Sunday, March 8, 2009

More Babyish

My sweet little 3D baby on the right-hand sidebar is starting to look more like a baby. When I showed Daniel he said the baby looked like a peanut. I got a new journal for this baby so I can start keeping a record of the pregnancy (other than this blog- I like handwritten journals, too). I have one for each of my girls that I want to give them when they're older (maybe when they get married or get pregnant!). I'm going to feel badly if this baby is a boy. I'm sure he could care less how his Mommy's br.easts felt when I was pregnant.

This is going to be pretty boring. There's nothing much else to report. Same ol' symptoms. I can't wait for my appointment on Thursday. I wonder if my doctor will request a sonogram for me or not. He did it early when I was pregnant with Butterfly so we'll see.


Meeghan said...

Thanks for the comment. Your girls are beautiful. I loved the post about wanting a boy and not a girl. It was the opposite at my house. When we told our three year old that we were having a boy. She put her head down on the counter and announced "I don't want a boy baby, I want a girl baby", her lip was turned down as far as it could go. I love this age.

True Companions Plus One? said...

I think it's pretty cool that you're keeping the journal. And yeah, you're probably right he may not care about how your breasts felt, but I'd bet there's a lot more you'll right thta he would love to read. ;-)