Sunday, March 1, 2009


By the middle of this month I'll have all the money I need to buy the baby's crib!!! Yay! I picked out this one. I'm so very excited! It matches the changing table I have perfectly. I think once I get it I may evict Bumble Bee from the nursery and give a try at having the sisters room together.

Part of me is really sad to see Bumble Bee leave behind her room, her sanctuary. She is very dependent on things that are her own. She never had a lovey or a binky and only recently started coddling baby dolls. Her crib was her comfort zone, then her toddler bed. I'm afraid that taking her entire room from her might scare her. Plus it just makes this overly emotional pregnant woman want to cry because of the changes. I blame it all on the hormones!

Or... she may absolutely love being with her big sister in the same room. I doubt it, though. Bumble Bee has "personal space issues". Anytime Butterfly tries to hug her or take her hand, Bumble Bee pulls away. She hates having her hair brushed or messed with. In fact, even as a baby Bumble Bee would not like being held. She rarely (and I mean RARELY) would fall asleep in my arms, or anyone elses' arms for that matter.

Bumble Bee was most content and happy to be laying on the floor, in the bouncer or in the swing as an infant. When it was time to feed her, she'd arch her back from me, so I'd have to lay her in the bouncer and feed her that way. She was not a bad baby, in fact she rarely cried! She was always smiling and laughing and cooing. And there was no physical ailment (like colic). It was just her preference.

Bumble Bee is very much like her mother with her personal space issues! I feel suffocated when people sit too closely to me or if there are a lot of people around me. I'm super sensitive in that respect. Too much noise and too many bodies in one space put my nerves on edge. I think Bumble Bee is the same way. Where Butterfly had to have constant touch and attention, Bumble Bee did not.

And no, Bumble Bee does not have any psychological issues either (like autism). She is my CLOWN, always making people laugh, she has a very big vocab for her age and is quite social when comfortable with people.
I feel like adding that because when Bumble Bee was a baby people would make remarks about her not wanting to be held and they tried to label her with big words that had nothing to do with anything. This is just her personality. Her pediatrician agrees.

As she has gotten older she has let me hold her more and has even fallen asleep on me more times in recent months than in her entire life. But it is usually only me or her Daddy. Probably making up for lost time! I think she'll be a wonderful big sister but may fight for more attention than Butterfly ever did because Bumble Bee is my entertainer, always wanting me to give her approval and laugh at her silliness.

Butterfly, on the other hand, was the baby that had to be held constantly. That child was in my arms 24/7! She even co-slept with us, in the crook of my arm for 10-11 months before she got too big and wiggly for any of us to sleep well. Not that I slept well anyway. Even now Butterfly is still very cuddly but growing in independence all the time.

So I wonder what this baby will be like! Probably somewhere in the middle temperment-wise? Wanting to be held but not all the time? Indepedently dependent? Wild or calm? Talkative or quiet? I cannot wait to find out!

And I cannot wait to start tackling that nursery. I'm going to paint the trim once Bumble Bee is comfortable sharing a room so that when we find out the gender we're ready to just paint the walls and it'll go fast.

I had a dream last night that we had the baby and it was a girl. In the dream we kept calling her Zoe but there was a problem with her intestines. I don't know if that has to do with the food I ate before bed or if God is wanting me to pray specifically or because of other peoples' babies having similar issues. Daniel and I are praying for the proper development of all the baby's parts!

The baby in the dream was not in NICU or anything. We were home (but it wasn't our home in real life) and I just remember how wonderful and real the baby seemed in the dream. Very content and peaceful baby. I've thought the baby is a girl, but I'm usually wrong, and maybe the dream was based on my gender guess. We will find out by June!


Anonymous said...

When you were describing Abby, I was thinking of you. Cause you were like that as a little girl. It's always so fun as the kids get bigger to figure out their personalities and see how they change, and also how you can look back and see things that were there since they were born.

The Mommy said...

It's so much fun trying to imagine what our baby's will be like! We were looking at Maggie's baby pictures last night and couldn't help but wonder what this little sweetie will be like. Baby bliss is fun.

Andrea said...

I love Jenny Lind cribs!! Have you seen this one in person? I saw one at BRU (I think it was Da Vinci brand...not the one that is $230 that I'm seeing online, this was about $100) and it was very flimsy and cheaply made. I haven't seen any other Jenny Linds in person yet.

That's so interesting about Abby! I'm the same way as both of you, I don't like people getting in my personal space and I absolutely hate people touching my hair. Funny that you could see that in her so young. I will have to ask my mom if I was like that as a child too.

Mel said...

I was independent as a baby, too. I am still not the most cuddly person ever. Weird that someone would try to label it as something wrong with her, sheesh! Personality, people. We are all so different... God likes many colors!
Glad you picked out your crib.. baby furniture shopping is just the most fun ever, it really is.

Anne Elizabeth said...

That crib is EXACTLY like Pink's crib:) It will go perfect with the changing table. Abby is so much like Pink who is so much like me. It is funny because Buddy and Elaina were so much like (still are with their cuddly personalities). It is so neat to see how every child is different.