Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby Got [Broken] Back!

Today was one of those days that I got everything done and yet nothing done. Sure, the dishes were cleaned and the groceries put away. But I still have so much to do. Daniel has been sick so I've been on my own because he's afraid of touching the girls to help out (he has bronchitis and a little bit of pink eye).

Part of being on my own was taking out the trash this morning. And this Momma thinks she put her back out. I'm trying SO hard not to complain but this hurts and it hurts bad.

To add to that injury I took Bumble Bee with me to, T.arget and the grocery store today. Which means a lot of 30-lb lifting to get that child in the cart, into the carseat and down again. And a lot of pushing, reaching, bending to shop (including a huge thing of cat litter, and I had to change that cat box to boot; yes I scrubbed my hands and nails good, Moms!).

On the bright side I got to shop, despite the hunching and groaning! And that was wonderful. I got birthday gifts for a couple little girls in my life who will be having birthdays in the next two months, Bumble Bee got new shoes with her giftcard, and we bought the Funny Bunny Basket stuff.

You see we do "Easter" a little differently now. Easter Sunday is a day to celebrate Jesus rising from the grave; not play with an Easter Bunny so we're going to celebrate spring the Saturday before Easter (with baskets and egg hunt). People are totally free to do as they feel for their family; just sharing what we do in ours!

I decided to go to a grocery store I hadn't been to in awhile. I had been shopping at the Su.percenter but their produce and meat just isn't up to par and I don't mind paying just a tiny bit more for quality (especially because anything gross is apt to make me gag). Oh it was like Heaven!

I bought apples, bananas, cauliflower, Romaine, carrots, celery, tomatoes, avocado... YUM! (Making you hungry, Andrea? Just doing my job!) I also bought some KICK BUTT salsa that is made near us, in Kansas. It is all natural and they use sea salt instead of idodized salt. It's chunky but not TOO chunky (I hate huge pieces of tomato). There is nothing added to this stuff at all; it's just the vegetables. They have tiny pieces of jalepenos in there to give the salsa a GREAT spicy kick too! It's called "Ornery Hombre" by Jumping Jacks! Don't know if they sell nationally or not but you can check out their website HERE.

Butterfly did homeschooling with Nonna today. After her nap she comes up to me and says, "The earth is the Lord's and all that it contains!"

I told her, "That's right! Where does it say that?"

Her reply? "At Nonna's house!"

"Are you sure it's not in the Bible?"

"Yes... because the Bible tells me so!"

In the grocery store, our last stop of the day, I was pushing the cart with one hand and holding my list and coupons in the other. I was highly aggitated at this point, over-heated, hungry... Bumble Bee starts mouthing off to me as only 2-year-olds can.

"That is not nice! You do not talk to your Momma like that. What do you say?"

"Sowwy, Momma!"

"I forgive you."

"Sowwy MOMMA!"

"I forgive you!"


"I FORGIVE YOU! Thank you?!"

A calm... "You we-come."



Monkey's Momma said...

Awww! That's cute!

Anne Elizabeth said...

I am cracking up at Bumble Bee and Butterfly! They are both so cute.

Andrea said...

I was doing good this post until you mentioned avocado. And then you just had to throw salsa in there too. ;-) I think I'll be having chips and salsa for a snack this afternoon. lol

I like your Easter tradition! I can't wait to start one with our children. My family used to do baskets and eggs on Easter Sunday (except we would dye eggs the day before), but I think it is a good idea to separate the two. :-)

The Mommy said...

I do not buy meat and produce at Wal-Mart for the same reason as you. My back has been hurting lots lately, and like you,I continually lift a 30 pound child. One of the joys of pregnancy AND motherhood combined!