Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Week 12- Updated with pics

Wow- I'm to that magical week when the risk of miscarriage lowers so significantly that I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Of course, there's never a truly safe point in pregnancy but I am not planning on living in fear.

Feeling about the same. The morning sickness hasn't been bad at all, whatsoever. Just a little bout here and there, maybe every other day for a few minutes. Yes, I realize how incredibly blessed I am!

Still going pee like a racehorse, around the clock. I've started waking up to go in the middle of the night now. Baby is just getting too big on my bladder to keep it in all the night long. I had been holding it since we have wood floors that creak and I didn't want to wake my kids. Well, too bad now. Plus, I don't want a UTI!

This is my last week in the 1st trimester! I am so incredibly excited to move onto the next phase in the pregnancy (the FUN phase). Baby is about 2 inches long right now! Look at my little 3D baby, all curled up!!!

I started painting the nursery trim last night. I started daydreaming about nursery themes, for boys. For some reason it's just a lot harder to come up with a boy theme. Then I thought, "I really like elephants, so maybe we could do an elephant theme!" Colors would be green, blue and brown. Still have to see what the husband thinks. *ADDED PAINT COLOR PICS AT BOTTOM*

On a side note I really wish the apartments next door would be torn down and either made into some sort of little neighbor playground or a little house or something else. I'm so sick of it. Not only can they see right over into our backyard but someone keeps flicking cigarette butts onto our wooden steps. I don't want my house to catch on fire (yes I will speak to the landlord; though not sure what he's going to do about it).

I brought that up because I can hear people next door banging on their truck, trying to "fix it". The nursery is right next to the apartment. Just not a happy camper with them right now.

Please take a moment to send some prayers this way today. Most of you already follow this blog or know of it but wanted to direct you there because today would've been Audrey's first birthday. Click HERE.

I wanted to update with pictures of the paint that I have. I have had this can of green paint for a long time (got it for $5 at H.ome D.epot).

I want to use the green on the bottom half of the wall.
I want to use the cream color for the top half.
And obviously the trim is that chocolate color (would also be chair rail color).

So what do you think?! The colors are really close to the true color (except the cream; it's kind of off). I might even paint the room like this if we're having a girl and use pink & burgandy accents with dragonflies and/or ladybugs. If it is a boy I'd use blue accents with the elephant theme.

Daniel and I think it'd be fun to reveal our baby's gender by revealing the nursery once it is complete (it takes me one day to paint a room this size and I'm already getting a head-start). So instead of telling his family right away (my sister will get to know first, sorry!) we'll wait and have them come over for a brunch/snack and reveal the nursery. Since we didn't have a fun way to tell everyone we were pregnant we'll have a fun way to tell them the gender!


Elephant Steps said...

An elephant theme is great. That is what we did. If you send me an email at cottagewayoflife at aol dot com I will give you my secret blog for max, and you can see what we did. His room is greens with some blues, and I painted an elephant on the wall.

Hooray for being done with 1st trimester. You are right the fun begins next!!

And yes please pee!! Hahaha I don't want you to get a UTI either. ;)

Andrea said...

I love that green color! For a boy and a girl. I really like Mel's nursery colors for L. It looks like a similar green to me. I was thinking about elephants for a boy too! It would be pretty cool if we both had boys and ended up doing a "matching" nursery. :-)

I completely get you on the apartment thing! You've already heard my experience with smokers and balconies and apartments. Ugg! I'm actually afraid that when the couple across the street pass away (unfortunately it could be soon now) that their lot will sell and be turned into apartments. It's the perfect size and location for a complex.

The Mommy said...

I think your nursery ideas sound great! I can't believe you are in week 12 already!! YAY!!

Anonymous said...

I love the colors! I love browns, greens, and blues together. Very nice. :-D

Amber said...

Walker's room is that color green and I adore it! It's so soothing! I've seen a little girl's room done with that green and pink accents. It was a princess theme with castles, crowns, etc. SOOO cute. There's so much you can do with that green color. Animals would be cute, but I love elephants so I think that's the perfect choice. Jungle, sarari, etc. You'll figure something out. Glad to hear all is well. :)

Anonymous said...

that's a really cute way to reveal the gender to D's family! Can't wait to see what you come up with!