Thursday, April 9, 2009

WHAT is that SMELL?

I feel like a hound dog.

When I'm not pregnant I'm very scent-conscious. When I walk into a home or a room or restaurant my first instinct it to take a deep breath and smell. My husband usually can tell I will start complaining about the smell of a restaurant by the wrinkling of my nose (if they allow smoking).

But now that my nose has gone on heightened awareness?! Almost everything stinks. I seriously want to just sit down and cry sometimes. I find myself cleaning constantly, trying to get rid of whatever slight offense is bothering me. And of course no one else can smell it.

I don't remember it being this bad in other pregnancies. The trash is constantly taken out, I carry the Lysol around with me, the cat box is scooped 2-3 times a day, I burn candles all day, wash clothes and sheets almost every other day. I just don't know what else I can do!

Sorry, this seems really whiny and the last thing I want to do is whine! I just can't stand stink, even when I'm not pregnant. Not being able to find a smell or get rid of one or finding new ones is just driving me batty.

I'm also frustrated because I feel like I'm doing it all here. I can't tell you the last time my husband washed a dish or threw some clothes in the washer or bathed the kids himself. I felt really sick yesterday and asked him to put Bumble Bee's pajamas on but he walked out of the room! In fact, I'm the one who cleaned the litterbox last night before bed because it was so stinky I couldn't go to sleep. I need help. I just feel like my battles are never-ending. And I feel like all my husband does is watch TV, get on the computer, or play his stupid games. We're all invisible here or something. UGH! He's not a bad guy but I'm about to blow and it isn't going to be pretty. HELP!!!


Monkey's Momma said...

Time to have a sit down with hubby and have a little chat.

Meeghan said...

I never experienced the smell thing during pregnancy. I would have a chat with hubby. Being 31 weeks pergnant, it only gets harder and more exhausting to take care of two kids and everything in the house. I know you were trying to stay away from using names, but in the last paragraph you used your daughters name...just thought I would let you know.

Andrea said...

The smell of food (and therefore dirty dishes) drove me insane my first trimester. I couldn't even go in the kitchen many days because of it. Matt was in charge of doing the dishes up until just a couple of weeks ago when I was able to take over again. Of course, that meant that some weeks they stayed in the sink for 2 or 3 days at a time, which in turn meant I could only run in the kitchen and grab what I wanted (I kept my essentials on the table which is near the fridge and the door so I didn't have to go all the way in, lol), but at least I didn't have to do them, I would have felt worse then. Matt also cooked several evenings of the week so I wouldn't have to go in and smell it all during preparation (once I started eating it was fine, but before and after, ugg!). I just sat down with him and said that I wasn't making it up or trying to get out of work, but I really couldn't handle doing it all. Seeing me gagging and running for the bathroom helped motivate him too! I also made sure to compliment and thank him every day and brag about him to our families and friends so he'd keep it up. ;-) Who knows what goes through mens' heads, but they should help out, we feel so bad because we're carrying babies, babies that are theirs too! *HUG* I hope things get better soon!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for checking on me! I had some hardware issues, but I'm back up and running now.

I hope things are getting better with your husband. That must be really tough. C does a similar thing when he's watching tv or on the computer. He is so engrossed that he really has NO idea that I'm standing next to him or talking to him. (I've tested this pretty thoroughly, and I do mean thoroughly.) Maybe your hubby also truly doesn't realize what he's doing (or not doing)? I'm praying that he will be more sensitive and observant of ways he can help you! Praying for you too of course - hang in there! (((hugs)))

Sunshine. said...

OH girl. I hear you on the husband thing. Sheesh! What is it with men and their ability to absolutely shut everything and everyone out?! It's a mystery to me. I had a little chat with him a few days ago, but nothing's changed so far...*sigh*
I'm the same way with smells!!!! I am constantly cleaning everything and doing laundry, and I'm not even pregnant! lol