see the room when it is all done. Your sweet baby is going to have a beautiful room!

Sunshine. said...

I like to blue rug too! The crib looks really cute (: ah I love baby stuff!
Riley isn't much of a baby anymore, it's sad ): he's growing up too fast!!!

Anne Elizabeth said...

That crib looks really nice. All the rugs are cute. I LOVE the boy's rugs. I may have to get one of those for my boy's room upstairs.

Morgan said...

We just took ours down last week. It was kind of sad. I kept thinking back to when we set the crib up for the very first time, and now taking it apart... hopefully we'll be able to have a reason to set it up again some day.