Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not much

I'm definitely feeling more energy lately. I feel I get more done, but mostly at the expense of my lower back. That is my one and only complaint because as a mom of younger children it is so much harder to keep up with them when it feels like someone has taken a dagger to your spinal cord.

The day started out a little cool so I was surprised, after naptime, to find it was splendedly warm outside. We ventured into the yard and something strange caught my eyes. Butterfly's hair!

She had a chunk of hair hanging longer than her usual length. It hadn't been there earlier so I have no idea what happened. I pulled her closer and this chunk of hair is tangled into a knot at the back of her head. The only conclusion is that she was doing acrobats while taking a nap! She had a bath and her hair brushed beforehand without incident. So very weird.

Anyway because that kind of freaked me out and I couldn't untangle the tangle, I decided to cut Butterfly's hair. We sat outside in the sunshine and snipped away her beautiful hair. She's so happy with the result and looks so very cute! It's a simple bob; I'm no beautician. But pretty good if I do say so myself. Now if only I could remember to schedule my hair appointment so I can look equally as cute!

I'll post pics when my FIL sends them to me. He got some CUTE pics of her when we walked over to show off her new do.

Last night Daniel and I watched Fireproof and while I am not a personal fan of Kirk Cameron he actually did a very good job. The movie was emotionally intense. There were times I felt embarassed watching; as though I were a guest in someone's living room while they had a major fight and praying I could just sneak out the door!

Was the film quality and acting A-List? No, but that didn't matter. It made it seem even more real to be honest, and I have a problem with sub-par acting. We laughed, we cried (yes, Daniel cried more than I did!), we bit our nails in suspense. I recommend it, Christian or not, because everyone can relate and learn from it. I'm a Christian who has a tendency to make fun of some Christian movies because of the acting/filming but this is definitely one I recommend.

We have some stressful things going on right now. One of which is The City (nickname we call KC) is cracking down on people to keep up the exterior of their homes in the historical neighborhoods. Yay- this is great news! Many houses look really, really bad.

Unfortunately one of those houses is ours. We bought this house as a foreclosure so it was sold as-is. We have done a lot of work inside and hardly any outside. The roof is beautiful, which is a relief. Though we did have to do the "back roof" about a year ago because it was looking bad. I could go on and on about what we have done but of course The City only cares about the exterior and what is not done.

So our list of To Do before MAY 1st?!

-Replace missing shake shingles
-Repaint entire house (did I mention it is 3 stories?)
-Replace soffit/fascia
-Replace gutters

May 1st happens to be less than 2 weeks away. We haven't done a single thing. We can't afford to do a single thing, even with our tax return, because our house is 3 stories high; which means renting scaffolding. And they have to be done in a particular order. We definitely qualify for grant money but no one is calling us back. Thankfully The City will work with those who are at least trying to get their houses in shape. They understand the economy is bad. They just need to CALL US back!

The stress is eating away at my husband. Their letter was pretty harsh. "Get this done or you'll go to jail and pay $1000 fine and $50 everyday past the deadline that it isn't complete." We love our house and I am so excited to have the exterior completely re-done and freshly painted. Just how and when and with what moolah is weighing us down.

So let it be a lesson to all! Buying a 100-year-old foreclosed house very inexpensive can be fun... if you have the money to fix up the outside!


Morgan said...

Hi Joy- it's nice to meet you!

A 3-story house- now that does sound like a BIG painting job!

I loved the movie fireproof too- it was definantly one my husband and I would like to buy.

The Mommy said...

Glad you're feeling more energetic! My lower back is definitely feeling the strain of an almost 34 week baby belly and a 30 pound toddler.

Susan Sene said...

I watched Fireproof too and agree - not the best acting but I admit, I cried too! :)

Sorry to hear about having to fix up the outside of your house so quickly...I'm surprised they are making people do that with the economy the way it is.

Jess said...

We also watched fireproof and although it wasn't the best acting, the message is beautiful! We both loved it and I cried...Greg may have gotten teary eyed, but he will never admit it, lol!

That stinks that they are making you fix up the house with this crazy economy, sorry.

Anne Elizabeth said...

Can't wait to see pictures of her hair! I'm praying about the house situation. R has really tall ladders that you could probably use instead of scaffolding. Glad you liked Fireproof:)

Becky said...

Whatever you do, DON'T let me hear you've been out there on a ladder doing that painting in your delicate condition! **maternal scolding done.** Indoors is one thing, but outdoors is entirely another. Especially for a 3-story high home! (Whew...that's a massive undertaking.)

Jeff used to paint houses during the summers, and they would lay out tarps and powerwash the entire outside. It took the paint off and the tarps would catch them and the hot weather helped the water to dry up so that all was left was paint chips. It saved a ton of elbow grease and time and wasn't quite so messy as sand blasting.

Are there some kids gearing up for college that might be able to do some of the painting for you guys for way less then pros? If you know them well, you might even be able to work out a deal that you can send them an installment every month for doing the work now?

We're having some yard work done (rather, they're helping us so it gets done quicker) and have a couple of our youth group kids working for us, and in exchange, we'll be paying for them to go on some youth group outings. Anyway, just an idea.

Fireproof was a very good movie (if cheesy in parts)..with a great message. I admire that Kirk Cameron wouldn't kiss the actress that played his wife in the film (out of respect for his real wife) and so they flew out his wife to be the body double for that last scene in the firehouse.