Monday, April 27, 2009

Week 15!

So my baby is about 4 inches long now (about the size of a navel orange). We have an upcoming appointment next week and I'm so eager to hear the heartbeat again!

Tonight Daniel and I watched some Stargate, after the girls were in bed. Now he is not the type of guy that likes to touch my belly when I'm pregnant. When I was pregnant with each of our girls I had to hold the guy's hand down on my stomach to feel them move. I've found that many men are like this, so I didn't feel too horrible.

But tonight he reaches over and just rests his hand there and says, "What are you doing in there, baby?!" Oh it was just so sweet and melted my heart! Not to mention how good it felt when he gently rubbed my belly (my aching ligaments!).

And when he saw a baby on television he actually said, "Look at that baby! He's SOOO cute!" I am thinking that maybe he is experiencing couvade! Ha ha! He's been weepy, eating, fatigued... No matter what it is he's making me fall in love with him all over again. Nothing makes a woman melt faster than a man who takes care of pregnant women and babies!

Today was a lazy, rainy day. The girls and I took a nap together on my bed. I was squished in the middle and couldn't move. Very hard for a pregnant body that needs to move frequently! I wish I could've freezed time. Even though I was exhausted I spent a long time staring at my girls and brushing their hair with my fingers. I love watching them sleep!

Bumble Bee woke first. She had moved away from me in her sleep but once she woke up she whimpered and got as close to me as she possibly could, tucking her sweet head under my chin. When Butterfly woke up the first thing she said was, "[Bumble Bee] do you want to eat a snack?"

Symptoms lately: soreness everywhere, back pain, peeing a lot, fatigue, dizziness. I'm trying to drink enough water. I feel like maybe I'm not getting enough even though I drink a ton.

My belly is getting rounder and more firm. I think my butt is too.

Alright I'm off to pee and drink more water.


The Mommy said...

Daniel sounds SO sweet!
The Muffin fell asleep with her head on my elly yesterday! I wanted to freeze time, too. Unfortunately, I eventually had to pee.

just me said...

oh, my, that is so sweet. i love it, daniel talking to the baby.

Elephant Steps said...

That is very cute!! Oh how I remember all the heart melting moments with my husband too!!

Kaye said...

How sweet of Daniel! Such a good Daddy and Hubby!

Hope Endures said...

Too sweet! Daniel is a good hubby. ;)

Monkey's Momma said...

I just wanted to tell you that I love Boo's haircut! You did a great job. Do you realize that next month around Mother's Day, we will have known each other for a year? I have enjoyed watching your girls grow and can't wait to meet the new one!

Anonymous said...

How sweet that Daniel is experiencing a softer side this time around! ha ha! It's always nice when our hubby's take an interest in the belly.

That is so sweet about Bumble Bee during naptime. I was editing old pics on Kodak today and came across the ones from your trip up here when Bumble Bee was a baby. I couldn't believe how much she has changed!

Mel said...

Happy 15 weeks!! It is hard for daddies to get involved in pregnancy and they just cannot help buy be detached from the whole thing until the baby is born. I am glad Daniel is getting so schmoopy this time. ;-)

Becky said...

Awww, that's so sweet.

The pics in your sidebar are darling.