Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take Me to Mexico!

I feel I had hardly any real food aversions when pregnant with my girls. The occasional slab of meat would gross me out, but I could still eat it. And I could eat hotdogs and pasta and cheese.

No longer. Now it is a battle every single mealtime to find something I can eat. I finally realized that I...

-drink OJ like there's no tomorrow
-drink enormous amounts of milk (probably to make up for protein)
-really, really want Mexican food all the time (crunchy tacos and Mexican rice!)

I've also realized...

-any meat (other than what's hiding in a taco) makes me gag
-I can't stand pasta
-that if a sandwich isn't on a bakery bun you can forget it

I hate being so selective because it limits my choices incredibly. What's funny is I keep telling myself, "Once the baby is born you can eat a foot-long hotdog loaded with ketchup!" I'm usually not so stingy on what I eat (pre-pregnancy) unless it's fattening or comes in a box (Hamburger Helper, for example- sooooo gross)!

I haven't talked about the girls in awhile. Butterfly has become a singing sensation! She makes up songs and sings them. One song she sings is, "All the trees of the fields will clap their hands!" I think it's a song her Nonna taught her which is a line from a Psalm. I can't remember the words to the other ones but they make me giggle as I eavesdrop from another room.

When we were walking yesterday we walked by some trees that had millions of purple blossoms. Butterfly said, "Ohhhhh, Mom! That tree has a beautiful gown!"

Bumble Bee's vocabulary and clarity is starting to become scary! She's not a baby anymore. She can talk, she can express herself and tell me what she needs. Some of my favorites that she is saying:

"Mom, yook at my baby [doll]! Baby cryin'. Baby sad!"
"I did it!!!" -said with a LOT of enthusiasm
"Take a bath! With bubbus?!"
"I want via-min." (aka vitamin)
"Stop it." -she says this so clearly I crack up everytime

She still has such a baby face to me but can talk very clearly at times. Her pediatrician also commented how funny it was that her face still has it's baby-ness because she's very tall for her age.

Both girls are still excited about baby. We don't talk about baby, though, unless one of the girls brings baby up. Which is usually everyday. When I sit down to eat Butterfly says, "The baby is eating with their belly button in your tummy?"

When I lay down because I don't feel well Butterfly will say, "The baby is making you sick?" I never know what to say about that one because I don't want her to feel that the baby is hurting her mom and develop animosity. So sometimes I just say, "When you grow a baby in your tummy it is hard work. It makes you tired and not feel good sometimes."

Bumble Bee never talks about the baby on her own. But if it's the topic of conversation her question is usually limited to, "Baby in your tummy? Baby in a bubbus?" (She always tells me that the baby is in a bubble, which is actually somewhat accurate- they're in a sac that resembles a bubble). She says that because of my 3D floating baby on here. It looks like it is floating in a bubble!

And Bumble Bee has switched over to the other side. She says baby is a boy! She says 'boy' really cute. Almost like 'boing' without the -ng. I keep going back-and-forth. I've had a lot, a LOT, of baby boy dreams. And I usually refer to baby as him. I don't know how women could stand waiting until birth to find out their baby's gender- I admire that!


Hope Endures said...

Love, love, love Butterfly's comment about the tree's beautiful gown!

I can't wait to find out if the baby is a boy or girl. :)

The Mommy said...

The girls sound so sweet. The Muffin makes up amazing songs, too...and the stories she tells are unbelievable!

Kaye said...

I also don't know how people can stand to wait. We're just not that strong I guess. =)

I love, love Butterfly's comment about the tree having a gown. To see the world through their eyes....

And last comment. I have SO been craving Mexican during this entire pregnancy. I don't have any specific aversions (although sometimes something will strike me as nauseating), but I could be happy with chicken nachos 5 nights a week. =) Any other Mexican is fine, but it's those darn chicken nachos that I crave. =)

Elephant Steps said...

Awww the girls are so cute!!

Food, Wow the first tri I couldn't eat anything!! No joke I lived on cran juice and pop tarts. If I ate french fries or pasta I would barf it up whole and it hurt! I couldn't watch Taco Bell commercials because the meat on the tacos looked so gross I would gag. It got so horrible because my husband would try to go out and buy something for dinner, and I couldn't eat anything!! I've always been a milk drinker, but I couldn't stand to even sip the stuff. Then after week 15 everything changed. I could eat everything again, and I lived on chicken burritos, tons of milk (the whole rest of the pregnancy), and cupcakes. It's crazy what we go through being pregnant!!