Friday, May 8, 2009

Big Exciting News!

First of all, no pics tonight! My hair appointment ended up being cancelled because the stylist had to pick her dad up from the hospital. So I rescheduled for Saturday (tomorrow) instead. I want to talk to her about my hair and see what she thinks would be the best cut for my face and which will be easiest to maintain. I also got some great information from Katie on hair products by Tigi that should help maintain the frizz. And finally hoping to find that straightener. I'm ready to have lovely locks all the time! I'm sick of feeling like a frump-grump all the time.

Second, my OB appointment went great. My daughters were angels today [until bedtime hit]. They behaved so well at the appointment! They came to hear the heartbeat and then we hit up McD.onalds. Yuck! I just ate some fries and ate PBJ at home later. It was really just for the kids because they behaved so well... and that includes Daniel!

Hearing the heartbeat again was magical. The appointment was super quick. I don't know the fundal height or how fast the H/B was but I don't mind. The doctor said he was going to schedule the ultrasound at our next visit but I spoke up and asked if we could schedule it today so he'd have results by our next appointment. I just needed a date to put on the calendar to look forward to.

So my big exciting news: our sonogram is May 29th! We're praying for a healthy baby, healthy placenta that is where it should be and a beautiful umbilical cord. We also want to pray that the heart, kidneys, brain, spine... EVERYTHING looks good and perfect.

And then we want to know the gender. Oh my goodness! I don't know what to do with myself. T-Minus 3 weeks and counting!

I've begun to think worst-case scenerio but I'm trying to quelch it. I don't need to worry unless something comes up to worry about. Even then it is always in God's hands. Can I get an amen?!

I don't know why this pregnancy is so unbelievable to me. Like hearing the heartbeat. I'm thinking to myself, "They're really IN there!" I don't know if it is because I've done so much research in the past couple years on conception and birth that I realize how absolutely miraculous this is or because of secondary infertility or what. Or I may have just forgotten all this happening with my daughters. Either way, it's pretty awesome. I love that I can still be surprised and excited for this baby as much as my others.


The Mommy said...

I'm SO happy for you!
I know so much about "rare" pregnancy/placenta occurences that I feel like anyone ever having a healthy baby is just absolutely amazing.
Can't wait o find out the sex!!

You'll be in my prayers.

My Regular Voice said...

How exciting!! And three weeks will be even more exciting! I anxious to hear what you are having too!! Hehehe.
Have fun getting your hair done today!! :D