Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can I get a T? Can I get an I?

Can I get an R? an E? a D?! What's that spell?!

I have to admit that I'm actually getting really tired of using aliases for my kids' names. I can't tell you how many times I write an entire post filled with their real names only to go back and have to change them. I feel it's more confusing too. And can I just say I knew I would probably change my mind about using nicknames? Most of you know their names anyway.

Plus their names are so stinking beautiful. My main concern, when I decided to give them nicknames, was really protecting pictures. Now that I feel better about the picture security I want to re-introduce you to my daughters.

Elaina has been known as Miss Butterfly. She's turning 4 in a couple of months. Favorite color is pink... and red... and blue... and green... and purple! She loves cheese and pickles and carbs!

Abigail has been known as Bumble Bee. She just turned 2 a month ago. Favorite color seems to be blue. She loves pizza, just about any fruit and PBJ.

So there you have it. My beautiful girls. And I can finally write about them without beating my brains to remember their nicknames. I'm sure y'all will be relieved yourselves!

Which also means I can talk about baby names, too. Most of you already know but for those of you that don't here are our baby names:

Caiden Isaac
Zoe Beth

We may change up Zöe Beth because it's not flowing like I want it to. Someone suggested my middle name so the name would be Zöe Renée which I think looks pretty and flows better. Not sure and probably won't decide until we know the gender!

Renée means "Reborn" or "Born again" and Zöe means "Life". So Reborn-Life after all this infertility nonsense. Very French, too, which I love. I took French for 5 years in school, though I've forgotten most of it. I could probably pick it back up really fast but like that is going to happen anytime soon! Ha ha!

But we're stuck on Caiden Isaac. I am so in love with this name and even though it is growing in popularity it's OUR son, if and whenever we have one. Caiden means "Spirit of Battle" which makes me think of spiritual warfare. Isaac means "Laughter" as many of us know from the Old Testament.

Isaac is actually after Daniel because someone prophesied over him, while he was still in his mother's womb, that he would be as an Isaac unto her. And he has been. When Daniel's not in the house you can feel it! It's quiet, people are somber... but once he enters it is loud and people are laughing until they're peeing themselves. Daniel IS laughter so we want to pass that part of him down since I don't want to actually name a child Daniel or Keith (his middle name). I can't call my son Daniel because that's what I call the man I love and sleep with. Just weirds me out but is cool for other people who have juniors (like my brother).

And when Daniel's mom was going through cancer treatments he'd make her laugh until she fell off the couch or was in so much pain from laughing. He would make up "characters" and do voices and impersonations that would get her laughing like crazy. I think that is such a special bond that he has with his mom, during her most vulnerable time.

Anywho, that was long-winded and took me 1 1/2 hours to write! I kept getting distracted.


Elephant Steps said...

How do you protect the pictures? I should do that with the Max pictures!
Love the names! We have a dog named Zoe. She is 5 years old. When I was pregnant I kind of wished I didn't name the dog Zoe, so if I had a girl I could name her Zoe, but as you can see it didn't matter in the end! ;)

The Mommy said...

I was confused by your aliases because I'd gotten to know the girls by their real names! I've gotten used to referring to my girl as the Muffin, but it is what I call her a lot.

Kaye said...

I used to use an alias for our family, but just got tired of doing it. I still don't reveal our last names, but I know that isn't foolproof either. Thanks to you I've protected my pictures and although I openly state that we live in Savannah, GA, our address is not truly in SAVANNAH proper, so it would not be terribly easy to find us without a last name.

Oh well...I can't hide from everything and I think that we (and you) have done a good bit to keep out the bad guys.

Glad to know I can get back to using the girls' real names, as I was having trouble remembering which alias belonged to which girl. =)

Stacey said...

Hey Joy,
Just wanted to comment that I love the name Isaac. It is special to me because it was my great-grandfather's name, and my mom named my brother after him. I've never considered using it (should we ever have the opportunity to name a child) because in my family the name just "belongs" to my brother! Great choice. :)

Your girls have pretty names, too.

Anonymous said...

I had a hard time remembering the nicknames for the girls and actually had to edit one of my last comments.

I think Zoe Beth flows, but what do I know? ;)

Kahla said...

Your girls' names are beautiful! I love the name Abigail, so pretty. As for Caiden, it may be popular, but as a teacher I don't think I've ever seen that spelling and that will make it unique. I think Issac goes w/it perfectly!

Monkey's Momma said...

I'm glad that you decided to go back to using the girl's names. You are right. They have beautiful names.

lucky little bird said...

I'm pretty late on this, I know. But I wanted to comment. I love the name Zoe. I think it sounds really pretty with Claire. Zoe Claire.