Monday, April 20, 2009

Week 14?!?!

*Writing this post for tomorrow, you lucky ones who read it early!*

T-minus 6 weeks (or less) to the gender scan! I hope baby cooperates and shows us their goods. Regardless I begged Daniel to let me do a 3D ultrasound and he complied so we should know at some point. It's become a tradition for us to do the 3D scan. And guess what! Each time we have a child the price increases. Stupid economy.

We usually do the 3D scan around 26-28 weeks so that's a few months away. I really like the place we go to. They have a huge TV screen and a couch so many family members can come and enjoy. They tape the entire sonogram and give unlimited sepia and B&W pictures of baby.

My cat has become obsessed with me. For those of you who have never been introduced to Beckett I must talk about him (bear with me because a lot of this is repetitive). While watching Stargate around midnight one night, we hear this pitiful mewing at our backdoor.

I open the door to find a malnourished, dirty Siamese kitten. I love cats, I always have. I used to take in strays and drive my mom crazy. She always made me put them back outside. I have a very tender spot, as do most people, for injured or mistreated animals, the runt of the litter or the "unwanted" pets.

Naturally I pick him up and start baby-talking him. I scrounge in the fridge for whatever I can find and give him a bowl of milk with some deli meat! It was all we had for an animal. The whole time Daniel was saying, "NO WAY! We are not keeping a cat. I hate cats! We agreed no more pets for at least 2 years and then we'd re-evaulate. Put him back outside!"

I pretended to not hear him. I held the sweet little furball on the couch. He had the loudest purr and just purred non-stop. I let him down on the floor to walk around and finally noticed the one thing that was the deal breaker for me. I knew I couldn't put him back outside.

His leg was broken. He could not put his leg down at all but held it up and it swung limply. He wouldn't touch it to the floor and it took a couple days for him to respond to touch, so I knew there wasn't nerve damage.

I made him a "litter box" of shredded newspaper. Like the good kitty that he is he went in the box, so I knew he was house-trained and probably belonged to someone. There was no way in Hades I was giving him back to his owners if they were found. For an abused and neglected kitten he was so incredibly sweet.

I put a blind eye to the vet bills I put on my credit card a few days later. An x-ray showed his break was months old and had been reinjured but it could not be "set" because the actual bone was broken (not a joint). He also had a BB pellet in his chest. The vet said he was about 9 months old based on his teeth.

They told us we should amputate his leg or they could rebuild his leg with pins (which was thousands of dollars) or we could leave it but should expect he couldn't use his leg anymore and he wouldn't be able to run or walk up and down stairs without assistance. I left the vet feeling really bad because it was not affordable. In the end we actually decided to not do anything with his leg.
And the vet was wrong!

He tears through the house, tries to scale curtains, jumps and runs, races up and down the stairs! And he is absolutely gorgeous! Oh, and he comes when I call him, which cracks me up. He can use his leg like a normal cat. You cannot tell he has an injury unless he is sitting on his haunches (then the leg sticks at like it has an invisible cast on it).

So why the long spiel about my baby boy? Because he is pathetically staring at me and meowing at me the entire time I type this. He almost gets this lusty look in his eyes and instantly purrs when he so much as sees me (unless he is in trouble, of course!). He thinks I'm his Momma. If I wear my robe he will knead me to death, and he is not declawed, and will suckle on the robe.

Here's a couple of Beckett's first pictures. He was so worn out when we brought him in that he slept a lot so he looks sleepy. Once his leg got better is when he started getting ornery!:

His leg before it healed (it now sticks out straight when he sits instead of at that funky angle)

You can see how he sickly he looks by his spine and how you can see his ribcage jutting out.

Beckett Today:

Being bashful and flirting with me!

Big yawn--- it's so hard being a cat! Look at how fat he is!

How he sits now! And yes, he loves to watch TV!

And before I forget or am asked... how did he get his name? Stargate Atlantis, of course! Dr. Beckett happens to be our favorite character. And the name really fits his personality based on the character in the show. Plus they both have blue eyes, too, so there ya go!

Sometimes, when he is in trouble, he does get called, "Beckett Shepherd!" All you Stargate fans will get it, I'm sure. :-Þ

He is now 1 year and 3 months old.

P.S. Daniel LOVES him and adores him. He melted the moment Beckett limped to him, purring like a race car. He kept trying to act like a macho man who didn't want a cat but he succumbed to the love he felt for this furball!

Pregnancy makes us irresistable to animals... or upsetting. How are your pets treating you?!


Jess said...

Your Beckett is my Shelby! My dog lives and breathes for me...she adores me, and I just eat it up and spoil her rotten with the best treats! My hubby bought her from a lady who was a pupppy mil in my opinion because we got her too early and she wasn't all that healthy, but I did my best to nurse her back to health and I can no longer say I am a non dog lover...I am reformed! I still have a huge soft spot for cats though! Thanks for the beautiful four months, Shelby will be a year and I will have a ton of pics, lol!

I'm so glad your vet was wrong and that you didn't listen to your hubby!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful story, and I'm so happy you took him in and gave him a warm and loving home. I hate seeing animals mistreated. It's so sad. :-( I'm glad this one has a happy ending. :-D

just me said...

what beautiful kitty! and a great story.

Becky said...

Beckett looks very healthy, happy and content in your home.

The Mommy said...

Love the new pics of Beckett!

Anonymous said...

I am glad Beckett is doing so much better and that the vet was WRONG! You know, we got Tippy when I was pregnant with Maddie and he was the same way as Beckett. We said it was like the cat KNEW I was a mom and that maybe he could smell my milk or something. But I was so hormonal that instead of being cuddly with the cat, I would try to get away from him! I miss that cat. Hannah has not forgiven me yet for giving him away. *sigh*

Proverbs 27:19 said...

I love how you caught him yawning! It makes a great picture.


Hope Endures said...

I knew immediately where the name came from - I love Dr. Beckett too! Great choice!!

What an adorable little furball Beckett is. I'm so glad the vet turned out to be wrong about his leg. Oh, excited for your upcoming gender scan!!!

Andrea said...

Aww! I love your post about Beckett!! I am so so so glad y'all kept him! I remember your first post about him. :-) That is absolutely amazing about his leg! He looks so much better, fat and happy. I can't decide which picture I like best, his flirty one, his yawning one, or the one of him watching TV! Cute that he's watching a cat on the screen. :-) We rescued our cats and they think I'm their momma too. So sweet.

I go back and forth between loving our cats to death and wanting to kill them! lol Even is going to think his name is "SERENITY! NO!!!! BAD KITTY!" when he comes out. I secretly love that she is such a handful though, life would be dull without her.

Andrea said...

lol I can't believe I made a typo on my son's name...

Anne Elizabeth said...

The second to last picture is cracking me up!