Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chuggin' Along

My next OB appointment is Friday. I am so excited to hear the heartbeat! I've never had an instance where they couldn't find a heartbeat with my previous pregnancies with the girls so I'm hoping we find it right away.

Right now I have really bad indigestion. My stomach feels like it is on fire. Butterfly went to bed with a stomachache, too, so maybe it was something we ate. Unfortunately my pregnancy brain refuses to remind me of what we ate today. Go figure!

I've been drinking enormous amounts of milk lately. I can't get enough of it. It has to be ice cold. I think the reason is because ALL meat completely turns me off right now and I probably need the protein and calcium. Pregnancy has a funny way of figuring out exactly what you need.

We went on two walks today; one before lunch and one after dinner. By the second walk my back was hurting really bad and Elaina was holding her stomach so we pitifully trekked back to the house. I feel like I'm already getting that "pregnant waddle" because of my back... and I'm only 3 months along!

Nursery so far... is not getting very far. I should go paint after I finish this up. I'm so tired during the day but get all this energy at night. I don't have any rollers right now (good excuse to get out of the house!) so I'll work on the walls later. I think I am going to go with the green because I need to use the paint. No sense in wasting it! And it's a beautiful color.

I think I've gained 4 lbs so far. Friday will tell! I'm hoping it isn't more. I feel hungry constantly so I graze all day. I don't want it to come back and bite me in the butt--- literally! I do not want to gain 50 lbs like I did with Butterfly. I would be huge if I did.

I've started wondering what this little one will look like. My girls both have brown eyes, like their Daddy. However everyone on my side of the family has green or blue eyes, no brown. I personally have green eyes. I took Genetics in school so I understand brown eyes are dominant and green eyes are considered "rare" in genetics. But Daniel also has blue-eyed family members, too, so I'm just wondering about our baby's eyes! Personally, I love brown eyes! But I am trying to picture how they'll look, if they'll break the brown-eye mold and have lighter eyes. It's so fun to daydream about! I've had dreams and I can't wait to see if my dreams show a true likeness to what baby will be.

Butterfly's eyes were originally a gorgeous shade of green. And they gradually changed into a green-gold and are now a beautiful golden, hazel color. Bumble Bee's eyes are like dark, melted chocolate, exactly like her Daddy's eyes. The "experts" say that your child's eyes will be their true color by the time they hit a year old but Butterfly's eyes (and her cousin, Pink's eyes) kept changing long after that!

On a side note- you know you watch too much Stargate when your 3-year-old will only draw pictures of Stargates and people waiting to go through the Stargate. Yup. That's Butterfly's new obsession right now. Ha ha! I'd take a picture of her drawing but I don't feel like getting up and it's too dark to take a pic.

Nothing much else going on. Waiting to get our tax return so we can blow it on bills and fix the tires on our van. Yay! Nothing like getting money only to have to give it away to someone else.


Raising Olives said...

Your posts bring all those pregnancy thoughts and feelings back, I'm not sure that's a good thing. Well, yes it is because the end result is amazing.

I would love to have another baby. Maybe I'm crazy but 10 kids sounds good to me.


Elephant Steps said...

Ohhh I remember when everything had to be ice cold, and it was around the same time as you are now. I was a huge and still am fan of milk especially chocolate milk. But ya, lots of ice.

I will send you the link when I get a chance to sign on to my email account for the max nursery pics.

Tasha Via said...

Oh man, my sense of smell is outright ridiculous when I'm pregnant. I'm pretty much ready for that part of my pregnancy to be OVER!!!