Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bad Timing

We have survived this entire winter season without one hiccup, without anyone contracting the flu. But of course two weeks ago Daniel started coughing and we found out he had bronchitis (he is much better now, thank you!!!).

And last night my oldest daughter started yelling for me at the top of the stairs. I found her standing in a little spitup in the hallway, shaking like a leaf. I led her to the bathroom and before I could get the toilet seat up she started puking into the tub. I was trying to hold her hair back and keep myself from joining her. I cannot believe how much came out of her little body.

We changed her clothes and we changed Bumble Bee's jammies too because she wanted to after seeing big sister change (not to mention the attention she tried to get by squinting her eyes and pretending to moan, all while smiling).

I feel awful because before this happened Butterfly told me her stomach hurt and she was gassy. Thinking it was indigestion I had given her milk. Instead that made her throw up. I've read many blogs lately where a mom didn't catch their child's sickness in time and felt awful about it- I want you to know it happens to us all! And while I do feel badly I also know that when it mattered most I was right there for my daughter.

The second time she called me up she was holding her hands over her mouth and begging me to help her. I could've cried but instead led her to the bathroom where we made it to the toilet in time. Daddy did SO good, too. I just have to add that because I was gagging so badly I couldn't clean up the mess in the tub. He scrubbed that tub for a good five minutes until it glistened. And he did not utter ONE complaint! I am very proud of him in that moment, when we both kind of didn't know what to do at first.

And this morning? Butterfly is fine! At least I think so; she's up running around and playing. She did have a bout of diarrhea this morning so we have to miss out on a birthday party. I would hate, if this is contagious, to get all the birthday guests sick. But I do think it was just something she ate. Either way I want her relaxing today and taking it easy because tomorrow is a big day...

So thus the title of my post! The one weekend I don't want my kids to get sick is the weekend of a birthday party and my SIL is being induced tomorrow (Monday). I'm supposed to watch her other two children during lunchtime and we're going to order pizza and Poppy (their grandpa) is bringing chocolate milk over for all four of the kids.

So far today, so good! Butterfly has kept down breakfast, lunch, and all her water (no milk today, that's for sure!). Please pray she continues to be fine. She's not lethargic and she said her stomach doesn't hurt anymore; she never had a fever either. Thank you, Jesus! Because we really need everyone to be well for tomorrow's big day!

P.S. I totally missed that my ticker is below "200 days left" until our baby comes! And look at how cute our little 3D baby looks!!! I cannot wait for our next sonogram!!!


The Mommy said...

Bless You!
The Muffin has given me lots of practice at dealing with fevers and cleaning up puke. She taught me a few things on the puke part.

Andrea said...

I'm so excited for Anne! And for you. :-) I remember how great it felt to be below 200 days left. I'm so sorry that cute little Butterfly felt so bad. She's so thin and delicate looking, it must have been hard to see her so sick. However, I love stories like these, hearing how much a family works together to help a sick child. I will pray for your whole family tonight and tomorrow, that you will all stay healthy and that Anne will have a smooth delivery and a beautiful baby boy! :-)

Kaye said...

So glad it seems to be just something she ate!

And yes...the newest addition is floating nicely around in his/her picture and looks more like a baby than a peanut now. =) How exciting!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I LOVE the name of this blog! It seriously made me laugh out loud. And your girlies are too cute. Congrats on the newest little lovie!

Tasha Via said...

Sorry you had such a rough weekend! That's rough, no matter what the cause is...