Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Boring Over Here!

I've run out of steam and have absolutely no inspiration for a post. I'm just blindly typing here. I'm in the waiting phase. Waiting for my next appt. and the mid-pregnancy ultrasound to make sure baby's healthy. Waiting for Elaina's upcoming birthday!

Okay I finally thought of something to talk about. Cloth versus Disposable! A lot of people have noticed my Diaper Tally on the left sidebar and asked about it. It's a tally for disposable diapers.

My husband won't let me do cloth after I was conned out of almost $500 when I ordered from what WAS a reputable seller who went AWOL and ended up stealing money from other people at the same time. So it's out of the question and I still feel burned from the whole experience. Never got my money back, in case you're wondering, because I wrote a check.

I'm VERY environmentally conscious. I have been recycling since I was a child and our city has a free recycling program. EVERY little piece of paper, no matter how small, goes in the bin. If it's a little insert in a package I take it out to recycle it. If I see someone throw a pop can or plastic into the trash I actually will collect it to put in a recycle bin!

I watch our water consumption (in regards to washing, not drinking). I use reusable water bottles. We keep our lights and TV off all day long and unplug unused appliances. We use the wonderful energy-saving lightbulbs. Among other things...

My mom always said to me I was born in the wrong era. I was the little girl who would cry over endangered animals and beg my mom to help them. I would line-dry our clothes when I was younger, too. I really want to get a line in our backyard sometime to use even less energy. I spent every moment I could outside in the trees and my love for nature is what led me to Wicca, which is a WHOLE other story. I'm a Christian now for those who may get confused by that revelation.

So most people might think that I'd be all for cloth diapering. There are actually two sides to cloth diapering- while keeping diapers out of landfills water consumption sky rockets. It comes down to wanting to reduce landfills or reducing water consumption when droughts may be in our future.

We have chosen to use disposable diapers. But I applaud every single person out there who uses cloth diapers. My hat is seriously off to you guys and I admire it incredibly!

I've been thinking a lot about breastfeeding lately as well. Perhaps that will be tomorrow's topic! I have a lot to say on that topic so I bid you all adieu.


Susan Sene said...

We plan to use cloth diapers - mostly for the cost difference. It's so hard to get good advice on what to use, though, because there are so many out there and it's not really common for people to use cloth.

Valeta said...

After spending around $500 on cloth my husband basically makes me use them.

I don't blame you for not using them. With three kids its a lot of work. :D

Tasha Via said...

You are so right. Not only water consumption but the energy it takes for every load of laundry you have to keep up with. And everybody says the "cost" thing, but we have a whole closet of diapers stocked up for the baby #3 that I have gotten for pennies with GREAT deals, CVS and gift cards with these deals! It doesn't have to be that expensive if you are willing to do a little research for the deals.

I love posts like this;) Looking forward to the one on breastfeeding!

Tasha Via said...

Not to mention, we spend our lives on the road. That would turn into a disaster if we tried to use cloth in this point in our lives=)

Kahla said...

I just noticed your girl name, I love it!

Sunshine. said...

I considered cloth diapers for Riley, buttttt then I thought about how much I absolutely do NOT do bodily fluids of any kind, and I instantly decided on disposables (:
I'm looking forward to the post about bf! I breastfed the first 3 months but had to quit when I went back to school ):

Elephant Steps said...

We went through the same debate, and decided that we didn't want to waste water and the energy to run the wash and dryer and the soaps. There are pros and cons to both, so it's a personal preference.

We recycle big time too, and every single and I mean every single light in the house and outside of the house are energy savers. Two years ago there was a special on them from Edison at our Walmart. $1.00 a bulb, so we bought 30 of them and walked around the house and changed everything out.
We have trash bins out back with lids that we sort our recycle stash, and then take them to the recycle center when full for cash.