Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Purchases!

Today I spent the day with Butterfly. We hit up Ba.bies-R-Us and Mot.herhood Ma.ternity! Can I just say that maternity clothes are the most ridiculously priced things you could ever spend money on? Even on SALE some tops were still $30. So I ended up just getting some tanks and tees- nothing that screams "trendy". But I think they look great and will feel AMAZING this summer (breathable cotton... *sigh*) and that means more to me than looking like a maternity model.

I also found a pair of clearanced jeans! They seriously rock. I like full-paneled maternity pants. Too much pressure on the lowest part of my stomach makes me want to throw up. BUT... I hate those dark blue, thick panels that you can totally see through your tops.

These jeans have a panty-hose-type fabric in a color and it feels like Heaven around my belly... and you cannot see it through my tops! Bonus!!! And they are flared at the bottom (my favorite but can't tell in picture because of how I was standing... and I'm short!).

(picture is blurry- shown wearing new jeans and a new top)

The downside was the jeans were still $30 on clearance (which is a lot for me to spend). I'm telling you- if I need or desire more maternity clothes I'm going to have to find some sort of thrift or consignment shop because it's just ridiculous. When I visited Ta.rget last week they had absolutely NO cute maternity clothes.

Okay so on to the FUN baby stuff. A few posts back I mentioned I bought an infant seat online. Well... I jumped the gun one night too soon. The next day I got a Ba.bies-R-Us coupons in the mail! For the same exact seat (different fabric) I could save almost $20!!! So heck yeah I'm taking the other one back. And we got the new seat today (and it's much prettier).

Daniel said, "This will be perfect... if it is a boy!" I think this man is ready for some more testosterone in this house, and I'm not talking about mine (you have to chuckle if you know I have PCOS and high testosterone). But it'll work for either gender, in my opinion. I love blue and green together!

Our cute new infant seat... with dollhouse dolls taking a ride!

And a day isn't complete without playing in the big box the carseat came in:

I almost bought a crib today too. But I sat there long enough and contemplated it long enough to realize I could find one much cheaper. The one I originally wanted ended up being a PIECE of junk. I couldn't even get the darn side to go up or down (had same buttons as our previous crib so it wasn't for lack of experience). Plus we only have so much left of our tax return and while I want to get a nice crib I don't want to blow the rest of our return on one piece of furniture when I can find something less expensive.

Since last night I've had a ton of lower back pain, especially on the left side, which is really weird! The sciatic nerve runs along your right side and I felt a ton of sciatic pain with Bumble Bee almost constantly on that side. So it's just weird to experience the same pain but on the left side. Pretty soon I'm going to have to use a step stool to get into and out of our bed because I'm so short. I end up pulling ligaments when I get up in the morning.


Anne Elizabeth said...

LOVE the carseat! Those jeans are super cute too. Keep checking out Old Navy online for maternity tops. I got most of mine there for under $5 bucks a top. I loved them all too.

Joy said...

Anne, remember the one I originally wanted (it was at Walmart and had a lot of blues in it, too?). This one is just as nice, if not prettier than that one so I'm very happy!

I'll keep checking OP for sure then!

Becky said...

The jeans and top look so cute as do your little girls playing in the box.

Here most maternity clothes are like $80+ so it's horrible having to pay so much for clothes!

How tall are you?

Alyssa said...

Love the carseat - where's it from???

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

I love your jeans they look great on you. And the seat will be very cute if you have a boy. Oh, and I did have to laugh about the "testosterone" comment you I completely understand where your coming from on that ;)
your little girls are too cute playing in that big box.. I remember doing stuff like that with my lil sis when we was little. I'm only 2yrs older than her.. ah.. those were the

Elephant Steps said...

Your car seat is nice! I agree about Targets maternity clothes, but they have better options online. I actually ended up getting most of my maternity clothes from

I went in that store you talked about, and walked right out. What a rip off!!

The Mommy said...

I bought most of my short-sleeved tops from Old Navy on-line. I got them in October so they were super cheap. Maternity clothes are SO expensive.
Love your baby belly!

Jennifer said...

Fun purchases! Love the pic of you - you look great!

Monkey's Momma said...

Joy, The baby bump is just adorable!!

Tasha Via said...

Okay, so I totally agree with you complaint about maternity clothes. I mean, us normal people would LOVE to look stylish while pregnant too!!!! I remember crying as I walked out of the 3rd maternity clothing store in a row with my first wondering these exact same thoughts=)

Hey, you should check out craigslist for used maternity clothes. My sister-in-law racked up on a TON of clothes her size. Only 2 tops didn't fit her and she passed those on to me=)

Raising Olives said...

When I realize that I have spent MOST of my 13 years of married life pregnant, I think that I just need to get over spending money on maternity clothes.

I however, have been very successful at yard sales for maternity clothes.


luckeelady said...

Thanks for the comment my new gestation buddy :) anyways I'm glad that I'm not the only one who needs all the baby stuff. We got rid of everything because it was either just sitting around or was falling apart. I did keep most of my little girls clothes but what if we're having a little boy, it will do us no good.

Can I ask you since you are about the same far along, I'm 13 weeks 3 days, how much you are showing? I couldn't really tell from you front on pic. I wasn't the skinniest before but it has all shifted forward to belly from early on but I actually haven't gained any weight.

Andrea said...

Love the jeans! I've only found 2 pairs of jeans so far and one pair is so long, but they were only $10 brand new so I'm keeping them! Hopefully they will shrink. I know what you mean about those thick bands showing through tops. It's awesome that yours have a thinner panel! I will have to try to find some like that. I think it's worth paying extra for a pair that fits really well and is comfortable. I wear jeans more than anything else.

LOVE the carseat!!! I think that pattern will definitely work for a girl too. :-)